Adam Goldberg: CEO of a fashion company. Because business is business no matter where you go

Adam Goldberg is one of the current CEOs of JustFab, Inc., an online subscription fashion retailer which launched in 2010. He worked at Intermix Media, the parent company of MySpace, which he joined in 1999 after it acquired Gamer’s Alliance; an advertising network of gaming sites created by Adam Goldberg himself at age 15. During his tenure with this company he held a number of positions such as: President of Performance Marketing Group; Vice President of Strategic Planning; and Chief Operating Officer. Among the other companies Adam Goldenberg worked for are Brentwood Cosmetics, LLC and Alena, LLC, where he was president.

JustFab is a leading fashion, subscription based ecommerce site and lifestyle fashion brand which tailors the hottest of-the-moment looks to every style personality. From design concept to finished product, be they shoes, handbags, dresses or tops, every one of their styles emerges from their Los Angeles facility.

For Adam Goldenberg, customer feedback a huge part of his business, and because of it, they have been able to learn quickly and adapt. He counts on a team which dedicates itself to understanding their customers, which in turn guides their product and merchandising decisions. He has been an entrepreneur since as early as 13 years old, in 1994. Today, just over two decades later, he owns businesses that have expanded into countries like Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

He has learned the importance of full transparency. By sharing the good and the bad, he helps everyone understand the tactical changes needed in order to continue the success of the business. Along with this, comes the need for passion. For Adam Goldenberg, it is key to be passionate, to have a great product and to assemble an exceptional team. They seek passionate candidates, above an amazing resume and education, because if passion is not part of the equation, they won’t be able to thrive at JustFab at

It is a parent company to three other online subscription service brands. These are: FabKids, a brand founded by parents to empower kids to express their individuality through personalized fashions; Fabletics, a retailer which sells women’s sportswear and accessories; and ShoeDazzle, a brand created to translate, to the World Wide Web, the environment which makes women feel beautiful and pampered when they shop.

It is a certainty that Adam Goldenberg knows the ins and outs of spotting trends, growing businesses and developing industry-leading brands; and he does it with an amount passion and fun, that is hard to find in an industry that takes itself as seriously as the fashion industry.

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