Academy of Art University Creates Tomorrow’s Fashion Designers

New York Fashion Week serves as the platform where new names and talents in the industry emerge. New faces can find the limelight. For 21 straight years, the Academy of Art School of Fashion has given its talented students a platform to showcase their work. The academy held their 2017 fashion show at the Skylight Clarkson Square. Women’s and men’s clothing were the items placed on display.

The show’s designers all came from diverse backgrounds, including as far away as mainland China and other areas of the United States. The show’s audience was impressed with the diversity of craftsmanship and design techniques on display. Fifteen minutes on the runway is the result of hours and hours of workshops, internships, and sweat put into career development. The designers in this show are likely the ones that will become the next generation of creative fashion designers.

The Academy of Art University formed in 1929. Ever since its creation, it has always been at the forefront of creativity and innovation. The school’s mission is to prepare aspiring professionals in the disciplines of communication, design, and art. As such, the school offers an assortment of undergraduate, certificate, and graduate degrees. The school also helps students to develop their portfolios for future employment.

Teachers encourage students to develop their own creative styles and technical skills. The Academy of Art University also hires instructors who are professionals in their own field. They can teach students from their own experiences. They also offer hands-on instruction that allow students to learn by doing.

The environment is both supportive and challenging, and it inspires creative thinking. The industry has a long history of sustained growth for those willing to commit. Styles will always change with each season, and the industry is always on the lookout for a whole new crop of designs and designers that can create new designs or copy current ones.

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