The Chainsmokers, Lyrical Valor

The Chainsmokers is made up of the singers and songwriters Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart who go all out in their musical prowess and exciting adventures belonging to the tours that they are able to pull off year round. They are remarkable in the pursuits of electronic music because that is what their main background is creatively and in their personal lives. For them it is just second nature and having fun, which is where the most genius work comes out of because work turns to play and that will ultimately enable them to grind longer and harder on what it is that they do, which makes the results of their efforts measurably better and it also makes them smarter at what it is they love to do in the realm of music. It was always with them and the musicality will never leave the hearts of The Chainsmokers. They have collaborated extensively while both sharing a wonderous passion for what they like and dislike in the music sector. Many works abound with them and the fruits of their labor have only enriched itself with the intensification of their toil and mental and emotional labor. Products which arose from the hands of these two original men have eroded the very fabric that limited the music industry in its ideas and concepts of what music should even sound like, but their song Sick Boy has done ten fold what was expected out of the band simply because they were honest with themselves. The purity of their poetic justice surpassed the conventional norms of regarding the indie section of peoples favorite albums. They took the information that was lodged deep within them to then convert the music into Sick Boy. Yes, the art form did take a darker turn because that is the nature of the context they were addressing. Narccissm is a dark topic indeed and the state of the social polital world alongside the struggles Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall faced while seeing their own faces on social media allowed them to make the most accurate conclusions that are depicted in the song Sick Boy which fans notably listen to and adulate today.

Stansberry Research Discusses Investments in the United States

There are plans by Donald Trump to impose trade tariffs on commodities like steel and Aluminum. Donald said that the duties were set to increase by 25 and 10 percent on Steel and Aluminum respectively. Such terms of trade were supposed to apply to the trading partners of the U.S. Congressional Republicans did not warmly welcome the move by Mr. Trump. Trump’s administration did not seem to support the proposal. Due to increased opposition by people, it is expected that the U.S president will not execute the plan ( Gary Cohn who happens to be the economic adviser of the US president also criticized the move by saying that it will lead to economic challenges. Some of the essential roles carried out by Mr. Cohn include rewriting U.S financial rules.

Recently, president Trump approved a significant deficit in the federal budget. The situation may lead to a substantial increase in the inflation rate as well as the interest rate due to the potential occurrence of a ‘trade war’ between trading countries (Facebook). The economy of the United States may be negatively affected if China becomes one of the nations that will face the US trade tariffs.

The trading strategy proposed by Donald Trump could only benefit a small group of Americans but lead to major losses to most people and companies. There are high chances that the trading partners of the US will retaliate. It is worth noting that Mr. Cohn was about to step down. Once Cohn leaves office, investors may undergo massive losses. Mr. Cohn is a person who is admired by most people due to his outstanding strategies for handling trade concerns.

Stansberry Research is one of the leading research organizations in the United States. The head offices of the company are located in Maryland. The company also has other branches in Florida and California among other places. Stansberry Research specializes in researching investments. Some of the areas of research include mining, biotechnology, and power.

The company was established in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry. Mr. Frank also contributes to various articles about investments and other financial issues. Investors and companies seek insights from Stansberry Research. The mission of the company is to ensure that subscribers significantly benefit from the information they offer.


Jorge Moll’s secret to happiness

When asked, many people will say that spending money on themselves makes them happier than spending money on others. When asked about the most satisfying way to spend time most people will say spending time on themselves or on projects that benefit them. However, neuroscientists have discovered that people who put others first not only live longer, they live happier.

Neuroscientists like Jorge Moll have conducted experiments that involve asking people to do acts of kindness towards those around them. They then examined how the volunteers’ brains responded to their behavior. They found out that giving or doing acts of kindness stimulates parts of the brain thus resulting in a warm feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.

The following are some of the benefits neuroscientists associate with giving and doing acts of kindness.

Giving results in good health

A research involving old people showed that those who do give and put others’ needs ahead of their own live longer. Neuroscientists explain that putting other people’s needs ahead of your own reduces stress (Inspirery). Doctors confirm that stress, though not an actual cause of illness, it is associated with many.

Giving promotes social action and cooperation

Neuroscientists have found that the general principle of giving is: give and it will come back to you. People who give or do acts of kindness provoke the same action in their recipients. As a result, one person’s giving creates a ripple effect of acts of kindness.

Scientists also found out that giving creates a sense of trust between the giver and recipient thus strengthening ties between relationships.

Giving results in gratitude

Research has shown that gratitude is one of the key principles in cultivating a happy lifestyle. Giving evokes gratitude. When you give you instill gratitude in the recipient and when you receive, the feeling of gratitude is evoked in you.

Jorge Moll is a renowned neuroscientist and the President of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR). He has been involved in many studies including the neural basis of human moral cognition and the moral affiliations of disgust: A functional MRI study. Jorge Moll passion to understand human behavior is driven by his desire to help people live full and healthy lives.



Dr. David Samadi, a celebrated is a doctor who specializes in urologic surgery majors on open, robotic, oncology and laparoscopic surgeries. He is also a chief robotic surgeon at the Lenox Hill Hospital. He was born in the year 1964 and raised a Persian Jewish society of Iran as a Hebrew. In the Iranian Revolution that took place in the year 1982, he and his brother left Iran and moved to London and then Belgium 6 months later. After the movement, his parents who were left in Iran arranged for them to study in a private school while living in a boarding facility that was managed by a couple in the United States.

Dr. David Samadi completed his high school education and joined Stoney Brooks School of Medicine and specialized in Biochemistry. He later joined SUNY Stony Brook where he earned an MD in the year 1994. He studied at Montefiore Medical Centre where he completed his postgraduate in the field of general surgery. In the year 2001, he completed his oncology fellowship at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and later studied robotic prostatectomy in Henri Mondor Hospital in France and Urology in the Albert Einstein Medical School.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. David Samadi has been a very compassionate and good doctor to his patients. Out of his excellent treatment of patients, he has won several awards in his career. Some of this awards include; New York super doctor in the year 2004, most kind-hearted doctor in 2010, 2011 and 2013, Top Americas doctor in cancer field in the year 2009-2013, selected by the New York magazine as best doctor from the year 2009- 2012 and 2015 and also the top 1251 doctors in the state in the year 2013.

On average, he performs 15 prostate cancer surgeries in a week. One of his patients was Mitt Romney, a nominee of the Republican Party of the US. Dr. David Samadi announced that Romney was diagnosed with curable prostate cancer and after successful surgery, he was free of cancer. With the many prostate surgeons around the globe, he stands to be the first to perform the SMART technique, a surgical procedure that he developed, on patients. SMART technique is a way of performing surgeries that involve complex processes and fewer body incursions.

During an interview with ideamensch, he advices technologist and inventors to venture into the world of robotic and medical integration since he believes that there is future in it.

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Dr. Kamil Idris: Global Copyright Management

Dr. Kamil Idris is part of the World Intellectual Property Organization, an organization that is based in Geneva. Dr. Kamil Idris is an expert on intellectual property rights and the manners in which companies can protect their intellectual properties.

Dr. Kamil Idris has recently given an interview on the way that globalization has influenced how companies do business across borders. Globalization has increased the rate at which companies outsource contract manufacturing on their products and the management of their supply chains. He believes that intellectual property is an important tool that is relevant to all countries. Intellectual property has a strong relation to the overall economic context in which knowledge and ideas are an important power behind economic growth for nations.

The national objectives of a country can differ and depending on the public policies that the nation has implemented it can change the manner in which intellectual property is managed. Whenever a nation displays a commitment to intellectual property development and intellectual property rights, it generally encourages innovation and creativity within the nation.

Globalization has caused some issues with intellectual properties primarily in the form of piracy and counterfeiting. This has caused an increased need to devote resources and time to the training on intellectual property and the capacity for intellectual property management. The increased level of communication around the world had significantly escalated the rate of piracy. Due to the increased connectivity in many cases, intellectual properties can be distributed very easily with or without the authorization of the copyright holder.

The recent WIPO Copyright Treaty As Well as the WIPO Phonograms and Performances Treaty have been one of the most significant steps forward in creating an international framework for the management of copyrights. What these have aimed to do is provide protection for the copyright holders at a minimum level internationally in the new digital era. The Advisory Committee on Enforcement of the WIPO will be one of the more important pieces of this new enforcement policy. Not only does it provide legislative advice but it also provides enforcement issues training as well as seminars for individuals to learn about international copyright protection.


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Upwork Organize Your Day as a Freelancer With These Simple Tips

One of the most challenging tasks for a freelancer is to stay organized and ahead of schedule. No matter how much freelancers try, there is always something that remains pending and behind the deadline. It is very harmful to the reputation of the freelancers as the clients can give negative feedback or review that might damage the online reputation of the freelancer. At Upwork, which is one of the largest platforms for clients and independent professionals to network with each other and get the job done, it is crucial for the freelancers to be highly professional. One of the first thing as a freelancer that you need to do is to ensure you stay organized and maintain a to-do list that you follow accurately.

While many professionals do have the habit of maintaining a to-do list, they do not know how to do it appropriately. If you are not in the practice of keeping a to-do list, make sure you start the habit from today itself. The first thing that you need to do is to write a to-do list instead of trying to remember all the tasks that are piling up. If you are in the habit of remembering all that you need to do, the chances are that you would miss on some of the essential tasks and end up getting behind the deadline.

As a professional at Upwork, which has more than 5 million clients and 12 million freelancers, it would take clients just a few minutes to re-assign the work you have got. To stay competitive, make sure that you maintain a to-do list and prioritize the work you have at hand. Also, do not forget to assign time attributes to different tasks to put some pressure on yourself to complete assignments on time. Getting behind the deadline is something that your client won’t appreciate. There are online tools available to help you get reminders from your to-do list if any deadline is approaching. Also, using an app to maintain a to-do list would help you stay synchronized with all the tasks that need your attention, and can be accessed through your laptop as well as mobile.

Uncomplicated Home and Business Tech Support Becomes Reality with Robert Deignan’s ATS Digital

Placing a call to tech support while at your office is usually a simple matter of contacting the Help Desk. Whether it’s your PC acting strangely, or you’re mired somewhere in the accounting system, the friendly representative routes your call to the appropriate support person. In your experience, you might share your screen, nevertheless, in a reasonable time, the issue is resolved, and you continue with your work day. Wouldn’t it be splendid if that was the case at home? Who doesn’t dread contacting support only to hear the recording that a representative will be with you momentarily, certainly expecting 30 minutes to an hour of frustration as you try to verbalize your issue and respond to inquiries. Accordingly, in 2011, Robert Deignan conceived to remedy that scenario with ATS Digital Services.

Consequently, six years later, ATS Digital became the first call center certified by AppEsteem, a cadre of cybersecurity experts evaluating consumer software applications. CEO Robert Deignan’s energies were instrumental in guiding ATS to a notable level of business practices to prepare for the rigorous compliance review performed by AppEsteem. In fact, there are more than 500 categories contained within 39 compliance parameters to complete before receiving certification.

Beginning his career in social media and digital services not long after graduating from Purdue, a young Rob Deignan, an aficionado of software and its applications, had co-founded Fanlink, an app enabling sports fans to interact with sports celebrities. Experiencing a successful tenure at Fanlink, Rob was named Executive VP at iS3, Inc., a software company offering internet security software. Interestingly, the support side of iS3 captured Rob’s notice, providing the kernel of an idea for a company offering call-in support to consumers and businesses. In 2011 the idea became ATS Digital Services, serving thousands of customers in eight countries and the United States.

Ordinarily, downtime is rare for CEO Rob Deignan, but you might catch him on the Outer Banks participating in a charity fishing tournament, giving back to the community.

Dr. Mark McKenna and Delighted Patients

People who live in Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia were thrilled about starting 2018 with totally new viewpoints. They were eager to do this with the cooperation of OVME. OVME, in short, is a medical aesthetic journey that opened its doors in March. The pronunciation of OVME is simple, too. It’s simply “of me.” It guarantees patients minimally invasive treatments that aim to strengthen how they appear. These treatments aim to strengthen their emotions and self-esteem levels as well.

Dr. Mark McKenna is the healthcare specialist who also happens to be the talented OVME mastermind. Dr. Mark McKenna is elated to offer his assistance to Atlanta’s bustling Buckhead community. OVME is going to be home to a total of four high-end treatment spaces. It’s going to have an isolated office area for personalized consultations as well.

Dr. Mark McKenna is an individual who has a rock-solid reputation. He graduated from the Tulane University School of Medicine located in New Orleans, Louisiana. He originally comes from the fascinating Southern city. His dad is a physician in the metropolis as well. Dr. Mark McKenna actually worked right next to him for a period of time.

He’s a balanced person who adores medical care and assisting patients. He’s also someone who has substantial experience in the real estate sector. He worked in the real estate field for a while. He did extremely well in it, too.

Dr. McKenna loves aiding patients who want to optimize their minds and attitudes in general. He’s a person who has an in-depth devotion to his family. He cares about his wife and young daughter. He initially thought that he was going to name OVME “Face Medical.” He decided against that, though. That’s due to the simple reality that trademarking it was impossible. He thinks that people who take the time to contemplate OVME as a title realize how exceptional it is. He believes that it puts the concentration on individuals, nothing more and nothing less. He wants people to be highlights.

Real Estate Agent and Investor – Samuel Strauch

     Samuel Strauch is a real estate agent and investor as well as the founder and owner of Metrik Real Estate. Metrik is based in South Beach, Florida but also does business in several Latin American companies. Metrik provides customers with development, brokerage, management, and acquisition services. Metrik has founded 15 years ago in 2002 and with Strauch’s leadership has continued to grow.

Strauch completed studies at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Harvard University, and Hostra University where he received his undergraduate degree. Strauch’s career did not begin in real estate as prior to his current career his career was in the banking field. Aside from real estate Samuel Strauch has been an active investor in many internet businesses and restaurants.

Samuel’s idea for his real estate business came from his initial arrival in Miami when he noticed two things: the transformation of the city from a vacation getaway into a city on the beach, and a newly established real estate developments. From there he knew that he could put the two together as he believed he could match international investors with clients as a start to his business.

Metrik’s focuses on spotting very variations in the way that people’s living, working and traveling habits. The company specializes in putting their efforts towards investing into industries and companies that can adjust and adapt to the changes from the old generation to the new generation. Through their work, Metrik has noticed different trends such as the sharing of office spaces instead of going the route of the traditional office. We like how people are transforming the way they are traveling. They also notice that the new generation, is more focused on creating memories than material things.

Samuel Strauch has been the leader of Metrik and has led the company to its success. His focuses on making his business adaptive to the changing conditions of the market has his company primed to have continued success.

At The Hands Of Dr. Mark Mofid, Plastic Surgery Has Never Looked So Good

Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the most recognized plastic surgeons in the industry these days with all of his improvements to the practice. As one of the most skilled surgeons in practice today, Mark has completed some of the best looking plastic surgeries in the world, making him the source of much admiration. More important that Mark Mofid’s skills, however, is the positive impact he is having on cosmetic surgery. Since the first day he entered the practice, he saw many areas that needed improvement. That is why he regularly urges his colleagues around the country to follow safer and more precise operating methods. The methods Dr. Mark Mofid uses at his own medical practice in California have provided great results.

Patients who see Mark Mofid rarely ever have an issue or need to return for another surgery to repair an existing one. According to Mark Mofid, when it comes to hiring staff at his own practice, he goes through upwards of one thousand applicants from which he picks the best to have interviews with. The latest tools and technology is used in Mark own office, along with the highest standards for safety. Mark has built his experience at some of the most prestigious schools in the country, including Johns Hopkins and Harvard University. According to Mark, the education he received at these schools allowed him to build the technique and methods he uses today.

Every client that walks into Mark’s practice receives personalized treatment to help them understand the plan and everything that can be expected of their surgery. Mark has specific rules against doing any unnatural looking procedures, such as those using extra large implants. This kind of surgery is unsafe for patients in the long term, especially when it comes to breast and glute augmentations. Mark Specializes in butt augmentations and he has even developed a more natural feeling and looking implant for this procedure that is seeing use all over the country today.