Presidential Pardon Of Joe Arpaio Causes Stir Around The Country, Lacey and Larkin Weigh In

The recent presidential pardon of Joe Arpaio caused a great amount of stir in the country. People all over the country have come forward to express their concerns about the release, solely because of the amount of injustice that Arpaio had inflicted on people living in the state of Arizona. Arpaio was initially the sheriff in Arizona, and was known to be the ‘toughest sheriff in America.’

During the tenure, he was known for committing a number of violations, especially with reference to the latin American community. He was known for inflicting various kinds of injustices on people of this community and was involved with numerous acts of wrongful doings with relation to the judicial proceedings of the people who belonged to this community.

Lacey and Larkin were two people who were able to witness this kind of injustice first hand. They were two newsmen who decided to cover an article about Joe and the wrongdoings that he had been engaged in. A day after the article was published, both the newsmen were taken from their homes against their will and falsely imprisoned. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | LinkedIn

This carried on for forty-eight hours before they were released. The arrest was called on by Joe himself, who wanted to teach them a lesson for writing about him in their newspaper. Since there was no proper legal standing for the arrest, Lacey and Larkin both decided to sue Joe Arpaio.

This led to a suit that lasted for a total of five years before Lacey and Larkin got compensation, which they then decided to channel into a foundation that would help other people belonging to the Latin community who had to face acts of racism, not just by Arpaio, but in society in general.

Getting Arpaio to pay for the wrongdoings that he had done to the people of this community was one of the biggest reasons why Lacey and Larkin wanted to file a suit in the first place. The pardon that is being given to Arpaio turns over the effort that people all over have put into ensuring that the country is a better place for everyone to live in. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

With the pardon, it gives way to others who are against people of individual races, making them falsely believe that they can inflict wrongful acts on people and get away with them, just as Arpaio did, even if they are illegal and morally wrong. It also makes them believe that sometimes, this kind of racial activity is justified, which it shouldn’t be.

In a recent interview, Lacey outlined why this shouldn’t be the course of action that the President takes. When a person is granted presidential pardon, the convicted person is considered to be let go of all liability of the act.

Arpaio should not be made not liable for the heinous hate crimes that he has committed. It sets prescient for future cases to come, giving criminals hope that maybe one day, they can also get a pardon, even if they have committed a number of grievous wrongdoings.

Beauty CEO Doe Deere Dishes On Her Morning Lime Crime Makeup Routine

Don’t you just love it when experts in the world of beauty reveal some of their favorite get ready tips?


Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand that has skyrocketed to fame. The cosmetics have now launched in China, and women there can purchase the Lime Crime look online through the fashion e-commerce site Revolve.


It’s becoming a global beauty phenomenon, and Doe Deere is thrilled that women (and men, too) everywhere also enjoy wearing modern makeup in bright, bold colors that break all the rules.


People often ask her how she gets ready in the mornings and puts on a fresh face. Doe Deere dished to about her normal and healthy routine.


First of all, Doe Deere lives in sunny, hot Los Angeles and believes that hydration is essential for a pretty complexion. She drinks both a glass of water and one of orange juice daily upon arising. Moisturizer is a major step in her beauty strategy.


She puts music on to set a mood, and at the moment, she’s gone vintage. Doe Deere loves The Beatles’ Abbey Road classic. Who doesn’t, by the way?


She limbers up with some yoga positions to maintain her flexible spine and then, checks her phone for news, updates and how her Lime Crime company is faring. Doe Deere is big into social media and always heads to her Instagram pages to see how her global fan base is doing.


Doe Deere loves creating a fantasy look for makeup and hair. At the moment, the beauty business maven is into purple tresses. Her hair is long and healthy, and she enjoys her signature look of glamour girl waves that she achieves with a curling iron.


Doe Deere loves makeup and always uses products from her own line of colorful, texture-rich cosmetics. She makes sure to define her brows and uses a little pencil to fill them in. She wears a base to even out her complexion and is hinting that Lime Crime is working on a foundation line for her fans. Doe Deere realizes that finding the perfect foundation is a challenge, and she is developing one that suits a variety of skin tones.


Blush and lipstick are must-haves, and she stays with Lime Crime’s bright pink and red color palettes.


Doe Deere believes that makeup should be fun, individual and empowering. Learn more:

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A Culture of Excellence

The OSI Group is run by David. G. McDonald. Under his direction, the company has been able to expand from a locally based manufacturing center to one that is increasingly tapping into a much larger global market. Company focus remains as it always has been on the core products they offer. They provide customers with access to high quality meet and produce products that have been lovingly cooked carefully. Products such as high quality soups are much adored by their clients. Those who wish to find a job here can be part of an international effort to bring such products to other clients.

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