Vijay Eswaran on the Best Way To Bring About Change

One of the common desires of people is for something to change. There is always some form of this desire. In many cases, it involves one person wanting to change someone else. This often comes with the assumption that the person who wants to change the other has nothing wrong with him. However, there are tons of issues to look at. For one thing, everyone has some kind of flaw that needs to be changed. For people that are looking for change, they must first understand change. Vijay Eswaran has some really important insights that can help people gain the understanding they need in order to make changes.

One very important thing that Vijay Eswaran has said is that real change starts from within. People who want to change anything about their lives have to start with themselves. One of the first things they have to change is their mindset. They have to decide on the new mindset they are going to have and make an effort to maintain this mindset. For some people, this can be a very hard thing to manage. However, this is the most important step for people to take when it comes to making some changes.

When people change themselves, one thing that they will notice is that their lives are going to change in ways that they didn’t expect. Vijay Eswaran describes people as magnets. If they change themselves, then other people may change with them depending on the change that they have made. One of the most important things to change according to Vijay is any habit that is not healthy to the individual’s life. When people learn how to change all of the habits that are unhealthy or destructive, then they will actually get closer to the lives that they want to have.

Hard Work Pays Off with Graham Edwards of Telereal

The business and investment world in England has heard the name Graham Edwards and it comes as no surprise. Graham has the knowledge and experience to handle large assets and properties from all over the country. He has been the chief executive officer at Telereal Trillium Ltd since the start of the company on 2001. Telereal Trillium is a commercial property management and investment company that has had major success thanks to Graham.

With an amazing degree in economics from Cambridge University, Graham Edwards has the educational background to gain respect in the world of business (Zoominfo). He easily mastered his studies and went on the work for powerful companies within his field. His work with managing assets and large companies has brought in major success, including the work he’s done for the Department for Work and Pensions.

There are many boards and committees in England with major influence in the world of business. Influential circles in England and Wales such as the Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors are holy to have Graham on board. He is also a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers and the IK Society of Investment Professionals.

Graham is certainly savvy when it comes to business, investments and acquisitions. In 2004, Graham was the leader of a major negotiation with Land Securities Group Plc. This deal brought in millions for Telereal Trillium Ltd. and brought much recognition to Graham’s work.

In addition to being savvy in business, Graham also loves to learn new areas of study. He is currently attending King’s College London for a master’s in International Relations. This degree will provide him with knowledge of foreign relations in the Middle East. Graham also enjoys learning about engineering in his spare time and has proven his love for real estate and investing.

Well known for his philanthropic views as well as for property management and investing, Graham strives to make a difference in the world. He proves that no matter how successful you are in your field, you can always do what you can to give back.


Graham Edwards, Head of Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards has been in the property management and investing field for years, making a name for himself and the companies he’s worked for. As the chief executive officer at Telereal Trillium Ltd, since 2001, Graham has been the front runner to the company’s success. Telereal Trillium is a commercial property management and investment company located in England. Thanks to Graham’s involvement, the company has gained much recognition in the business world (Zoominfos).


Graham Edwards received his degree in economics from the well know Cambridge University in England. He studied well and went on to work for some big names in the management and investing circles. He had a previous position as an asset management company and utilized these same skills when he switched over to Telereal. He has earned many contracts for managing buildings such as the Department for Work and Pensions.


Graham has been in charge of many business negotiations throughout his career including the acquisition with Land Securities Group Plc. His involvement ensured a great outcome for Telereal and earned the company billions. It was this very move that earned Graham the title of a leader in the outsourcing and investments field. If all else fails, Graham is who you want in charge of your money.


Graham Edwards Telereal showed a knack for business from early on in his career. He is a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers and is apart of the UK Society of Investment Professionals. Graham is also a very important member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Wales and England.


Graham is also interested in studying more about the fields of water and engineering , as well as real estate. He also believes in continuing his education and recently went on to obtain his Master’s degree from King’s College London. His degree will concern foreign affairs and international relations.


In addition to all of his professional success, Graham is also a philanthropist working hard to make the world a better place. Be sure to take a look at the company website for more information on Graham and Telereal.


Bringing Success to Telereal Trillium, CEO Graham Edwards

Property management and investing can be pretty difficult for anyone who isn’t as savvy as Graham Edwards. He has had a hand in several smart business moves within his field and keeps getting better at what he does. He joined Telereal Trillium since its start in 2001 and has made the company billions. He is definitely someone worth watching for tips on how to generate a lot of money.

Telereal Trillium is a property management and investing company located in England. It made perfect sense for Graham Edwards to join as lead of the company as he has an impressive record for bringing in large sums of money. With a degree in economics from Cambridge University in England, Graham has worked with several investment companies and has made great impact at them all.

2009 marked an important year for the company as Graham Edwards Telereal led the way in acquisition negotiations with Land Securities Group Plc. His smart maneuvering brought Telereal billions of euros and much recognition. His calculated moves soon earned him major attention for being someone who is great with numbers (Relationshipscience).

When he isn’t earning Telereal billions every year, Graham appreciates the education. He recently enrolled in school to earn his master’s degree in economics at King’s College London. His degree is in International Relations with a focus on foreign affairs. Graham is also interested in learning more about water and engineering and real estate.

Graham holds a seat on several boards throughout England and Wales. He is a member of the prestigious Institute for Chartered Accountants and the UK Society of Investment Professionals. Just the mention of Graham Edwards is sure to inspire appreciation in the world of business. Be sure to take a look at the Telereal website for more information about Graham and the company.


Graham Edwards: Experienced Finacial Services Professional And Successful Businessman

Graham Edwards is the CEO of Telereal Trillium. He is also involved in several other business ventures including engineering, water, mining, software and real estate. A graduate of England’s Cambridge University with a degree in economics, Edwards holds membership in the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals and the Association of Corporate Treasurers (Glassdoor). Graham Edwards is also a Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors fellow. Currently he’s at King’s College London working on his master’s in International Relations.

A committed, very active philanthropist, Graham Edwards is on a wide variety of committees and boards. They include One Voice Europe, British Friends of the Hebrew University, Portland Trust, UJIA, World ORT, UK MDA, Pennies and several others. Prior to beginning working with Telereal Trillium, Edwards was with Merrill Lynch Investment Management as a fund manager and with the property department of the BT Group Plc as head of finance. He also served as Talisman Global Asset Management’s chief investment officer after establishing it as the registered asset management arm of Pears FSA.


About Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium Limited is a central London headquartered company involved in investment and commercial property management. They are the United Kingdom Department of Work and Pension and British Telecom Plc’s landlord and service provider. Graham Edwards spearheaded the negotiations which led to Trillium’s acquisition from the Land Securities Group Plc in 2009. This helped to create Telereal Trillium, a market leader when it comes to property outsourcing and investment. As a result, 6,700 properties were transferred to Telereal Trillium in a property outsourcing deal valued at £2.4bn. It generates over £1 billion in combined annual business revenue.

Graham Edwards was promoted to chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium in 2011. Trillium was created in 1997 with the expressed purpose of acquiring the Department for Work and Pensions property portfolio. It did so in 1998. In 2000, Land Security acquired Trillium and renamed the company land Securities Trillium. William Pears Limited established the joint-venture company Telereal in 2000 to acquire British Telecom’s property portfolio. Telereal purchased Trillium in 2009 and created Telereal Trillium.


Graham Edwards – CEO, Learner, and Philanthropist

Graham Edwards is CEO of Telereal Trilium since in 2001. He has initiated transactions to acquire 6,700 properties in a £2.4bn deal involving major outsourcing of properties.

Telereal Trilium is participates with the UK Department of Work and Pensions as a service provider. They also hold properties leased to the government. Edwards’ vast interests include in property real estate, engineering, waterworks, among others.

Graham has successfully negotiated to acquire Trillium. The deal with Land Securities Group Plc has secured their position as a property investment leader. Under Edwards’ leadership, the combined assets between outsourcing and investments have produced revenues of £1 billion.


Additional Experience and Affiliations

Edwards studied Economics at Cambridge. He is currently seeking another MA at King’s College in London. He wishes to study war studies and concentrate his attention on international relations. Edwards is adjusting his direction further to study the Middle East. He believes in the value of education and shows it in his actions.

He uses his education to the benefit of Telereal Trilium in management, outsourcing, and investments in properties in the UK. His responsibilities include implementing strategies and growth direction within Telereal. He also has responsibilities as CIO for Talisman Global Asset Management.

Graham Edwards has held many posts in the financial sector, including fund manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management and as head of finance for BT Group Plc in their property management departement. He is an integral member of many boards of directors, holding posts as member, management, or leadership.



Graham Edwards’ memberships include the Institute of Chartered Accountants in both England and Wales. He also holds membership with the Association of Corporate Treasurers. He is enrolled as an associate with the UK Society of Investment Professionals and is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.



Graham Edwards is a very busy executive but does not leave others behind. He is always working with committees that help those who are in need. Some of the organizations he works with are Pennies, Friends of the Hebrew University, and Portland Trust. The listed groups are only a fraction of those he is involved in.


Graham Edwards: The Man Behind Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards has served as chief executive of the company known as Telereal Trillium since 2011. London-based Telereal Trillium’s primary business includes real estate and investments management. The company manages properties and buildings that the Department for Work and Pensions occupies.



Background of Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards completed his economics degree at the University of Cambridge in England. Mr. Edwards maintains an active membership in prominent international professional organizations such as the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. The economist takes up a higher International Relations Course in London’s King’s College Department of War Studies concentrating on the Middle East. As a philanthropist, Graham Edwards sits on different committees and boards of One Voice Europe, British Friends of the Hebrew University, and many others.



Significant Milestones in the Past

As CEO of Telereal Trillium, Graham Edwards took the lead in the transaction that transferred around 6, 700 properties of British Telecommunications in a massive £2.4 billion real property outsourcing deal. In January of 2009, Graham Edwards also spearheaded the talks resulting in the purchase of Trillium from Land Securities Group PLC, the biggest Commercial Property Development and Investment Corporation in the United Kingdom. This particular deal put Telereal Trillium as the industry leader in real estate outsourcing as well as an investment with an annual income of more than £1 billion.

Before joining Telereal Trillium, the iconic Mr. Graham Edwards worked as Talisman Global Asset Management Chief Investment Officer. He also held the position of Fund Manager of Merrill Lynch (Investment Management Group) as well as finance director of the British Telecommunications Group Property Department.


Telereal Trillium’s Latest Achievement

The Company (Telereal Trillium) placed the more significant part of the Royal Bank of Scotland assets for sale in January of 2010 for around £475 million. 11 months later (that same year), the United Kingdom Government disclosed Telereal Trillium as among the leading private corporations all over the world that receive government expenditures with a total amount of £284 million for property services. Telereal Trillium supplies the highest cost outlay to the UK’s Department for Work and Pensions.



The RealReal: Solving Different Problems With Fashion

There are many efforts being made to close some of the gaps in fashion. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of huge gaps in fashion. However, it is not so much of a gap in fashion as it is the realization of what it could be. For one thing, there are cases when someone sees something rare. As a result, this person wants that rare item and looks for something like it only to find that it is not offered anywhere. As a result, this person has to resign to the possibility that he is not going to be able to get this item that he wants.

The above is way too common for people. Another common thing is that it can cost more than they can afford to buy it. Fortunately, The RealReal has decided to take on this gap. One good thing about this company is that it is willing to help locate and supply all of the unique fashions so that people can explore their own sense of style. They can explore and fins something that they want to wear for different reasons which may include wanting something that can make them feel better about themselves, or wanting something that is going to impress others.

The RealReal has proven to be a success because of all of the unique offers it has. Customers have seen a difference in the products that are offered from this online retailer and the products of the other retailers. One thing that they will find is that many of the other fashion retailers only sell clothes while The RealReal actually sells fashion. This makes it easier for people who are serious about fashion and style to stand out in ways that they truly want to. The RealReal aims to meet all of the needs of the fashionable in any way that they can.

Find out more about The RealReal:

How O2Pur Differentiates Itself From The E-Cigarette Competition

E-Cigarettes is an interesting industry with many players. There are completely independent companies in this industry as well as other companies that are owned by the big tobacco companies. The industry has been consolidating in recent years as sales growth has been solid for many of the companies in this industry. Some of the big names in the E-Cigarettes industry are British American Tobacco, O2Pur, Reynolds-American, and Philip Morris.

Companies like O2Pur have succeeded because they offer a number of things that other business participants in this industry don’t offer quite as well. First, this company offers a superior taste as it is a premium e-juice supplier, including e-juices that are made right at home in the United States. Their products feature many flavors such as strawberry, cherry, ripple, coast, green apple, and blueberry. For those that love the taste of conventional cigarettes, they also offer a tobacco flavor as well as one that is menthol.

Beyond having so many flavors to choose from, e-cigarette manufacturers also offer other benefits to the users of this products. For one, they are more convenient. You don’t need to have a lighter or matches to use their products, for instance. Also, you just carry the one device with you rather than a pack of 20 cigarettes that can fall out onto the ground if you’re not careful.

Another benefit that E-Cigarettes have over their conventional brethren is that it’s a lot less expensive. Across the United States a pack of cigarettes costs $7.04. If you’re a person who smokes a pack a day, like many people do, that adds up to about $2570 a year. E-Cigarettes weigh in at about $1388 a year, on average. That’s about an extra $1200 a year in your pocket by making this relatively simple change.

O2Pur maintains an active Twitter page so that people can learn a lot about the company and their products. They also offer a $200 shopping spree giveaway currently for those that like their page. The qualification for this marketing campaign is that you like the page, post a comment, and share the page with a lot of other people.

Graham Edwards Guides Commercial Property Giant Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium takes care of 8,000 properties all around the United Kingdom, bringing in 1 billion pounds in annual revenue. The guiding hand behind this incredible company, and one of the visionaries responsible for its success, is Graham Edwards.

Edwards was there at the beginning of Telereal. This firm was originally organized as a joint venture with Williams Pears Ltd to buy 6,700 properties from British Telecom. Telereal paid 2.1 billion pounds for them. Edwards organized this feat, and continued to lead Telereal as its Chief Executive Officer. Telereal expanded by buying a portfolio of properties from the BBC. And it went on to manage properties as well. William Pears, seeing the companies success, invested in its future by buying out the remaining 50% ownership interest, so it continues to own Telereal Trillium to this day. They began to manage properties.

Meanwhile, another property company, Land Securities Trillium, had bought a large numbers of properties from the Department for Work and Pensions and from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Also, it managed properties for Barclays Bank, Norwich Union, the Royal Mail and the Birmingham City Council. It went on to buy properties from Amec Foster Wheeler Plc, the Royal Bank of Scotland and the Prudential Plc.

In 2009, these two companies realized they would benefit from joining forces. With Graham Edwards handling negotiations, Telereal bought Land Securities Trillium from its owner, Land Securities, for 750 million pounds. They renamed the combined entities Telereal Trillium. By November 2010, the government revealed Telereal Trillium was one of the largest private companies in the country receiving payments from the government for the properrty management services it rendered.


Key to Business Success

Edwards began preparing for business success by reading Economics at the University of Cambridge. He got his practical education as a fund manager for Merrill Lynch and as the head of finance for the BT Group’s property department. Before forming Telereal, Edwards established Talisman Global Asset Management as an asset management arm of Pears FSA, registered. Then he served as Chief Investment Officer.

He is an active support of such charities as the Portland Trust, Pennies, One Voice Europe, World ORT and British Friends of Hebrew University.


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