Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Walden is one of the best when it comes to her field of work. Dr. Walden is an American plastic surgeon, media commentator, and she is also the founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. Her center is based out of Austin, Texas, this is where it all began.

Jennifer was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Her parents had very high paying careers as well, her father was a dentist and her mother was a surgical nurse. Walden attended Anderson High School and earned her diploma. She then went to the University of Texas to receive her undergraduate degree in Biology. Jennifer Walden was not satisfied after that, she knew there was more work to be done. She eventually applied for medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch. All of her hard work and studies had paid off, she graduated at the top of her class.

After Walden finished her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Walden then thought it would be best to pursue more work. She received a fellowship in aesthetic. She pursued her dreams at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Dr. Walden stayed at that hospital for seven and a half years.

Due to her dedication, Dr. Walden was able to get involved in trials that led to the new and improved silicone breast implants. Dr. Walden uses nothing but the best advanced technologies with her clients. She is able to use a 3-D imagine technology system that is able to visualize what the patient will look like before the surgery. She is also able to use a radio-frequency system for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation.

With success comes positive attention, Dr. Walden was generously featured on ABC News as an expert commentator about plastic surgery. She was also one of a few women to be selected to be honored on the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Board of Directors.

Getting High Quality Arthritis Treatment from Osteo Relief Institute

Over the recent years, the occurrence of arthritis has been on the rise. Managing the disease is not a walk in the park for most people. This is because most medical professionals are quite oblivious on how the condition should be managed. Most people today harbor the wrong assumption that arthritis is a single disease. However, arthritis is a condition that usually affects the joints and consequently causes a lot of pain. According to studies, there are more than a hundred different types of the condition. The different types of the condition make it harder for people to manage it.


According to research findings, there are more than fifty million Americans who are suffering from the disease. To help patients in managing the condition, Osteo relief institute was established (https://www.osteoreliefinstitute.com/contact/). The main aim of the institution is to provide high-quality treatment for modern patients. It is important to note that Osteo relief institute operates various clinics across the country. The clinics are usually operated by board-certified physicians. This means that most of the patients attending the clinics are usually offered a high quality of care. It is the belief of Osteo relief institute that patients should be accorded the same kind of care that is usually provided to a family.

As a rule of the thumb, the institute will do whatever it takes to help a patient avoid surgery. According to studies, surgery has been shown to have a lot of side effects for most patients. It is also important to recognize that surgery can be quite expensive for most patients to afford (GazetteDay). Osteo Relief Institute endeavors to provide safe treatments to their patients which are also effective. The treatment approaches offered by the institute have been approved by the FDA.


It is also important to note that the technologies used by Osteo relief institute have been approved by the FDA and hence makes them safe. The institute has been focusing on using the state of the art technology that has made it simpler for patients to achieve the high quality of care that they have been searching for. All the professionals working for the organization have been property trained to attend to all patients.


A romantic tale of Entrepreneurship

In the modern American Business landscape, 2017 has shown its fair share of challenges to the American and international economy. There are very few stories of Mavericks of the entrepreneurial Realm. There have been so many different types of attacks on the North American economy from national disasters to terroristic attacks, or even just a downright lack of creativity in the workforce. Today’s business climate has made many people comfortable with working a nine-to-five without any creative blood. Well, there is definitely a new sheriff in town. His name is Eli Gershkovich. Eli may very well save the dream of the Maverick entrepreneur with an innovative mine for the market (WingsJournal). Eli Gerscovich may well be named among the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of our era.


The founder of Steamworks Brewery has taken an odd path to his success. You see, Eli Gershkovich is a lawyer. That’s right, he has a law degree. For added measure, he’s also a pilot. Gerscovich definitely does not fit the stereotypical stuffed shirt image that CEOs typically share. In fact, Eli me more resemble a factory worker than a CEO. While that is a slight overstatement, his management style rebuilt that of his employees.


The landscape of the North American microbrewery over the last 20 years has also mature. Microbreweries have come much more sophisticated. And much more scientific to their brewing methods. And while America is no stranger to the world, Canada has had its share of accolades as well (https://interview.net/eli-gershkovitch-steamworks-brewery/). Master Brewer Steamworks microbrewery was founded in 1995 in Gastown Vancouver. Steamworks microbrewery and Eli Gerscovich quickly spread in popularity as they opened pubs throughout the Vancouver Province.


Remember earlier when I mentioned Maverick entrepreneurship? Well, Eli Gerscovich completely owns Steamworks microbrewery. 100% privately owned. Typically the point that his Brewery has reached makes it Prime for investment in the public sector or in the Private Market. Eli has opted against that up to now.


Edisoft Technology for Efficient Logistics

In the area of carrier transportation performance, key performance indicators (KPI) should be measured by the on-time performance of 100% of the carrier’s shipments. Top of the line key performance indicators will include accurate, timely and complete information from all parties. Such information gives the ability to assess the landing cost of a line item’s level by trade line, evaluate how accurate the line item data is in the free trade zone, and knowledge of the data time frames as to create accurate documents and customized filing systems.

Best practice key performance indicators extend throughout the physical, financial and regulatory aspects of supply chains. In fact, GPS real-time tracking systems give shippers access to the global trading technologies of their partners. Furthermore, the rekeying process of the order data is eliminated throughout the pick, pack and shipment stages. The big picture of Enterprise Resource Planning is to balance risks with opportunities. This type planning promotes greater performance. A supplier can deliver thousands of shipments each day! Without compromise, enterprise resource planning also reduces risks of fraud, abuse, and human error (YouTube).


Additionally, integrated warehouse automation order promotions increase staff productivity and workflow efficiency. This system does the picking, packing, and printing of the shipment stages within the warehouse. This innovative software system offers flexible options for sending and receiving files, plus solutions to eliminate vendor chargebacks. Edisoft software is effectively tailored for functionality and profitability.


Overall, today’s transportation carrier performance focuses on the metrics across functions and a trading partners performance in a particular operation within a particular carrier. Moving large amounts of data is not an issue if the right technology is in place. Edisoft, a software company, and provider of a configurable smart process supply chain help to manufacture, distribute and improve supply chain performance. Edisoft is the brains and the power behind successful logistic operations. Founded in1995, Edisoft went over and beyond their vision to provide functional solutions and full featured products to major accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning software systems. Utilizing Edisoft software, small and large businesses find it so much easier to trade with their partners.


Glen Wakeman – An Overview of a Brilliant Leader’s Career

Glen Wakeman is a jack of all trades, but all of his trades have revolved around growing businesses. He is responsible for the rise of many companies, and he is currently propelling his most recent company to great heights.

Education Background

Glen Wakeman attended the University of Scranton where he graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance. He then furthered his studies at the University of Chicago where he graduated with an MBA. Glen is so good in finance that he is Six Sigma Black Belt certified.


Glen Wakeman has been at the head of several companies’ rise to success thanks to his leadership and financial expertise. Currently, he is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. The company specializes in helping early-stage entrepreneurs to propel their companies to success – essentially, Glen Wakeman offers his expertise and experience in packages.

LaunchPad Holdings deals with software products that are designed to help new start-ups to organize their ideas and affairs. The company also provides access to a vast inventory of tips as well as a database of advisors and capital providers as financial challenges are always a hurdle when starting up.

Glen Wakeman is also the Founder and President of Nova Four which connects developing companies with capital providers and provides strategic advice.

However, Glen Walkman’s greatest achievement was during his period at GE Capital (http://reporterexpert.com/glen-wakeman-guides-startups-technology-solutions/). He worked in the company for over 20 years, and during this period he worked his way up till he eventually became its CEO. As the CEO of GE Capital, Glen initiated an operation that would eventually scope nine countries, effectively expanding and growing the company. His strategies mostly involved setting up new branches, signing partnerships, and creating new product lines to expand the company’s inventory. Eventually, the company registered over $100 million in annual earnings and assets worth over $12 billion.


Know the Most Beautiful Churches in Minnesota, Including Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis

Many churches around the world are considered as architectural symbols, and people who traveled to Europe would have seen some of the most beautiful churches in the earth. While coming to Minnesota, the state can proudly say that it also has some magnificent churches in the North America. It is great to know some of the most beautiful churches in the State. Cathedral of St. Paul located in St. Paul is considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in the state built on French architecture and displays Classical themes and French Renaissance. It was built in the 1900’s, and it has a 186-ft high dome.

Church of the Sacred Heart located in Freeport has a unique interior design that attracts every devotee. It is a small church and offers an excellent view from the interstate. The ornate-rich interior is another compelling aspect of the church. Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis is another beautiful church that showcases the architectures of Beaux-Arts and Baroque. It has a highly ornate interior and considered to be the most beautiful historic church in the city. It was built in 1900’s, and it conducts a music festival in every summer named the Basilica Block Party – a fundraiser program for local charities and the structure.

Mighty Fortress Church located in Minneapolis is another beautiful church in the state. It is a recently built church that offers a unique ambiance to the devotees. An ideal place for prayers and worships to connect with Jesus Christ.

The church offers an enjoyable experience with no repetition of meaningless rituals every week. It asks the devotees to focus on what God has delivered to them and worship him in return as a gesture of thanks to the endless love of Christ.

Bishop Thomas Williams is the founder and senior pastor of the church, and he has been active in the service for more than 30 years. His ministries are focusing on the treasures of knowledge and wisdom that is notified in the word of Christ. Bishop Williams completed his ministerial graduation from the Rhema Bible Training Center located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He also completed his B.A. degree at North Central University, Minneapolis, in Mass Communications.

For more information follow Mighty Fortress Church on Facebook.

José Henrique Borghi and Fini, transforming your day

The “Fini” brand is the brainchild of advertising agency Mullen Lowe Brazil, headed up by renowned Brazilian publicist, José Henrique Borghi, who holds the dual positions of joint CEO and CCO within the firm.

A subsidiary of the Spanish group “Sánchez Cano”, the new candy franchise comes with the tagline “Abriu, Sorriu” or “I opened, I smiled”, with the philosiphy that every product should brighten up the day of the consumer with it’s delicious contents and colorful presentation.

Fini is in fact one of the largest candy manufacturers in the world, present in over 80 countries with a range of Jelly Candies, chewing gum, licorice, marshmallows and various other sweet treats. Fini is the leader of it’s market segment in Brazil and consistently bets on strategies to surprise and please it’s customers. Coming from boutique origins, Fini’s market share is increasing year on year in Brazil. Learn more about José Henrique Borghi: http://inspirad.com.br/tag/jose-henrique-borghi/

According to Luiz Henrique Ferreira, the Digital Marketing coordinator at Fini, the intention of the new company is that people have surprising and joyful moments when consuming one of their products. “Fini wants to be able to turn any bad moment into good, or a good moment into an even better one. When you open a Fini package, or a Fini Store box, you instantly smile. There’s nothing more true than that”, said Luiz Henrique.

In partnership with the Metro newspaper, Fini recently distributed 60000 copies of the newspaper, with the caveat that the edition contained only “good news”. Distributed in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro at peak commuter times, the edition had the aim of brightening up the days of tired and stressed city workers.

This was intended to give a “good surprise” to people receiving the paper, as well as a tasty pack of Fini jelly candy. The happy reactions of the people receiving the treat were filmed and broadcast in a video available online.

Mullen Lowe Brazil developed the “transformations” advertising campaign, which include seven films to be aired on Pay-TV, theaters and Out of Home. José Henrique Borghi’s company created all seven films, which portray everyday situations, inviting people to smile with Fini, and illustrating how Fini’s candy products can positively “transform” the day of consumers.

In reference to the campaign, José Henrique Borghi said that “Creating for Fini is fun every day.” and, in reference to Mullen Lowe Brazil’s relationship with Fini, “Communicating on behalf of this customer is a great pleasure”.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017864474120

SahmAdrangi Successfully Exploits the Short Sale

SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 after honing his analytical skills at Deutsche Bank and Longacre Management. One of Adrangi’s talents is researching short position opportunities. He first gained attention by shorting a number of fraudulent Chinese companies.

Adrangi is now poised to capitalize on his reputation as someone who can recognize short selling opportunities. Through his hedge fund, Kerrisdale Capital Management, Andrangi is in the process of creating a unique “co-investment” fund.

Although hedge funds will sometimes raise money to focus on a specific investment niche, it is believed that this is the first time a fund has been created specifically to invest in shorting the stock of a specific public company. Adrangi is seeking to raise $100 Million dollars in a short period of time. His concept seems to have piqued the interest of investors as the fund has raised a significant piece of that capital.

Although to targeted company remained unnamed as of this writing, it is said to be worth over $10 Billion. Adrangi and his analysts are focused on creating a presentation designed to convince investors that the fund’s insights with respect to the target company are correct. In order to establish its position, the fund has already started buying stock in that target company.

Adrangi is actively involved in managing all aspects of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Although small by New York standards, they manage about $500 million dollars. This current play is consistent with their penchant for finding companies that they can make money betting against.

Kerrisdale does not make all of its money shorting stocks, its main fund, Globalstar, does short as well as more traditional investing. The fund has returned an average of approximately 28% annually over the last five years. Known as one of the most aggressive investors on wall street, Adrangi has come a long way since he graduated from Yale University with his Bachelor of Arts in Economics.


The Life & Times of Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

To simply state it, Eric Pulier is a brilliant man with a big heart. Serving humanity is his main goal, and he’s helped to create so many wonderful solutions to help mankind. The guy is one of the most accomplished individuals in America. He’s been the recipient of numerous philanthropy awards. People like this just don’t come around too often, and people like this don’t just happen by chance. Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. Thanks to his inquisitive nature, young Pulier would always seem to be a bit more creative than his peers. His love for understanding technology made him a very wealthy man. High test scores and founded companies was the name of the game, but this was happening before he started college.

Pulier attended Harvard University as well as MIT. Being so highly intelligent, he used his smarts very well in which he later parlayed into a successful career. While at Harvard, Pulier would write for the school’s daily newspaper, the Harvard Crimson. He would also partake in being the publication’s editor. Such a full schedule for a young guy, but Pulier wasn’t your average guy. After graduating magna cum laude in 1988, he would take his talents to Los Angeles. This was the start of a brilliant multi-faceted career. Ideas, concepts and brainstorming is what helped him to excel across many industries. The guy has been a founder of 15 information technology related companies, he’s written a few best sellers, and he has donated millions to charities. Most of his extensive wealth has come from investments and capital venture deals. Thanks to having a passion for reading, which he does everyday, it allows him to understand how things work. This is why he is able to work in different industries.

This guy has even developed multimedia educational programs for people who suffer with Multiple Sclerosis. He’s also won numerous awards for his good deeds, which includes implementing advanced technology into poor communities. Pulier has worked alongside of famous politicians such as former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore. As of today, the proud father of four currently lives in the Los Angeles area where he owns a popular nightclub. Eric Pulier is more than a legend, he’s an American icon.

About Eric Pulier: www.thecrimson.com/writer/710/Eric__Pulier/

Under Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics successfully diversifies its revenue streams

For high-tech startups, one of the most serious problems that has structurally plagued these companies has been the inability to successfully diversify into different means of revenue generation. Few people outside of the business world have any idea the extent to which this is a serious problem among newer high-tech firms. Even companies such as Google, which many people perceive to be highly diversify in its business lines, relies almost exclusively on one source of revenue alone – that of advertising. The same can be said for almost all major companies that have been started within the last 20 years. Every firm from Facebook to Uber has one stream of primary revenue, with all others paling in comparison.


However, this has not been the case for biotech giant Seattle Genetics. After having been founded in 1998 by Clay Siegall, one of the leading biotech researchers in the country, Seattle Genetics was able to continue to diversify its revenue stream successfully, eventually leading to the position it is now currently in. With more than 25 drugs in the development pipeline and dozens more being licensed out for production to other biotech firms, Seattle Genetics is heavily diversified, just in its core business line alone.


But the firm is not just relegated to producing drugs and licensing intellectual property thereof derived. Under Dr. Siegall’s sagacious and visionary leadership, the company has ventured out into licensing the intellectual property of processes and other means by which fundamental biotech-crucial elements are produced. This includes Seattle Genetics’ licensing of its proprietary synthetic antibody creation process as well as many other elements that are imperative in the production of biochemical end products.


Under the sagacious and visionary leadership of Dr. Siegall, the firm has been able to successfully spread its revenue streams out over this large tract of different business lines, ensuring that it will be financially solid through a downturn in any one of these individual businesses. What’s remarkable about all this is the incredible natural versatility and talent of Dr. Siegall, who has proven to be as adept as CEO as he has been a medical researcher.