James Dondero, A True Dedicated And Hardworking Businessman

James Dondero is a successful businessman who is also the President and Founder of Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero’s experience spans from many years having worked in the equity and credit markets and with a strong focus on distressed investing and high yield investing.

Since it started back in the year 1993, his company has been in a position to become the pioneer when matters related to the development of loans with collateral are concerned,developing credit oriented solutions as well as helping retail investors from around the world with finance are concerned.

Before joining Highland Capital, he was GIC’s Chief Investment Officer and was very instrumental in bringing the company from inception to figures exceeding the $2 billion mark between the years of 1989 and 1993. Prior to joining the company, he was the Corporate Bond Analyst for American Express before then becoming the Portfolio Manager in the same company. He made his professional career debut in 1984 when working for the Morgan Guaranty training program.

James is well educated and it’s no surprise that he is able to carry out his responsibilities with so much knowledge. He is a University of Virginia graduate who was able to get the highest honors (Beta Gamma Sigma as well as Beta Alpha PSI). He is also a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce with a double majors in Finance and Accounting. He also received the highest certification as a Certified Public Accounting.

He is also involved in a lot of philanthropy activities that are related to improving the living standards of communities. He is still involved in a lot of public office work and currently serves as chairman of CCS Medical, NexBank as well as Cornerstone Healthcare. He is also an active board member for a wide array of institutions involving the MGM Studios as well as American Banknote.

James can be well described as an individual who truly believes in the value for hard work. He is strategic and manages to make a mark not only to his own self but to the community at large as well.

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James Dondero Successful Business and Financial Executive with Three Decades of Experience

Making it big in the financial market is no easy task, but it is what James Dondero has achieved so successfully. James Dondero as ensured that his company, Highland Capital Management, become one of the most successful financial services companies in the country, and it is so on today’s date. James Dondero has close to three decades of experience in the financial industry, which has helped him understand how to keep a close watch on the market movements and what to do to reap maximum profits while minimizing risks. It is his experiences that he uses constructively to provide his clientele with Highland Capital Management financial consultancy and other associated services. At the moment, Highland Capital Management has more than $20 billion in assets under management, which makes the company one of the biggest in the United States. The company has been branching out internationally as well and have offices in other major commercial cities of the world as well.

Apart from co-founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has been associated with many other companies and is on the board of directors of huge conglomerates, such as MGM Studios and American Banknote Corporation. James Dondero is also associated with other major companies, including Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank. One of the reasons for which James Dondero is highly known for is his mastery on the productive use of the CLO or Collateralized Loan Obligation. James Dondero has studied at the Virginia University where he studied finance and accounting. He started his career by serving as the Chief Investment Officer at the GIC’s Protective Life Subsidiary.

James Dondero is also a chartered financial analyst as well as a certified management accountant, which adds to his credibility as a finance executive. His expertise to understand and speculate the market movements and trends has helped him make some very crucial decisions during his career, which is what has helped James Dondero become one of the most famous finance executives in the industry today. James Dondero also loves to give back to the society and is associated with many local charities and welfare organizations.

Fabletics: A great Shopping Experience

Fabletics is an online American retailer that sells accessories and women’s sportswear, which is commonly referred to as Athleisure. It has twenty-two brick-and-mortar stores although it is best known for its e-commerce. It was founded in 2013 by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson who spotted a niche in the active wear marketplace. Most of the sportswear in the market at the time according to them was not stylish and high-quality at an affordable price.

I think the brand has been set apart from competitors as top in its field by the following tips given by Kate Hudson herself. Firstly she identified marketing opportunities, which in this case were there were a lot of expensive activewear, and there were not any to cater for all shapes and sizes. Secondly, Kate Hudson says. She stays hands on her business by looking at numbers every week which a lot of people do not do. Thirdly she relies on big data to make better decisions. This she does by interviewing new members of her brand to determine things like the prices and getting models for her brand. Fourthly she says you need to stay inspired to be successful. She draws her inspiration from her kids. Lastly, she says you believe in yourself and take risks. These are what I think have made Fabletics stay on top of its field.

Fabletics is leveraging the power of the crowd by using reviews and getting a lot of positive reviews. Consumer reviews increase loyalty, customer retention for brands and increase sales. This is because consumers trust reviews a lot. If a product initially used by a lot of consumers gets a negative review, many of the consumers stop using the product. Fabletics has used this to its advantage because it gets a lot of positive reviews.

Kate’s take on the winning athleisure brand is that although she is proud of the things she is doing in business, her heart is still in being an artist. She said she is not about to quit her acting soon. When Kate was approached by the other two founders, she was heavily involved since day one.

Kate also faced negative press who called her business a scam among other complaints like their most popular items were sold out. She did not give up still, and later on, she got a positive review. Through her efforts, Fabletics upgraded their customer service.

Lastly, I would like to encourage readers to take the Lifestyle quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is most suitable for them.

The Life and Personal Growth of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Not many people have heard the name Porfirio Sanchez Galindo, but that should change. This Executive from Mexico is a real inspiration to his colleagues and peers. Born in Cruz Manca back in the seventies, he attended Instituto Tecnologivo Autonomo De Mexico. Armed with a degree in mathematics, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo started his career branching out his education into the executive branch of business.

Studies and Starts

After studies in Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University executive forum, he also started gaining different business skills. His previous education in mathematics helped learn business management and discover talent in the field.

Today Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is most often described as a man of a great character. He used his education while working for the Ministry of Finance in Mexico managing financial issues. Afterwards, he worked with Doctors without borders and other charity organisations. He knows how important it is to help others as much as possible. It helps create infrastructure for communities.

At the moment Porfirio Sanchez Galindo shows his leadership qualities while working for Grupo Televisa. He started the company in management and climbed up the ladder. At one point world ban was the target for employment, but Grupo Televisa persuaded him to stay and move to a different job.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo never gets tired of working to expand, develop and grow the company. He is not afraid to take risks when managing investments and business deals. He leads the company by example and works as hard as his employees.

Something for Future Generations

After receiving some of the best education on offer, he uses his talent in business strategy planning and Spanish language to help the company grow. He has seen some of the worst places in the world, so creating a better future for young people and future generations is a matter of pride. He has seen what education can help people achieve so young people can follow in his footsteps and eventually surpass him achieving more.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is not only building a legacy but also creating a way to put Mexico’s name on the map once again. It is truly an inspirational story.

Benefits of Beneful Dog Food

Going out to buy dog food because fido is getting hungry? Why not stop by Walmart and pick up a bag of Purina Beneful dog food? A healthy way to keep your pet healthy and satisfied.Walmart offers several different varieties of Beneful at a reasonable price. Ranging from beef to chicken to salmon flavors. Purina Beneful Originals With Real Salmon Dry Dog Food in a 15.5 lb bag runs about $13.98 while the 31.1 lb bag is about $26.98. They also offer Purina Beneful wet dog food that runs about $1.70 for a 10 oz tub and the Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Dog Food Variety Pack with 12-10 oz. tubs is about $19.94. Looking to save a little bit more money? There are several coupon sites that offer many different coupons for Beneful dog food which may be used at Walmart. Walmart.com also offers Beneful dog food coupons. Walmart offers rollback prices and specials on many choices of Beneful dog foods whenever possible. Needing to watch your dogs weight and health? Walmart also carries Beneful healthy weight with real chicken dry dog food although they do not carry a wet food version. Walmart also carries a grain free version of Beneful dog food with farm raised chicken and the Purina Beneful Original versions are offered in beef, chicken, and salmon flavors. When it comes to taking care of your dog or puppy, make sure to check out Walmart for all the Purina Beneful dog food selections available at a reasonable price.


Cosmetic World-Lime Crime

Everyone uses cosmetics every day from the soaps and the lotions we use to the lipsticks and lip balms. However, it is important for users to be careful when choosing and using cosmetics products. One should consider using beauty products which are passed by the required government bodies. Cosmetics are usually used to enhance the physical appearance of a person.

There are different cosmetic firm that is responsible for the manufacturing of beauty products in the United States of America. Some of these organizations include Lime Crime. The beauty group has been in existence for more than three years making beauty products. Ever since its inception, the company has been expanding with them producing g more beauty products for their clients across the world. Earlier in the years the young still young cosmetic company launched their very first hair color shades which their customers had waited for a long period.

The color shade is known as unicorn hair and it is available in two formulas which include full coverage and tints. For the tints they can be described as purer and are known to creating neutral results, and on the other hand the full coverage; has more color which is known to give a saturated color to the hair. Lime Crime also manufactures temporally hair colors which are in different categories which include; bubblegum rose, cloud, Valentine, tweet, kawaii, Moonchild, mint ice among others.

Lime Crime can well be described as an independent cosmetic company with its Head Offices located in Los Angeles, California. The company was founded with a strong mission and vision, the management trusts that make-ups can not only be used to cover the appearance but also to give the user a sense of belonging and freedom of expression. Eve r since its foundation the organization has been in the forefront of developing high-performance cosmetics has been a trend setter and innovator of the cosmetic industry. The firm was established by Doe Deere who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the group. During the launch of the Unicorn Hair, Doe mentioned that the hair color shades were part of her dream hair dyes which has come to reality. The organization is at the forefront of setting trends in the beauty sector.

Robert Ivy: Making A Lasting Mark In The Field Of Architecture

Robert Ivy Bio
Robert Ivy works for the American Institute of Architects (AIA) where he holds two positions namely the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President. He acquired his Bachelor of Arts in English from Sewanee: The University of the South. He later on went ahead to attain his Masters in Architecture from Tulane University.

Prior to his position in AIA, Robert Ivy worked with several other companies. He was once the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record. As the Editor in Chief, Robert did tremendous work and the journal became the most read architectural journal in the world. Mr. Ivy also worked with the McGraw-Hill Construction media. In this company, he held the position as the company’s Vice President and Editorial Director.

Owing to his excellence in matters to do with architecture, Robert was chosen as a juror in the panel that made the selection of having Frank Gehry as the designer of the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Ivy has had a successful career hence making him a much sought after professional in his field. He was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of AIA in 2011. His position had previously been held by Christine McEntee who stepped down from the position and is now the Executive Director of American Geophysical Union.

AIA Overview
AIA has a total of 90,000 architects and design professionals. This organization seeks to better the architectural profession and also make a difference in the society. Robert Ivy has streamlined the company’s governance, and has also been able to start an award-winning public awareness campaign.

Robert has been a recipient of several awards in his field. One of such awards is the Crain Award which he received in 2009. In 1998, he was also awarded the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. In 2010, he was named ‘Master Architect’ by Alpha Rho Chi, which is a national architecture fraternity. This made him the only architect given that honor by the fraternity in the 21st century. Through his leadership, Architectural Record was also able to earn several honors in the industry.

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Knowing More About Greg Aziz

Greg Aziz is the Chairman of National Steel Car. This is a leading company in North America that manufactures railroad freight as well as tank cars. It has more than 100 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing. Gregory James Aziz has maintained that the company continues its commitment to quality.

Gregory J Aziz is well aware that a company becomes great only because of its people. He is immensely proud of all that the company has achieved today. This is why National Steel Car is much more dynamic and diverse today than it was ever before.

He talks about constantly challenging oneself. Greg Aziz talks about raising the bar always for his people. This is achieved by focusing their strengths with an unmatched efficiency that has made them the leader in the railroad industry. Basically, they are focused on their core values and believe in them. Hence they are trusted by their customers. This is because they continue building highest quality railcars along with providing timely delivery. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. It has been awarded the annual TTX SECO award on a consistent basis for more than a decade now.

National Steel Car is not a company to sit on its laurels. It believes in the relentless pursuit of excellence. This is why it focuses a lot on the voice of its customer. This is why it continues to be a leader in manufacturing railcars in North America. See This Page

The company is blessed with the loyalty and support that it supports from its customers. It values its relationships with its suppliers. The company employs over 2000 people. These employees are known for their commitment as well as integrity as they continue to build their best. This is why National Steel Car continues to build quality railcars. This is why this company is trusted by all.

People at National Steel Car are committed to honoring their traditions. They are determined to move forward. They are focused on providing excellence along with quality. They are always aiming to lead. This is why National Steel Car is also known as the builder of rail transport that is durable, reliable and innovative too.

The job of Greg Aziz is to ensure that the company continues on this path of success. This is possible only through the continued commitment and hard work of its employees. Hence he is keeping his people motivated all the time.


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ACLU and Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

Varieties of organizations play a lead role in advocating for civil, human, and migrant rights. Among these groups is the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Founded in a time when Attorney General Mitchell Palmer advocated for the detention of immigrants as subversives and communists, the ACLU was in the forefront of fighting against his campaign of harassment and deportation.

As such, it is America’s leading advocate for civil, human and immigrants rights. It accomplishes this role by challenging government laws, practices, and by debunking the myths upon which these laws are based.

In 1987, the Union established the Immigrant Rights Project (IRP) with the goal of protecting the rights of immigrants as lacking citizenship makes immigrants the most vulnerable in the society. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: https://www.facebook.com/jimlarkin53 and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/

Typically, whenever the government needs to expand control over the citizenry, it begins by taking away the civil rights of immigrants as demonstrated in 1996 and after 9/11.

For this reason, the IRP mandate entails expanding and enforcing civil rights and liberties of noncitizens, combats private and public discrimination of immigrants, and debunks the ideological beliefs that form the basis of anti-immigration legislation.

IRP attorneys from its California and New York based offices provide legal assistance to advocacy organizations and community-based organizations within the country. The ACLU has the largest litigation program in the United States. Given that, its program revolves around public education and impact litigation.

As a result, the program targets areas such as unlawful restrictions on the right to a judicial review, mandatory and indefinite decrees, private and public discrimination of immigrants and immigrant workers. In addition to that, IRP also supplements the efforts of ACLU’s affiliates in protecting immigrant rights.

On Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund

After winning a court case against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the founders of Phoenix Times Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the Frontera Fund. Given that, the organization sought to fight for the rights of immigrants in Arizona.

One of the Fund’s goal is to help improve awareness amongst Americans regarding the abuse of migrant civil and human rights. In this regard, Frontera collaborates with other similar minded groups most notable being the Border Angels. A primary goal of the Border Angels is the reduction of migrant killings across the US-Mexico border.

Besides that, these two organizations endeavor to highlight issues affecting immigrant law reform and immigrant rights. Also, the Fund provides an immigrant outreach program with the objective of bringing families closer by offering forums for connection and discussion.

Lacey and Larkin’s financial support is significant to the Border Angels. For instance, the Angels utilize these funds to create watering points along the migration route, provide clothing, food, books, and toys to immigrants.

In the recent past, the Fund launched a Justice for Immigrants & Families Project (JIF) program. JIF provides migrants within Maricopa County with legal services. Attorneys from the project handle immigrant litigation cases on pro bono basis.

In addition to that, the project provides legal consultation, legal self-help guides, workshops and human rights education.

Madison Street Capital Assists Sterling Packaging

Madison Street Capital is one of the most successful investment companies in the world. The privately held institution is based in Dallas, and it has transformed the industry in so many ways. The reputable company offers a wide variety of services to its clients in different parts of the world. Madison Street capital reputation has been fundamental in the success of the investment company. Clients have complete trust in the services offered by the institution. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/madison-street-capital

Just recently, the investment company announced that it had assisted an institution called Sterling Packaging in their move to arrange growth equity investment. Charles Botchway, the company’s chief executive officer, announced this news recently, saying that his company played a great role to make sure that the transaction was successful. Sterling Packaging is found in Manitoba, Canada, and it has been very successful in the recent times. Sterling Packaging has expended in the recent times, and it has opened an office in Alabama. Sterling specializes in folding cartons. It also distributes these cartons to various industries in the United States and Canada. Charles Botchway says that a company known as Druid Capital Partners offered the equity facility needed in the transaction. Learn more: http://www.pr.com/press-release/700593

Charles has also expressed his excitement concerning the success of the transaction. Botchway also said that the team of professionals serving at Sterling Packaging had been doing the best scale of business. According to Charles, the quality of products offered by the institution is superior, and this is one of the reasons his company was doing business with them. Charles says that the expansion of the products from the institution will benefit many clients who rely on Sterling Packing for different service (https://pitchengine.com/madison_street_capital/2017/01/04/madison-street-capital-acts-as-advisor-in-the/002519188290269682183). Botchway has been in the business world for a long time, and he has a lot of expertise when it comes to identifying profitable ventures. He says that the reputation of the company was great thanks to the core values and commitment it had been showing clients.

Madison Street Capital has been operational for more than a decade now. The middle market investment company has done so well over the years, opening branches in different places of the world. Some of the company offices are found in North America, Asia and Africa. The company has won several awards in the competitive market due to its accomplishments. The firm has also done a lot to assist the lives of the individuals from needy communities. The professionals working at the institution are experienced, and they ensure that the client demands are met. Learn more: http://www.abfjournal.com/dailynews/madison-street-capital-arranges-credit-facility-for-renegade-industrial/