Who can benefit from Equities First Holdings?


If you need financing your businesses, or if you are in urgent need of non-purpose capital needs, then this is your company. There are times when you can be in need of quick cash to settle some expenses too. Equities First Holdings could be the solutions to your demands. You may wonder how these mentioned groups benefit from the company, here is how.

Lending services that are non-conventiona

Getting a start-up capitals can be very challenging since most banks hardly offer such. Since the facility deals in lending, it gives start-up capitals to new Equities First businesses with very minimum requirements. The demands of the clients and the facility are both controlled by the terms of the agreement to learn more: https://www.theloop.com.au/ponydesignco/portfolio/equities-first/257479 click here.

Clients in quick need

The groups targeted with these loans are individuals with businesses or employees who have high net capital. There are times when you can be in need of a quick loan. Most banks do not offer such urgent services since they can take longer than the demands. Equity First Holdings ensures that such clients can be reached in times so as to help them meet their needs. The repayment process is flexible depending on the nature of the business.

Why people with high net capital?

It is challenging to Equity First financial institutions to lend you money when you have nothing that can worth collateral. Chances that you may fail to pay are hight, and they will have no alternative but to make losses. When you borrow from Equity First Holdings, you can transfer your shares to the company, and they will hold them as collaterals. From these shares, they can determine the amount to give you. In case you are not in a position to pay, the company will use the returns on your shares to repay the loan. This process is very efficient for both short and long-term borrowers.

Learn about USHEALTH Advisors in 3 minutes

They are a marketing firm of USHEALTH Group. Their main specialty is marketing a plan of regular health coverage plans insured and underwritten by USHEALTH Group family of insurance companies. Their target market is the people of America, small business owners, employees, and people who depend on them and, self-employed entrepreneurs.

USHEALTH Advisors have been with the firm for over thirty-five years. Together with USHEALTH Group and its companies, they have vast experience in serving the needs of the American citizen health care. The variety of products they offer provides opportunities to support the requirements of the people’s insurance buyer in times when health costs keep increasing.

Innovative compensation

They advance according to the percentage of given business first-year profits on a weekly basis. Monthly pay combined with invested renewals gives a chance for their agents to earn a good salary.

Corporate support

The customer service of USHEALTH Group offers accurate and fast responses to queries regarding claims and policies, officials know their policyholders are getting quality support. MyUSHG introduced more efficiency in the client’s portal thus the client’s self-services opportunities enable them to receive faster and real-time feedback through the internet.


The group has new bonuses for all their agents. The levels needed to qualify for bonuses are attainable and can be maintained by regular submission of activities.


The USHEALTH group several communication avenues that they use to keep their sales team with up to date developments and allow them to exchange ideas.

Leadership dedication

The leaders at USHEALTH Advisors appreciate the crucial role played by agents and sales team for the success of the company. Every leader is a skilled health care professional and has massive experience in the field. They have the knowledge on how to succeed in health insurance. They offer you the materials and training needed to be successful as well.

In conclusion, USHEALTH Advisors believe in unmatched value and care. They are flexible, secure, and affordable. They have a portfolio of covers allows individuals to tailor coverage to their needs. They are the innovators of the industry with massive experience in health coverage.

Kabbalah Centre Remembrance of Devoted Kabbalistic Teacher Shimon Sarfati

Members and students of international Kabbalah Centre are remembering the late Shimon Sarfati. He passed away in Miami, Florida the night of August 30th, 2016 and leaves behind his loving wife Rachel and children, Davidy, Esther, Michael, Miriam and Yehuda. Sarfati was born in 1958 and attended college majoring in mechanical engineering where he was invited to the Kabbalah Centre by a friend. In 1985 he resigned as an engineer to become a member at the Centre. Three years later he married his wife and began teaching his students lessons about applying Kabbalah practices to their individual lives.

Shimon spent years empowering students to discover self fulfilment of peace and harmony within themselves. He traveled the world and lived in France, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Israel. Before his passing he lived in Mexico City and was very active in Latin American communities. According to Spiritual Director Karen Berg, Shimon was a devoted father, husband, teacher and inspiration of Light. He will be missed by family members, friends, students and colleagues.

Kabbalah Centre was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 and has expanded to North America, Latin America, Middle East, United Kingdom, Africa, Oceanic, and Asia. The Centre is a non-profit organization and has an international school which teaches Kabbalah principles to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Students are taught the spiritual and physical laws of the universe and the beginning of creation. The practice of Kabbalah is dated back to over 4,000 years and is based on ancient texts of Zohar and 16th century writings of Kabbalist Rav Issac Luria.

Zohar, the book of secrets and spiritual wisdom was originally translated from Aramaic into modern Hebrew. It is used as a powerful tool to discover peace, joy, self-fulfillment, and physical and mental healing. At Kabbalah University students learn the history and principles in classroom settings, virtual lectures, courses, audio, and books. Shimon Sarfati devoted nearly 29 years traveling around the world teaching Kabbalistic practices. He will always be remembered by family, co-workers, students and friends as a kindhearted and trustworthy teacher, father and friend.

Creating Wealth That Benefits the Society

Entrepreneurship is a journey of faith. People do not know where they will land when they begin entrepreneurship. They work hard in faith to accomplish their dreams. It becomes estimation when a person develops a blueprint for their business. They create a plan hoping that the product will be embraced in the market. This increases the sales. The real estate industry is a promising industry. This is because people need land to develop them. This establishes an individual who has invested in the real industry.

In an article on NJ Biz, Omar Boraie is a real estate investor. He started as a young entrepreneur. People thought of him as lowly. He has developed to become one of the wealthiest individuals in the society because he had a plan and a vision for his wealth. He began by buying many pieces of land. People thought that he was investing in the wrong manner. The opinions of individuals did not withhold him from actualizing his plan. He has invested the wealth that he has drawn from his real estate investment to the society. He has created other different solutions that influence the society positively. This has made him an important person in the community and to the Boraie Development.

According to NY Times, Omar Boraie has developed solutions for cancer. He created an institute that develops solutions towards cancer after he realized that many people lost their lives to cancer. He has partnered with different people to develop solutions that have improved the society. He has developed good houses that are affordable. This has enabled people to live in good houses at affordable prices. It is an easy way of bridging the social classes in the society.

Most people who develop their plans towards being wealthy do not think about the society. They do not think of how they can help the society even after they gain wealth. Omar Boraie is a role model to many wealthy people in the society. Young people who have the vision to become wealthy should look up to Omar who has given back to the society. This will encourage more people to create wealth for a higher reason than just being rich. Young entrepreneurs should be encouraged to develop a plan for their entrepreneurship journeys. This will enable them to achieve their goals and have a purposeful life in the future. It will enable people to develop the urge of being wealthy in order to benefit the society in the long run. Check out State Theatre New Jersey for more info.

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Chris Burch And His Creative Design Business

Chris Burch is one of the finest creative minds in the world, and he has spent quite a lot of time ensuring that he is sharing his creative soul with the world. He runs Tory Burch through his company, and he is known throughout the fashion world for the perspectives that he has on the world of design and beauty. He is an aesthetic master, and he has started an amazing resort that furthers his creative output.  Check bjtonline.com for more reading.

#1: What Is The Nihiwatu Resort?

The Nihiwatu Resort was built on the site of an old hostel, and Chris wanted to ensure that he could build a much better destination on the beach. He wanted the resort to be a place where the luxury customer comes to visit, and he has chosen one of the remote areas in the world to place his resort. He knows that there are a number of people who will visit because they want to get away from it all, and he enjoys visiting this location himself.

#2: How Do Normal Days Work For Chris?

Chris does not have regular days because everything is always changing. He wants all the people reading his interview to understand that they must take on new challenges every day. He wants them to know that they may encounter something different that they did not expect, and he often adds travel to his schedule.

#3: Creating More Beautiful Things

The beauty that has been by Chris is an important part of the world around him. He wants everyone who does the same work that he does to use their creative minds to build new ideas every day. He is quite open with his staff about their ideas, and he encourages them to share their ideas.

#4: Hard Work

Chris knows the value of hard work, and he has learned quite a lot about how easy it is to manage a business when everyone is respected. Chris offers respect to all the people that work around him, and he knows that he may offer a number of options to his staff as they complete their work. He wants to see the fruits of their labor, and he wants them to be proud of what they have done.  Hop over to ideamensch.com for related articles.

Additional article here

Everyone who is working with and around Chris Burch will find that they with one of the best minds in the business. He has created a new resort and brought more beauty to the world. For more of Burch timeline activities, hit crunchbase.com.

Learn about Burch, visit his website at http://christopherburch.com/

Greg Secker: A Risk-taker Who made it Big in the Forex Market and Now Wants to Help Others Succeed in the Trade

Greg Secker is popular for his impeccable entrepreneurial record and impressive philanthropic involvement. He is the founder of Knowledge to Action Group, a company through which he has helped many business people to excel in their investments. The 45-years old is also an internationally recognized public speaker. Despite wearing all these hats, Greg believes that being a dad is the best and most important job he could ever think of. INSPIRERY caught up with the legend for a brief interview in which he described his trading life, his entrepreneurial culture, and his life in general.

The Inspiration behind Knowledge to Action Group

INSPIRERY wanted to know of the inspiration behind Knowledge to Action Group. Greg said that he started the venture to help people navigate the trading world from an informed point of view. In his assessment, many people failed in trade not because they were poor traders but because they were inexperienced in it. To him, working to get paid is not a thing to be proud of. His belief is that with the right investment plan, making money is a simple and straightforward exercise. He told INSPIRERY that he quit the corporate scene in his mid-20s to establish himself as his own man. He embarked on trading in the Forex market, and within a short span of time, he was already a guru in the sector.


Upon making the switch from the corporate world to the forex market, Greg took a few months before standing on his two feet. He said that in less than half a year, he was making profits more than what he earned in the corporates. Things were not all merry, however, as he had faced a lot of challenges in the first few months to the point of wanting out. His family and friends, together with his undying spirit kept him moving.

About Greg

Greg Secker is a native of Norfolk, UK. He is a graduate of Agricultural and Food Sciences from the distinguished University of Nottingham. Greg’s former employers include Thomas Cook Financial Services and Mellon Financial Corporation.

Greg is a leading philanthropist in London. He is the innovator and manager of The Greg Secker Foundation through which he helps people struggling with poverty. He is also a member of Build a House, Build a Home, an organization that seeks to build houses for the Philippians affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda.


Interview Highlights with CEO Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital

Chris Burch, founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, recently gave insights into how and why he has developed the many brands and successful products attributed to his name.  For a deeper look at Burch Creative Capital, click burchcreativecapital.com

Burch explains how he found himself always looking at the world and seeing the greater potential of products and services that he observed, which is why he decided to create his company to help young entrepreneurs bring their vision to life. His company provides funding for ideas that will “bring extraordinary possibilities to the world.”    For more of Burch insight, head over to interview.net.

For Burch, good ideas are fostered quickly by good people, which helps his vision stay out in front of the game, allowing him to look for how new trends will react with coming generations. He provided the example of the tiny house movement, which inspired his creation of Cocoon9, which creates upscale but tiny homes. This brand fits well with the younger generations more interested in culture and adventure than material possessions.

Starting as a 13 year old laborer for his dad’s construction company, success was not simply handed to Burch. To get where he is, he found himself taking risks often and being comfortable with some of those risks leading to failure. Burch says he is able to move past these failures by taking full responsibility for them, while going through a period of mourning, reflection, and finally understanding.

While not real big on software, Burch is more a fan of hardware, specifically the many convenient gadgets accessible today. He often finds himself listening to podcasts and audio books on his iPad. For updates on Burch recent timeline activities, click on crunchbase.com.

Have a view on Burch new and follow-on investments here.

Of his influences, Burch specifically names his good friend Steve Ross, a real estate developer, and respects his creativity and passion for his work. He also shows admiration for Ellen DeGeneres, with whom he partnered in July 2014 to launch Ellen’s lifestyle brand, ED by Ellen DeGeneres.  Check fashionista.com for more interesting articles.

More about Burch on http://www.forbes.com/profile/christopher-burch/



Why Warren Buffett Investment Strategy Is Wrong

Warren Buffet’s approach to investing is known as bottom-up investing; he has wagered $1 million to charity in a bet that he gains better investments compared to hedge fund managers. He has simply invested in an S&P 500 passive index fund. Eventually, he will have a better chance of winning the best and getting to collect. To some point, Mr. Buffett is correct, that is, there are lots of expensive funds which end up changing investors. His commitment to low cost can be reasoned with since these investments which some people can deem to be simple will end up being bought or even held for the long term.

However, Tim Armour is investing in the passive index fund is not the wisest option, for retirement purposes, it might not be unswerving when it comes to granting a safe path. The reason being it will not be the best cushion against down markets. For the trillions which have been invested in passive index funds, only half of the investors surveyed online being aware of the losses that they would incur.

It is not entirely wrong, however, getting to have consumers being wary of product labels is something which does not get to deal with investors entirely. Most mutual funds get to provide average returns due to excessive trading high management fees. When comparing these to passive index, you do find that the risks are almost the same, the only difference is that for the index investments, there are underestimated risks and at times unknown risks.

Tim Armour’s Advice to Managers

Tim Armour’s career has been comprised of equity investment analysis, for more than 34 years, he has been able to better his investment experience. He also provided investing advice to clients thus ensuring they know what they are getting into or even what to expect.

His advice to managers is that they should not have settle for index funds; however, they need to be well prepared when investing by conducting the analysis. Furthermore, as a manager, you gain information that most market participants do not have, getting to use this will always work in your favor.

To know more visit @: medium.com/@timarmour

Paul Mampilly, Wall Street To Retirement

In 1991 Paul Mampilly started his Wall Street Career at Bankers Trust. His first wall street job was as an assistant portfolio manager. Paul advanced very quickly in his career and quickly became employed with Deutsche Bank and ING.

Paul Mampilly was put in charge of managing multimillion dollar accounts with these two popular Wall Street companies. In 2006 Paul Mampilly was recruited as a hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset Management. Kinetics is an investment firm that is worth over six billion dollars. Paul furthered the firms worth to over twenty five billion dollars under his leadership. His advanced knowledge in the banking industry and strong management leadership earned Kinetics Asset Management the title of “World’s Best” in the hedge fund landscape.

During the 2008 to 2009 financial decline, Paul Mampilly was invited to take part of a prestigious investment competition. He was given a fifty million dollar starting investment to work with. By the end of the year he had grown that investment to eighty eight million dollars. It was extremely impressive that he was able to turn such a profit during a time of financial decline. Over time Mr. Paul Mampilly because tired of the fast paced Wall Street environment and only making profits for the upper one percent of the investors. He retired, though he could not fully quit doing what he was passionate about. While his retirement allows him to spend more time with his family, he still considers himself an investor. He has refocused his abilities towards helping regular people with their investments. Helping blue collar workers to secure comfortable futures and retirements for themselves has become his priority. Paul Mampilly has began writing newsletters and he founded a popular one, Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. He also recently created True Momentum. True Momentum is a research service that will be introduced in 2017.

For more information about Paul Mampilly, just click here.

Eva Moskowitz Proves to be a Leader in Education Reform through Success Academy Charter Schools

Eva Moskowitz’s name is preceded by her reputation for founding Success Academy Charter Schools. Since 2006, the network of schools has grown into the highest-performing and largest free, public charter school network based in New York City.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Eva Moskowitz has made it her mission to prove that children from low-income, minority neighborhoods can attain the highest level of education.


Eva has been an acclaimed leader in education reform since opening the first Success Academy situated in Harlem. In her capacity, she has assisted thousands of inner-city students or children to reach their academic potential and offered parents an alternative to failing schools.

Through her able leadership as the founder and chief executive officer, Success Academy currently operates 41 schools. As such, the network of charter schools has created employment opportunities for hundreds of teachers among other experts.


Education and Career Background


Eva Moskowitz has proven to be a leader in education reform. She also holds an impressive academic track record. In fact, she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in history. Later on, Eva received her Ph.D. in American history from the renowned Johns Hopkins University.


Aside from her current role at Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz has held other numerous roles. Between 1989 and 1990, she served as a visiting professor of mass culture and communications at University of Virginia. In addition, Eva worked at Vanderbilt University and City University of New York as an assistant professor of history from 1992 to 1993 and 1994-1995 respectively.


From 1996 to 1999, Eva served Columbia University as the chairperson of the faculty seminar in American studies. Additionally, she has served in other capacities such as a civics teacher at the Prep for Prep school among others.




Apart from her illustrious career, Eva is also an author. She is known for two of her publications including In Therapy We Trust: America’s Obsession with Self-Fulfillment and Mission Possible: How the Secrets of Success Academics Can Work in Any School.