Rona Borre Gets Through Problems By Eliminating Them

Rona Borre had reached the pinnacle of her job description when she worked for a large international recruiting and staffing firm where she led the company in sales and had broken every production record the company had. She also was in charge of a $30 million book of business. However she had reached the limit of what could be accomplished, so she quit her job.

Rona Borre formed Instant Alliance in the spare bedroom of her Chicago condo with only her bulldog, Henry at her side. She dressed up every day in a business suit to spur her on with her quest to form a successful staffing company. That was in 2001 when she started Instate Alliance which today is one of the fastest-growing staffing and recruiting companies in the United States.

Borre is also active in the Chicago Business community as she has leadership roles in such organizations as the Chicago Network, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Economic Club of Chicago. She accepts speaking engagements in the community and is proud to do so. Borre is a welcome voice because she exudes a positive influence for entrepreneurship.  More about Borre and her works on

Borre likes to stress that she is the owner of a “woman owned” business. This is important because Instant Alliance is outperforming dozens of “male-owned” businesses in the sector. This fact is certainly encouraging to younger women and young girls who can see the results that Borre has been able to achieve.  More related articles here.

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Understanding Your Bank

Banks in the US have to be chartered for them to extend credit and accept deposits from clients. They are also liable to interest rates, credit and operational risks stemming from their significance to the economy of a nation not to mention their usefulness to the public. With such importance, it is not surprising that banks have been under intense scrutiny as this is the only way to ensure that their role is sustainable.

NexBank is not an exception. Customers need to understand everything there is to know about the bank if they are to transact effectively. To learn more about the NexBank different categories will be analyzed. This way, customers will be able to know who they are dealing with and if they are ready to get into business with such an organization.

Earnings summary

How profitable a bank is determines whether it is able to build capital and to what extent. It will also establish adequate loss reserves and be able to tell when to offers dividends to shareholders. The return to equity rate for NexBank is considered very healthy according to recent surveys. The net interest margin, overhead and levels of non-interest incomes have some room for improvement.

Successful capital raise

The president and CEO of NexBank proudly announces the success in capital raise. The [positive response from shareholders is something that is worth noting. This capital raise will go way in improving growth and opening the bank up for development.

About NexBank

This is a financial service provider that strives to serve its clients through its core services. These include commercial banking, investment banking and mortgage banking, which are the three primary business sectors that NexBank focuses on. It also offers customized services in finance for financial institutions, institutional clients and different corporations throughout the nation.



The All-New “Scandal” That’s Causing A Scandal

The Cosmetology Industry is one of the biggest, most profitable, and popular industries in current times. Some of the biggest names line the shelves of your favorite stores such as L’Oréal, Max Factor, Cover Girl, and many more. These brands have stood at the top of the mountain for nearly a century, but there is a new king of the throne and it goes by the name of Lime Crime. This eclectic brand has brought some much needed life back into what has become a rather bland industry. Founder Doe Deere built this make-up line as a reflection of self and it is full of self expression. Lime Crime’s “Scandal” is literally causing a scandal in-a-sense. The lipstick fits in very well with the rest of the “Velvetine” collection, but Scandal has a bit more sex appeal thanks to it’s deep purple hue. This product screams “look at me” and that’s exactly what people will be doing once you enter a room.


This lipstick was designed to cause a stir and once Lime Crime’s huge fan base gets word of it’s arrival, drama will ensue. For a great way to make the color stand out would be to combine it with a dark/black, bold liner. Like all of the Velvetine lipsticks, Scandal will go on smooth and wipe off with ease. Here’s a great rule of thumb to follow. Apply a bit of lip balm and let it sit on your lips for about 15 minutes. Next you should use some tissue to wipe away any excess material/oils. That’s it! Being of a liquid matte source, Scandal’s deep intense hue will dry into a bullet-proof finish.


Benefits, benefits, and more benefits. Of course Lime Crime is going to bring the benefits. Scandal is truly paraben-free, 100% vegan, as well as animal cruelty-free. If you want to add a little spice to your life then this is the product of choice.

DIVERSANT Thrives in The Hands of John Goullet: The Well-Able IT Guru

Diversant, LLC, as the name suggests, is an IT solutions company that strive to uphold diversity in every aspect of their operations. Their unique and innovative products always aim at displaying their belief in diversity as a sure way to do business.


Diversant, LLC, was formed as a result of a merger between Info Technologies and Diversant in 2010. The fully certified enterprise has since marked a high growth rate almost doubling that of other businesses in the IT sector. With John Goullet at the helm of its leadership, Diversant, LLC, places itself at the same level with their consultants and mid-market clients. With this approach, the company reflects their ability to listen to their client’s unique needs and to create well-thought products that satisfy all parties. Headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey, the company strives to provide Payroll Solutions, Information Technology, System Integration & Infrastructure, Contingent, and Project Staffing services across the globe.

About John Goullet

John Goullet is a well accomplished IT guru recognized for his ability to lead and grow businesses in his area of expertise. After completing his training in computer science, John joined the workforce as an IT consultant. Armed with enough experience and ability to understand the sprouting market tendencies, John moved his focus to IT staffing. He went ahead and established Info Technologies, a company that provided IT staffing solutions countrywide. With a keen eye, John Goullet grew this venture to an award-winning level. In its 5th year in operations, Info Technologies was worth $30 million. It also found a place among the 500 drastically growing privately-owned firms in the U.S. After six years; John partnered with Gene to amalgamate Info Technologies with Diversant. DIVERSANT, LLC, was formed as a result. John Goullet at Facebook .

The Passion Continues 

John Goullet was named the principal of the merger, which gave him the opportunity to pursue his passion relentlessly. He was geared towards innovating new methods of conquering the dynamic industry of information technology. His smooth leadership skills have since placed DIVERSANT, LLC, at the top of the market. for more.

Equities First Holdings, LLC Continues Growth; Acquires Sydney-and-Perth-based Meridian Equity Partners Pty. Ltd.

Equities First Holdings is a leader in the issuance of alternative sources of finance. According to the company, the issuance of stock-based loans is one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital during the harsh economic conditions. During these times, you might consider the services of Equities First Holdings because banks have cut down their lending capabilities. As a matter of fact, no one has a better understanding of these solutions in a manner that is unprecedented in this industry. For this reason, you will get better results through the accreditation of beer business management and more information click here.

Equities First Holdings is also pleased to announce that they have acquired offices in Australia. For this reason, the company will enhance their lending capabilities in the country in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For this reason, people will get better business management through the issuance of stock-based loans, during a harsh economic crisis, banks cut down their lending capabilities. Therefore, most people seeking working capital are left out to find other sources of money. For this reason, they will be required to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry and learn more about Equities First.

When the company was incepted in the United States, it worked to have an experience of more than 14 years. During this period, the company saw that the world was in need of fast working capital. For this reason, they went on to found other companies in the world in a way to expand their services. For this reason, they opened offices in all parts of the world. As a matter of fact, every continent in the world has an office. Equities First Holdings has offices in Perth, Singapore, Indianapolis, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney, and London. The issuance of stock-based loans has provided the hedge between business and market study.

James Dondero’s New Responsibility

Dondero is a co-founder and also the president of Highland Capital Company. Dondero has spent more than 30 years in the credit and equity markets, and he has been specializing in the high yield and also distressed investments.


Under his good leadership, the firm has grown to become a leader in the development of collateralized loan obligation. Highland Capital has also been keen on advancing solutions that are credit-oriented to both retail and also institutional investors. Highland capital products include CLOs, hedge funds, mutual funds, equity funds, REITs and also ETFs.


James Dondero also serves as the head of the CCS medical, Nexbank and the cornerstone health. Dondero is also an active member of the MGM studios and the American Banknote.


Dondero is a dedicated in philanthropy. He actively supports numerous initiatives related to education, veteran’s affairs and the public policy. Before Dondero founded Highland capital, he assisted in creating GIC, which is a subsidiary of the protective life. As the investment officer of the firm, he assisted the company to grow from inception up to $2 billion. Later on, Dondero became a corporate bond analyst and also the portfolio manager at the American Express.


Dondero launched his career in 1984 while he was working as an analyst at the training program of Morgan Guaranty. He later performed well in his studies and managed to graduate. At the University, he earned the highest honors in finance and accounting majors. His fantastic achievements have made him receive certifications like that one of certified public accountant, chartered financial analyst and certified management accountant.


Recently, according to PRNewswire, he was appointed to perform his duties on the executive board of Methodist University. The position was meant to expand the strong commitment the company had been having with the Methodist University.


Highland capital would establish tower scholars, which are programs that encourage and also recognize both the academic and professional pursuits related to public planning. The plan was also supposed to support the presidential library and museum established by George Bush.


The Cox school of business found in the Methodist University has been contributing significantly to the establishment of the vibrant business community, especially in Dallas.


All You Need To Know About Keyword Targeting with White Shark Media


Search Engine Optimization is one of the best way to increase brand awareness and also improve traffic flow into your websites. SEO will help any business get more visitors, hence increasing their chances for making sales. If you would like to use SEO to increase leads, you have to learn the right keywords to use. Here are some keyword targeting tips that you could use to optimize your presence on search engines.

Do a Thorough Research

The first step getting keyword targeting right is by doing a thorough research on the same. I remember there was a time when you would just stuff the most-looked up keywords on your site to enable you get a more traffic. Today you have to do your research well. The phrase that will be chosen will be the most common keyword that clients search. But you have to know how to use a variation of these keywords so that you also rank high when a related keyword is searched.

Group Your Keywords Into Categories

Once you have found a list of the keywords that you would like to use, it is important that you categorize them. They should be categorized to match the purpose of your target clients’ searches.

Incorporate Your Keywords in Titles and Headlines

Come up with great titles to illustrate what your business does. When doing this, ensure that you use your keywords strategically within the titles and headlines. Also, if you would like to rank highly in local SEOs, then you need to add a location at this point.

If you are looking to improve your online presence, it is important that you find a reputable company to see you through this journey. White Shark Media is one of the leading professionals in online marketing solutions.

About White Shark Media

White Shark Media was founded in the year 2011 by Gary Garth, Andrew Lolk and Alexander Nygart. The three had extensive knowledge in online and offline marketing industries. Therefore, when they came together, a very powerful combination was born. They have since been offering online marketing services for SMEs.

White Shark Media has received numerous awards for excellence. They are known to be on top of the list for the fastest growing digital agencies. Their great reputation has had a great impact on this. But there is also the issue of giving maximum attention to each of their clients.


Rona Borre is Chicago’s Leading Woman Business Person

In 2001, Rona Borre former Instant Alliance, a staffing and recruiting company in Chicago, Illinois. She had just left a steady job in order to form her own company which not a step for the faint of heart. Instant Alliance became a success because of Borre’s approach to things which is a get-it-done mentality and her unselfish contribution to the Chicago Business community.

Rona Borre is involved with organizations in leadership roles such as the Economic Club of Chicago, the Young President’s Organization, and the Chicago Network. She is an avid promoter of Chicago business and its growth.

Rona is also adamant about her own company’s growth, as her company specializes in the hiring of financial and technological professionals as those are the people that companies who are on-the-go want and need most of the time when they are growing to the nest level.  Check

Borre’s secret, if you want to call it that, is the firm relationship that she insists must be present when working with a client company. She must be able to know the leaders of the company very well and know exactly what kind of employee will work best in their corporate culture. When that is known, then that is who needs to be hired as opposed to running an army of potential recruits by their HR department.  Learn from Borre’s  working Tips, click on

This approach works well as it is almost as if Borre and her associates are a part of the client company’s staff, the relationship can get that close.




Getting the Most Out of a Social Security Plan

Through a survey conducted by National Wide Retirement Financial Institute, whose members are mostly the retired and those who are ten years away from retirement, most financial advisers don’t talk about social security to their clients. In the survey, it also showed that four out of five people were willing to change their financial advisers if they were not talking about social security.



According to David, most financial advisers tend to avoid the topic of social security, as it’s seen as a wide complex topic which is based on numerous rules. This was seen to have a negative effect to the advisers, as clients were seen to move to advisers who were concerned about social security plans. This means that financial advisers may require to equip themselves on the issue. In the survey, they also found out that those who turn on to social security so early may lose up to $300,000 for a period of more than twenty-five years, which translates to one thousand dollars a month, thus the need to optimize on the social security plan.



Having an MBA from the University of Miami and a BS from Millikin University, David Giertz is the current President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization, (NFS Distributors Inc). His responsibilities range from wholesale strategy and distribution of retirement plans in the private sector, specialty markets, life insurance, annuities and mutual funds through banks as well as independent dealers and regional firms.



Having an experience of more than three decades in the financial service industry, David Giertz has been involved with various organizations. He has previously held position on the board of Trustees with Millikin University and currently holds a position as an arbitrator with FINRA. Mr. Giertz has as well served as President, Senior Vice President and Director for several other Nationwide companies.

Investment Maestro Timothy Armour Gives His Thoughts On The S&P 500 Passive Index Fund Versus Hedge Fund Debate

Warren Buffett recently provoked a debate within the financial industry by claiming that by putting his money in an S&P 500 fund, he would fetch more than a group of hedge fund managers. Warren was so confident in his claim that he placed a bet of $1 million that would go to charity if he failed to validate the claim.

Financial expert and CEO of Capital Group, Timothy Armour was among the notable contributors to the debate.

Timothy’s Take

Timothy first acknowledged that several lackluster funds give investors raw deals. He also praised Buffet’s investment approach of making passive index investments in a slow but sure long-term plan that would eventually give the investor better investment returns. Timothy, however, pointed out that risks and opportunity costs involved in these types of investments were often overlooked. He cautioned that passive investors were at a risk of losing everything during market downturns, something these investors were ignoring. According to Tim, the best form of investment is the one that can overcome market declines and have the upper hand over other investments.


About actively managed hedge funds, Timothy submitted that this is the best investment plan to undertake. He pointed out that Buffet had chosen to compare S&P 500 index fund with average actively managed funds, which were struggling in the market for a reasonable duration. By this comparison, Buffet claims were substantial. However, Tim noted that if S&P 500 index fund was pitted against the best five active funds from American Funds, it would perform dismally.

About Tim Armour

Timothy Armour career in Capital Group spans over the last 34 years. His entry level was as an equity investment manager, before being earning an inclusion to the Rothenberg- led equity portfolio management committee. Following the unfortunate demise of Rothenberg in 2015, Tim assumed the group’s chairmanship.

In his position, Tim led Capital Group into a partnership deal with Samsung Asset Management Company. The two companies will be strategizing jointly and come up with retirement and investment plans for Koreans.