Is Technologist Eric Pulier “All Hype” Or Is He “The Real Deal.”

Eric Pulier is a man of many talents and acts. The guy is known by many as a technologist, author, guest speaker, investor, and a philanthropist. IT is his passion and he has parlayed his knowledge into many successful businesses. The guy has founded at least 15 companies throughout his rather young life and his last company sold for an amazing $350 Million. This is the kind of guy were discussing here and none of success cam be chance. Eric Pulier has strategically placed himself in this powerful position and it started back when he was a child. The Teaneck, New Jersey native always had a passion for technology and innovation. In the fourth grade he programmed a computer and by high school he had already started a computer database company.


Pulier attended two of the most prestigious higher learning facilities in the country being MIT and Harvard University. Here is where he finely tuned his skills, which would be paying off in just a matter of a few years. He was a successful column writer and an editor at the Harvard Crimson publication. Eric Pulier graduated magna cum laude in 1988 and by 1991 he would begin his professional career. See:


The guy has made a huge impact on people and the culture that we live in. He has developed multimedia educational programs for individuals who suffer with specific physical disabilities and he’s helped to introduce innovative technology into underprivileged communities. In 2010, Pulier was the top billed honoree at the “U.S. Doctors For Africa” benefit in New York. The guy has won a number of good Samaritan type of awards, which has given him the title of “Philanthropist.” It just seems like there isn’t anything that this guy can’t and won’t do to help make society a better place. Though he’s not a household name, Eric Pulier has done more society than most entertainment celebrities as well as professional athletes.


How White Shark Media Can Improve Your Success In Many Different Ways

White Shark Media is the answer to many different challenges that people are faced when it comes to marketing. A lot of businesses need to find ways to increase their profits while saving money at what they do. This involves finding a company that is efficient at what it does. White Shark Media is that company that is involved with bringing businesses into greater success. One of the reasons that White Shark Media is growing in popularity is that it has a lot of different services to offer clients. They are not always going to cost money. There are times when the company offers free evaluations of advertising campaigns for people. This would help strengthen the campaign so that marketers can make sure that they are getting the maximum conversions.


White Shark Media knows how to make sure that each advertising campaign is straight to the point. It is the concise advertising that makes it clear what is being advertised that is going to get people to want to buy the products or services that are being advertised. If the ad spends a lot of time on the irrelevant issues, then it is likely that one is not going to know what is being marketed to him.


White Shark Media is very good at understanding the client and the company that he is marketing. One of the reasons that they are so good at being so concise and relevant is that they have very little space to work with when it comes to online advertising. Therefore, it is important for them to make sure that they get the attention of the customer from the get go. This means using keywords within the first three words of the ad and being relevant to the product and services they are showing to the audience.


Live Advertising with Talk Fusion Chat

Talk Fusion received the Products of the Year award on August 18th, 2016. The award was the second the institution was receiving from TMC in the same year. The award honors the best products or services that have been released and facilitated voice, data, and communication. The products are either newly introduced into the market or old products with significant advancements. The products and services are considered for the award during the first 12 months since their release or modification.


The CEO of TMC, Rich Tehrani said in a press release that he was honored to present the esteemed award to Talk Fusion. He further added that the award represented the best of the best products available in the market. The award is only presented to real leaders in the industries and therefore, in the year 2016, Talk Fusion provided the best product worth recognition.


Talk Fusion Video Chat is a platform that allows users to communicate face to face with anyone through any device. It is built to operate in a smartphone, desktop or tablet. The app has been made available on iTunes and Google Play Stores. The presentation of this second award demonstrates the company’s dedication to providing a revolutionary cross-communication platform. The full version of the application was released in March 2016. The chief executive officer, Bob Reina said that the Fusion Chat was just the beginning of a future full of technological advancements. Moreover, the company’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve will ensure progress and a better platform for users.


The chief technical officer, Ryan Page stated that the achievement was but a testament of how efficient the Talk Fusion team ranks. He also said that the award was a clear indication of a great application. Page termed the development as priceless.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007. The company sought to provide marketing solutions for businesses. Ever since its inception, the company has dedicated itself to providing marketing solutions that help the companies stand out, increase sales, and consequently, profits.


With the release of Talk Fusion chat, the company can provide face to face advertisement. This mode of publication will ensure an increase in customers and additionally, increase sales.



Cancer Gets an Opponent in Andrea McWilliams

Andrea McWilliams is willing to do everything she can to improve the lives of women. For one thing, there are a lot of issues that women are faced with. Among the many different things that women are faced with is breast cancer. This is a serious health concern that every woman had to deal with. While there are treatments, there can be better treatments that get discovered. Andrea McWilliams is doing everything she can in order to bring forth these treatments so that people will be able to be free of the condition without so many side effects because of higher quality treatment.


As of right now, the common treatments for breast cancer include chemotherapy. However, there are a lot of side effects that could result from the chemo treatment. For one thing, chemotherapy involves a lot of antibiotics and can cause certain reactions which include hair falling off. Of course these effects are temporary when it comes to curing cancer. However, there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to treating breast cancer. Andrea is working on raising the funds to help medical experts come up with better treatments that are more effective at curing breast cancer.


Another aspect of breast cancer treatment is in the detection. One issue with cancer is that there are many cases of cancer that can go undetected until it is too late. Many people find themselves with cancer long before they know they even have it. There are also cases of it not being discovered until long after it has become terminal. Often times, people are left with very little option when it comes to cancer. Fortunately, donations and funding will make it easier for people to not only find more effective treatment, but also catch cancer at the beginning.


Read more about Andrea McWilliams:


Ricardo Tosto is A Highly Successful Attorney in Brazil.

Brazil is a country that has a great many schools that are devoted to law. In fact the nation has been listed with the ranking of the third country in the world with the most amount of lawyers. Coming in second is America, with number one being India. This is easily because Brazil has more law schools in their nation than all of the world’s law schools, combined.

There are 800 thousand lawyers on Brazil that have passed the bar exam. However, it should be taken into consideration that just because there are a large amount of educational courses for learning about the law in Brazil, this does not mean that those courses are well instructed. Because of this fact, the Ministry of Education has become involved due to the poor grades earned by a great number of Law students when they took the ENADE and the IDD, two of Brazil’s required passing exams for Law students.

Aloizio Mercadante, the Minister of Education, is performing inspections for all law classes that are being presented in the Brazilian Universities to ensure that they meet the basic standards of law education for Brazil. This inspection is mainly due to the large number of Brazilians who are not able to pass the Bar Exam because the classes they passed at the Universities were not adequate.

There are numerous successful lawyers in Brazil, and one of the more famous ones is Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo Tosto began his foray into law by working for some of the more prestigious law offices in Brazil. Once he earned enough practical experience, he began his own legal firm, which quickly expanded to become one of the largest legal entities in all of Brazil. Some of Ricardo Tosto’s specialty areas are Civil Law, Consumer Law, Copyright Law and Property Law, to name only a few.

Ricardo Tosto has represented individuals and businesses alike, including politicians and the government as well. Ricardo Tosto has a degree in law from the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, and he has contributed to the creation of many laws.


Equities First Holdings Experiences Rapid International Growth in 2013, Establishes Offices and Furthers Reach into Europe and Asia Pacific

Equities First Holdings is an alternative service company based in the United States. For the company, they delight in becoming part of the solution to your problem during the harsh economic crisis. For this reason, the company has sustained its business through the issuance of fast working capital during the harsh economic crisis. Equities First Holdings is a leading full-service company working to announce its double-digit expansion in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. In 2013, the company grew by more than 43 percent in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For those who are seeking fast working capital, they might consider choosing Equities First Holdings as one of the most trusted entities in this capability.

While many options still exist for financing options, many banks and credit-based companies are increasing their interest rates in a manner that scares away from most borrowers. For this reason, the banks end up working for capability-based lending where they only qualify few people for the loans, while we may see this as a bad option, they are doing this o reduce the effects of the financial crisis. During a financial crisis, banks normally work to retain most of their money to themselves. For this reason, you will never qualify for the credit-based companies in a manner that is unparalleled in this economic crisis.

Equities First Holdings has a strategic plan to make better solutions to those who are in need of fast working capital using the credit-based company. As a matter of fact, they have gone working to better immunization schedules. For you to secure the sock-based loans issued by Equities First Holdings, they must work to determine better business solutions in a way that is unparalleled in this industry. Equities First Holdings has also determined better business for companies and rich individuals seeking fast working capital. for more.

Adam Milstein Comes To America For Real Estate Success

Adam Milstein is a well-known real estate investor, community leader and philanthropist. He is originally from Israel and even served in the Yom Kippur War in the IDF. He came to the U.S. in 1981 and attended USC, where he obtained his MBA. After graduation he immediately joined the commercial real estate industry in 1983. Mr. Milstein is currently a Managing Partner at Hager Pacific Properties.

He is also the chair of the national expansion of the Israeli-American Council, an organization that he co-founded and is the National Chairman of. Adam Milstein is also involved in many other organizations, sitting on the boards of StandWithUs, the Jewish Funders Network, Hasbara Fellowships, the AIPAC National Council, and the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel. Along with the help of his wife, he also founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America, their organization that gives free monthly Hebrew books to over 15,000 Jewish-Israeli-American families all over the country.

Mr. Milstein developed the idea for Hager Pacific Properties after realizing that too many employers didn’t appreciate the experience he had, or his knowledge. He decided to branch out on his own and began working as a Real Estate Commercial Broker. He spent three years at that position, becoming very successful. It was that that he decided to go out on his own as a real estate investor.

Most of the time, Adam Milstein doesn’t know what his day will look like when he gets up in the morning. As he acquired more assets, more structure arrived in his day, but not every day is exciting. Milstein found that getting involved in philanthropy added more structure and meaning to his everyday life. He is a master at pushing himself until he gets what he wants; perseverance always sees him through.

The exciting ups and downs of the real estate industry is what keeps Adam Milstein’s passion flowing. Returns on real estate investments often take a long time to come to fruition, so patience is always needed. He believes his best habits that allow him to be successful is his consistency, persistence, and follow-up.



Highland Capital Management Uses Innovative Strategies To Add Value To Investors

Over 20 years ago, Mike Okada and James Dondero incorporated Highland Capital Management. The corporation has approximately $15.4 billion in assets. This SEC registered investment advisor is one of the largest and most experienced alternative credit managers.

The firm specializes in credit strategies, including credit hedge funds. Highland has pioneered different innovative products in the market. The entity is revered for developing collateralized loan obligation (CLO), long-only funds, distressed private equity, separate accounts and special-situation private equity. In addition, the firm offers alternative investments that include natural resources, long/short equities, and emerging markets. Highland Capital Management provides its products and service to different clients around the globe. Their consumer base consists of corporations, governments, high net worth individuals, financial institutions, foundations, as well as funds of funds, endowments and pension plans. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Because of its global presence, Highland has opened offices in New York, Seoul, Sao Paolo and Singapore.

Highland’s investment approach guarantees both institutional and retail investors above average and consistent returns. Additionally, Highland believes in capital preservation and applying tested and proven principles to target a suitable risk/return balance in its entire portfolio. The company specializes in enhancing various strategies that seeks to add value to an investor by offering access to special asset classes or augmenting the investment process. In addition, the corporation has been using fundamental analysis, trading capabilities and proactive diligence to identify mispricing.

James Dondero has a deep background in credit and retail markets. This way, he has been able to provide visionary leadership at Highland Capital Management. The company recruits the services of different professionals. By virtue of working in teams, these experts have managed to provide clients with products and services that satisfy their utility.

Highland Capital Management values the community. Over the years, the organization has been investing in different initiatives, especially in the communities where its professionals work and live. The firm has a comprehensive plan of transforming communities through financial donations, involvement of advisory board and volunteerism. Since 2005, Highland Capital Management and its partners have contributed over $10 million to various organizations worldwide. Mostly, the company funds initiatives that concentrate on education, veteran’s affairs and healthcare.


Brian Bonar: A Prominent Financial Investor

Brian is an expert in finance who focuses on sharing his knowledge with other people. He is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financials. This is a financial Company that offers different services including outsourcing, and insurance services.

The firm works with different Companies across the United States. Besides outsourcing and insurance, the company offers other services: tax strategy techniques, payroll advances, and tax deferred benefits.

Before becoming the chairman of the Board, he served as the director of technology in the Company between 1992 and 1994. He was later appointed the Vice President of the Company in 1994 and served in the position for six months. In September, he became the Executive Vice President of the Company and later in 1998; he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to serving in Dalrada Financials, he is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of Trucept. Trucept is a Company that deals with temporary staffing and insurance products and services.

Besides working for Dalrada Financials and Trucept, Brian worked for other Companies. He has served as the Procurement Manager for the IBM Company. This was his first job after he completed College. He served in the position for 16 years and was responsible for outsourcing the company’s motherboards. After he had left the Company, he joined QMS as the Director of Engineering for four years. He was responsible for managing over100 software engineers.

His sales and marketing career began when he joined the Rastek Corporation. He was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing and was involved with handling the sales of the printing technology. His business expertise led him to develop different Companies including Beizer Systems and the AMS outsourcing. He has also served as the president of the Allegiant Professional Business Services.

Brian’s technical background has played an important role in his career. He attended the James Watt Technical College for his Mechanical Engineering. He later earned Master in Mechanical Engineering from the Stafford University. He also holds a Ph.D. Brian is a member of the American Finance Association.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar takes pride in his work, and he has earned different awards in his career. Brian was named in the Cambridge who’s who as the Executive of the Year. He was chosen based on his academic accomplishments and leadership abilities.

Brian has over 30 years experience in business leadership and has established himself as an expert in Finance. He is also equipped with different skills including marketing techniques, strategic partnership, mergers and acquisition, management and consulting, contract negotiation, corporate development, and startup organizations.

He is an expert, but he also finds time for play. He has developed hobbies in golfing and also boating. Brian also loves to spend time with family.


The Greyhound Diaries Is A Portrait Of America

Doug Levitt is the author of the Greyhound Diaries. It is an autobiographical and historical work that spans over a decade in the recent era. The Greyhound Diaries is about Doug Levitt’s journey by Greyhound buses across America. The name Greyhound in the title of his book refers to the Greyhound bus company.So what inspired Mr. Levitt to take a trip around the USA by bus? He could have easily whisked across the country by airplane. Doug Levitt explains in an interview, that he wanted to see and feel what the common and forgotten men and women of America were experiencing. He wanted to essentially get inside their shoes. Doug also wanted to experience and see what it was like to lack a vehicle and be unable to afford to travel by airplane when they needed to go somewhere.

What also motivated Doug Levitt was the fact that the economy was slowly declining and more and more people were put out of work and getting into poverty. Doug Levitt saw a parallel between artists, writers and historians who recorded the situation of people in hard times such as the Great Depression and himself. He thinks of the Greyhound Diaries book as being similar to an art project or book that was undertaken by Works Progress Administration artists and authors who were hired to record and show the situation of people living in the United States during the Great Depression.

In addition to publishing a book on his journey though America by bus, Doug Levitt has also created a music album based on his Greyhound bus journey. The album is also called the Greyhound Diaries. It has a total of six songs and touches upon the feelings and sights Doug experienced while traveling.Mr. Levitt says that his travel by bus changed him and his perspective of life. Doug Levitt says that he is now much more humble and understanding of other people. He has also said that most of the stereotypes portrayed in the media and in Hollywood are fake. You really have to get to know a person to really understand who they are and what they believe in.