How Does Equities First Serve Clients In South Africa?

Equities First is a full-service loan company that serves large companies and wealthy individuals. The company takes applications from clients every day, and it is a perfect situation for those who wish to bring in a bit more cash flow. This article explains how Equities First helps clients, how they take applications and how they expedite the process. Money may be paid out, and the client will secure funding that is not problematic.

#1: Avoiding Banks

The banks that offer loans of this type are often not in position to help their clients in a speedy fashion, and waiting around for funding is often not an option. Clients who must move quickly may apply with the firm at any time, and they may contact the firm for information. It is quite important that everyone who is interested in securing funding asks for the precise amount they require. Money that is earned through the use of the loan will help pay it back, and another loan application may come in later.

#2: How Much Information Is Required

Equities First does not ask for much information when taking loan applications, and they ensure their clients are comfortable when filling out their application. The company prefers to keep their applications short, and they are willing to speak to clients when there are questions about the service. The loans are expedited when both sides feel informed.

#3: Funding Each Loan

The company will fund each loan quickly, and they will learn how they may receive their funds. The funding that is offered to the client may come in several forms, and they may deposit it at once. Terms of the loan are covered at closing, and the repayment begins at the appointed time.

#4: Terms And Repayment

Repayment and terms for the loan are discussed at the closing table, and the company ensures each of their clients is given time to review the loan before signing. Equities First wants their clients to feel comfortable with their business arrangement, and they offer funding that saves quite a lot of time and heartache.

Everyone seeking a loan for the short term may visit Equities First for assistance. The company moves quickly to help their clients, and they fund loans in a responsible manner. Each client is given what they need at the moment they need, and they are allowed to apply for future loans when funds are required.

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Construcap The Real Estate Company Of Choice In Brazil

Construcap is proud to be considered one of the top construction firms in the whole of Brazil. The company is committed to the delivery of quality services to its clients as well as delivering sustainable projects. This company is active in both the energy and building sectors of Brazil’s economy. Services are available to the public as well as private markets. This company is ISO certified and its activities are based on the reputable Integrated Management System.

Services Offered

Construcap‘s reach is impressive as it is involved in the commercial, industrial and heavy construction markets. The scope of the company’s services also includes engineering, procurement and construction. Design and building, civil engineering, structured projects, electromechanic assembly are all additional services offered by Construcap.

Structured Projects

Construcap prides itself for having been trusted with major projects. Inova Saude, a project under Consrucap, will put up three main hospitals in Brazil. It will also supply the constructed hospitals with equipment. The management of other services that are non-health related will equally be executed by this affiliate. These major hospitals will be built in various cities of Sao Paulo State: Sao Paulo, Sorocaba and Sao Jose Campos. The average construction timeframe is 32 months while the non-health related services management will be 17 years.

Construcap pioneered in public-private partnership the result of which was the design and subsequent construction of Minas Arena Stadium in Minas Gerais State. This magnificent sports complex is in the heart of the city of Belo Horizonte.


Construcap is big on training as demonstrated by the various training programs it has established. Its intern Program helps youth, who have finished school and are interested in the sector, to build their careers. Upon a successful learning period these interns are inducted into the company. This training program is divided into two main parts. The first part of training acquaints interns with the culture of the company and work methodology. The second part of training deals with career development. All trainees are afforded a mentor to guide them as they work and gain experience. Undergraduate students are the main beneficiaries of this program.

Adult Literacy Program

This program targets site employees and aims to help them raise their education level. Successful candidates join professional training programs. This program helps the site workers to grow professionally and socially. Other training programs include the professional and leadership training programs.

New Stem Cell Therapy Is Helping Lung Disease Patients

The Lung Institute Breakthrough

The Lung Institute, an organization devoted to the study of lung disease, has announced it will now perform stem cell therapy for its patients. After years of debate and research, stem cells are finally in use among contemporary doctors. The treatments aren’t necessarily a panacea for everything, but they are producing vastly superior results to what doctors are currently able to obtain with conventional methods. Indeed according to Cedars-sinai, many patients are finally able to live their lives without the need for an inhaler or oxygen tank. It may have taken some time to develop this procedure, but the results are paying off.

Theory Turns Into Practice

The ultimate theory behind stem cell therapy revolves around the natural healing process of the body. Stem cells are used by the human body to repair damaged tissues and grow new health tissue. The Lung Institute is taking this understanding and using it to stimulate the repair of damaged lung tissue in its patients. Although the initial process is somewhat invasive, there is little need for further intervention once the adult stem cells are injected into affected areas. From that point on doctors can simply observe and record the pattern of the patient’s progress while the patient recovers.

Where Doctors Go From Here

From this point on the current paradigm of the medical world is headed into an entirely new direction. If the Lung Institutes current results hold up over time doctors in other fields of medicine will apply stem cell therapy to their work as well. We may see a future where doctors reject the use of powerful drugs with side effects in favor of stem cells to treat cancer and dementia.

The success stories posted on of the Lung Institute give great examples of exactly why physicians have worked so hard to develop stem cell treatments. There are COPD patients ( who previously needed oxygen tanks that can now live their lives free from the restraints of their disease. When even more time has passed and the Lung Institute has a better understanding of stem cell therapy, we may see these stories improve. For more information, please visit the Lung Institute’s website.


George Soros Attends Democratic Conference To Plan For The Future

Financial powerhouse George Soros, along with his other rich liberal friends, invested tens of millions of dollars in the past US Presidential Election to get Hillary Clinton into the White House. The results of the election weren’t what the group had hoped for, Republican Candidate Donald Trump won the election, and now the liberals need to regroup and plan for the future.

Recently, Democrats and liberal groups gathered for a conference in Washington at the pricey Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The conference was sponsored by Democracy Alliance Donor Club on, a group launched by George Soros in 2004 along with the late insurance mogul Peter Lewis and other influential mega-donors with the goal to spend large sums of money to boost then Senator John Kerry into the White House. The group was unsuccessful in 2004 as well, George W. Bush took the election and the White House for eight years.

The Democracy Alliance Donor Club, or DA for short, requires its members, a list that now totals over 100 members the likes of which include financial powerhouses like Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman, to donate a minimum of $200,000 per year to groups the DA recommends. Members are also required to contribute annual dues that total $30,000 in order to fund the DA staff and all the meetings as well as catered meals and entertainment for said meetings.

The group has found great success in obtaining financial backing to throw towards numerous political issues as well as local level elections around the country. Soros himself often donates regularly but rarely attends the events held by the DA. This makes his appearance at the most recent meeting in Washington a clear sign that he is on board to oppose Trump at every turn. The conference includes speakers like Soros, leaders of most leading unions and liberal groups, and of course, Democratic superstars like Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren. Not much information was released about the actual meeting, but the leaked agenda shows that it was a time to plan full fledged trench warfare against Trump from his first day in the White House. The group was focused on how to oppose Trump and his first 100-day plan as the main part of the meeting, but also took the time to discuss preparations for 2017 and 2018 elections.

While the next four years will be under a Trump presidency, it is clear that Soros and his group are prepared to fight the President-elect every step of the way. They have not given up simply because the election didn’t go their way, in fact, they seem to have regrouped and come up with a new plan.