The Kaballah Center Attracting Those Who Want Answers

Modern man has been searching for the meaning of life and an answer to complex questions about the creation of the world, space and time. In antiquity, the only place to look for such answers was among religious scholars. Before the impact of standardized religion, in a time of pre-history, there is speculation that the concept of the shaman served to answer the deepest questions and fears of the common man. There has always been a need for answers and when there is a need a business oriented world supplies the answer to that demand.

The Kaballah movement provides the answers to those seeking the deeper meaning of life. This movement has been a part of the Jewish faith for millennia. Those in the synagogue felt that the answers to such questions could only be given to men who had reached 40 years of age. Now the Kaballah movement is being offered to anyone who wishes to do the required study to understand the complexity of the Kaballah.

Religion is changing in America and around the world. Many in America are turning away from Christianity whose adherents are the old and conservative. This new Kaballah movement has created interest in the young and religiously unaffiliated population in the United States of America.

The Kaballah Center is located in Los Angeles. It was founded in 1922 by Rav Yehuda Ashlag but has grown in size and covered the world with locations in over 40 countries. The Kaballah movement has utilized the Internet as an important form of teaching the Kaballah to all who have an interest. This Kaballah movement is a part of the Jewish faith but being Jewish is not a pre-requisite to begin the study.

The interest in Kaballah may be due to the rising number of recognizable personalities joining the movement. Madonna, Mick Jagger, Britney Spears, Roseanne Barr, Sandra Bernhard, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Lucy Liu, Alex Rodriguez, Rosie O’Donnell, Naomi Campbell, Donna Karan, and Paris Hilton have all been members of the Kaballah movement.

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Capital Group Flourishes Under New CEO

The role of an investment manager is difficult, for the reason that the welfare of a large company’s finances relies on a single person’s shoulders. However, Tim Armour performs his tasks in a fluid motion that a regular individual may think as if he has been doing it every day.

At the Capital Group

Tim Armour serves as the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Capital Group, a corporation that makes funding available for various businesses in the country. In addition to that, he is the top executive and the chairman of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., as well as a Chairman at the Capital Group Communities. Since both companies are subsidiaries for different occasions, there is no wonder that they will want the leader of the main corporation at the helm of the other offices.

Tim Armour was appointed chairman in June 2015, along with other key people who have shown their significance and dedication to the company, after the passing of their respected former CEO, Jim Rothenberg. Despite the new position allotted to him, however, Timothy remains down to earth and has mentioned in one of the interviews he has given that the Capital Group succeeds because of the combined work that each employee devotes to the corporation, and not because of the never-ending determination of the people at the top.

This type of mindset draws more clients towards the Capital Group. Based on one article published by Janet Yang in 2015 after the promotion of the brand-new CEO of their company, the other executives like her believe in the ability of Tim Armour to fill the position suddenly vacated by Jim Rothenberg and continue to assist the growth of the business with the similar work ethics in mind.

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Important Corporation Endeavor Under His Leadership

One of the largest transactions that Capital Group has become a part of is the joint project that they will do with Samsung Asset Management, a South Korean company that assists people in organizing mutual funds and investment trusts. For this venture, the latter will adopt the financial, business, and consumer management strategy of the former so as to expand the services they offer.

Furthermore, both of them will come up with various asset allocation merchandise and retirement plans that will allow their Korean clients to save more money and obtain the right insurances for the future.

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The AHBE Sues AIG In Pending Civil Case

Recently the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment organization in partnership with former NBA franchise icon and team owner, Bruce Levenson have filed a civil action lawsuit against insurance and investing company, AIG. The basis for the claim lies with the parting of Danny Ferry from the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment group, after which he moved for a settlement claim which Mr. Levenson and his myriad associates believed was covered via the AIG insurance plan which had been purchased.

Serious problems arose, however, when the insurance company, AIG, claimed that Mr. Ferry’s settlement claims were in fact, not covered under the stated plan. At all. Despite the AHBE and Mr. Levenson’s protestations, AIG refused to pay even a single cent to Mr. Ferry. When these negotiations failed and it became clear that AIG firmly intended to tow the line Bruce Levenson, a former Law School student, decided that there was nothing for it but to file a civil action law suit.

Thus far the current administration has not commented upon the affair other than to distance themselves from it. The reason for this is that neither Mr. Ferry nor Mr. Bruce Levenson are any longer associated in a professional capacity with the NBA nor the Atlanta Seahawks more specifically. Due to this fact, it is not really a matter which the Seahawk’s current owner Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler (who took over after Levenson) has or should have any say in. Thus is stands to reasons that Ressler would want to distance himself from the affair until it is firmly settled in court. There is, as yet, no specifically stated time frame for the cases’ court dates nor has there been a specific figure named or released in regards to Ferry’s settlement.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps Her Patients Look Better And Feel Better

Women everywhere go through many kinds of life changes. Over the course of her life, a woman may experience many changes such as giving birth to babies and watching as her body responds to this challenge. Many women want to move past potential problems they might have with their bodies and feel more confident in life. When they are able to feel confident with their looks, women can do anything they want. Someone who fully understands the power of feeling good is Dr. Jennifer Walden. As one of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons, she is a plastic surgery expert and someone who knows that she can offer the help that woman everywhere want in the aftermath of a life changing event such as bearing a child.


Giving Woman Help


Walden is one of the only woman in the entire country to practice in this field. She knows that women constitute a mere ten percent of her profession. She also knows that women also constitute more than ninety percent of those who are undergoing plastic surgery. In her career, she has seen many patients come to her as a fellow woman and have them tell her their fears and their wants. In speaking with women, she has been able to realize just how much she help them regain their sense of self esteem and find true happiness again in life.


Working With People


In order to help further realize her ability to offer assistance to woman, Dr. Jennifer Walden has worked hard to show women in her community how they can work with her. She has established one of the only women led surgical programs devoted to cosmetics in the entire state of Texas. In the course of her career, she has been highly influential in the world of surgery here, offering skills that women might otherwise need to travel elsewhere to get access to in order to have the look they want. She knows that her patients can work with her directly in order to tap into the power of plastic surgery and use it to their own personal benefit.

Sam Boraie & Boraie Development: Moving Forward


A visionary can bring a town from obscurity to the center stage, and that is the type of person who is behind Boraie Development. This company has been in the forefront of change in New Jersey. One place where the company’s ability to see into the future was evident was in the New Brunswick community. The urban development in this community reached beyond what was expected with the help of Boraie Development and its visionary, Sam Boraie.


Who is Sam Boraie?


Most people know Sam Boraie as the Vice President of Boraie Development. The truth is that he is much more than just the VP of the company. He has acted as the guiding light, or the middle man, who helps ensure that the vision becomes a reality.


One thing that Boraie is known for is his ability to acquire land contracts, properties, and permits. These aspects of the business are vital to ensure that the company’s developments are completed as planned. The man also understands the importance heritage. He knows that the Boraie Development company is part of his family’s legacy, which is why he is very protective of it.


The Approach to Developments


Boraie is clearly a talented business man who has overseen some of the company’s more successful developments. The latest endeavor that has gotten some attention is the one that Shaq O’Neal got involved in. Mr. O’Neal is an equity partner with Boraie and company. The endeavor is taking place in Newark, New Jersey.


The project involves a retail complex center, housing tower, and a movie theater. Mr. O’Neal spoke about his childhood and the symbolic importance of a movie theater. He said his mother always told him to go to a nearby multiplex after school. He listened, and overtime the theater became a sanctuary where he could hide from some of the troublemakers that lived in his neighborhood. His mother felt a lot better knowing that her son was in a safe place, away from questionable elements within the city. This is one reason why the project attracted Mr. O’Neal, but it definitely was not the only thing, as Boraie used his communicate skills to persuade O’Neal into the lucrative partnership.


Boraie has also concentrated on making sure that the company took on another important responsibility that he did not want to trust to others. It seems that he is quite adamant about making sure that the disposal of debris or waste is done safely. This means that he wants to make sure the clean-up is always professional, efficient, and environmentally-friendly. Boraie understands that being environmentally-friendly is not only important for the earth; this step also encourages the community to support the company.


Boraie has a lot to live up to, as Omar Boraie the patriarch of the company is observing how the company is ran. Sam Boraie just wants to do right by everyone, including the many people benefiting from this development company who are bent on reshaping the cities in New Jersey.


Are You Ready To Build Real Estate Wealth?

Construcap is a company that has invested in its growth and technology over the years. With the rising rates of growth in Brazil, Construcap is set to have a great year. Anyone who is moving to Brazil has to buy a home into order to live in it. This is a company that has helped millions of people buy or sell their home in recent years. With a higher level of economic activity, there are more people than ever who are looking to take their investments to a new level. Real estate is a great way to build wealth, both now and in the future. Whatever your real estate needs are in Brazil, Construcap is a company that can help you during that process.


As Brazil continues to be one of the fastest growing countries in the world today, there are a lot of people who are starting to think about buying more real estate. In a growing economy, property values are going up extremely fast. With all of the growth around people in the area, it is important for investors to have a plan on how to buy the right types of properties. Simply going out and buying whatever is available is not a good plan. Over the long term, a lot of people want to take advantage of the growth in Brazil and make positive decisions in this area.

Next Steps

Construcap is a great company that has a lot of potential for growth in the coming years. If you are interested in buying or selling a home in the area, you need to make sure to get their advice on the transaction. They can make sure you are making the best decision possible with all that is going on. Over the long term, Construcap is a company that can add value to your life and your career. Real estate is not an investment that will pay off quickly, but it can help you build wealth over the long term.

Swiss Based Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur has had a long and successful career as a businessperson in Switzerland. He is currently the founder of the company Swiss Start up Factory. With this company, Baur is able to help a number of entrepreneurs get the assistance they need in order to make their businesses successful. Along with being the founder of Swiss Start up Factory, Mike has invested in start up companies that was a highly lucrative venture for him. This venture helped give him the inspiration to start up his own company. Before Mike got involved with investing in start ups and founding his own business, he worked in the banking industry for over twenty years. All of his professional experiences have helped provide Mike with a very successful career in business over the years.

Baur is currently running his own company known as Swiss Start up Factory. His company has proven to be instrumental in shaping the Swiss economy. With his company, Mike Baur has helped a number of entrepreneurs start up new businesses which have provided many people with jobs. It has also enabled these entrepreneurs to more easily make their businesses a success. Baur’s company has a very unique business model. The company holds an event where entrepreneurs gather to talk about their ideas for a new business. Mike then evaluates each idea and chooses the ones that are likely to meet current demands in the market. Once chosen, a business will then receive coaching, mentorship and financing form Mike and his company.

Prior to staring up Swiss Start up Factory, Mike invested in a number of start up companies. Since 2004, Mike would use his own funds to help finance new companies. This resulted in a very lucrative activity for him as he made lots of money. With this successful venture, Baur would then come up with the idea of financing start up companies as an independent business. It was this experience that proved to be a vital first step in propelling Mike Baur into entrepreneurship.

At the very beginning of his career, Mike Baur was involved in the banking industry. While working in the banking industry, he would frequently work with small companies that were looking to achieve success. He would often go over their goals as well as what they needed in terms of funding. By helping entrepreneurs receive funding for their new businesses, Mike helped a number of companies get started up. Baur has since used this experience to help develop the business model of his company Swiss Start up Factory.


Fabletics Promotes Easy Shopping

One of the things that the creators of Fabletics set out to do when they first started the business was to promote ease of use. They wanted their clients to have a chance to the convenience that came with online shopping and subscription services. They also wanted to make sure that their clients were able to get the convenience that comes with a subscription service. For this reason, they created Fabletics. It is a company that allows people to have great athleisure wear delivered to them on a monthly basis so that they can get fun new clothes for their workouts.

The first step after someone has signed up with Fabletics is to take a quick and fun quiz. This quiz will tell the shoppers a little about what the client is like and what type of clothes they will like. The client can complete the questionnaire at any time and they are able to come back to it as they do different things. It is a good idea for people to take it all at once so that they will not miss out on the different things that are offered by the company and so that they will remember what they have set out to do.

After doing this, the client can get ready to get their first box. The company will think of a great outfit based on what the client has put into the quiz. The shoppers are experts and they can nearly perfectly match what the clients would like to what they have in stock each time that they try. This is something that is great for people who do not ever know what they want to buy before they make the decision to buy something so that they will be able to get what they want.

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The last thing that the person has to do is sit back and wait. There is now a flagship store that was started by Fabletics. Clients can choose to go to this store to do their shopping if they want to see something in person. At this time, they can also look for several different outfits that they may not be able to do online. They can also add accessories. All of this can be done in the store without having to sign up for the subscription service if that is not what the client wants to be able to do.

Once someone has signed up with a Fabletics online subscription, they will then get their orders on a monthly basis. They will get the order at the same time each month and this is something that they will be able to do when they are in different areas. The box of goodies will be delivered to the people on a monthly basis. Clients can choose to stop their subscription but most do not because of the great clothes that they get for their workouts and the fact that they get great things delivered right to their door without any hassle.

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Brad Reifler Shares Financial Tips With Young People

Financial investor, hedge fund manager and financial advisor Brad Reifler has laid out some tips that he believes every young adult should be aware of. They include advice on budgeting, credit, paying through school, savings and understanding your paycheck.

Reifler argues that most of us would budget better if we thought of our budget as being a business budget rather than a personal budget. This way, we would be more aware of our expenses and limited income. He also believes we would plan better with this mindset, and be less likely to fall into heavy debt or unfulfilled needs. Seeing yourself as a business entity, can help you balance your income and expenses. Try it out and see if it makes a difference.

Understanding deductions is another important thing. Many people, especially young people, do not realize that the pay they get through direct deposit or check is actually much less, than what you really earn. Deductions include federal and state income tax, social security tax and medicare tax. Your real or gross income will be much higher than your net or take home pay. You might be able to get a tax refund if you qualify or meet certain criteria under tax laws. Keep in mind that things like a 401 K or health insurance will also further deduct from your gross pay.

Brad also suggests that you begin saving up early. Put aside a dollar a day or twenty dollars a week at an early age and you might see your savings grow substantially over the course of a lifetime. Add to the fact that compound interest builds upon past interest and you have a recipe for being well off during retirement. Save early and save often and you will have a nice chuck of savings for your retirement or home purchase.

About Mr. Reifler

Brad Reifler has worked in various positions in the financial industry. He has worked for investment firm Refco before starting out his own ventures such as Pali Capital and Reifler Trading company. His latest venture has been Forefront Capital. This is an investment company that targets the middle class, an often overlooked demographic when it comes to wealth management and retirement planning.

Bruce Levenson’s Camp Sues Insurance Company over Settlement Claims Related to Hawks Basketball Franchise

Former Atlanta Hawks Basketball franchise holding company, AHBE owned by Bruce Levenson filed a lawsuit against AIG for breach of insurance contract. The contract was meant to cover losses related to employment practices such as wrongful termination and workplace torts.

The lawsuit states that AIG is liable to pay for the claims. It also claims that AIG has not only refused to settle the claims, but they have failed to acknowledge the insurance claims sent to them as well as failing to offer any response towards AHBE.

In light of this situation, the current Hawks Basketball Franchise owners were quick to distance themselves from the ongoing litigation. “We are aware of the lawsuit. However, the two conflicting parties have no ties with the current ownership and therefore no further comment on this matter.” A spokesman said.

Tony Ressler, A Forbes billionaire investment fund manager together with Grant Hill, former NBA star and Co-Founder of Marquis Jet, Jesse Itzler are believed to be the new owners of the basketball franchise. The total fee involved in the acquisition is believed to be around $730 million, the highest bid for the franchise. Bruce had expected the franchise to sell for at least $1 billion after hiring Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to carry out a valuation of the franchise and manage the negotiations.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce is a businessman and a philanthropist. He is the former owner of the Hawks Basketball franchise and a Co-Founder of United Communications Group (UCG). Bruce is also a board member of Tech Target, a publicly traded IT company. As a philanthropist, Bruce has been involved with many nonprofit organizations such as the Community Foundation, the Hoop Dreams Foundation, SEED Foundation, and Seeds of Peace. He has served as president of I Have a Dream Foundation, helping disadvantaged kids pursue Higher Education.

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