Keith Mann Unveils his Program to Support Young Business Leaders.

Keith Man is the head and owner of the Dynamic Search Partners. He recently informed the public about his new bursary project, which is known as the Keith Mann and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professionals Achievements, and it is committed to recognizing young business leaders of the future generation. Mr. and Mrs. Mann are striving to ensure that the scholarship program is successful, and therefore, they partnered with the Uncommon Schools, which are headquartered in New York. The organization will be paying tuition fees for one graduate from the Uncommon Schools that are located in Brookline. The Uncommon School has played a significant role in the community since it has established several highly performing charter public schools that assist brilliant students from low-income backgrounds. The institution currently controls 44 charter public school that are based in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and New York. Its services are used by approximately 14,000 students in the United States.


Individuals who would like to apply for the sponsorship are required to write a persuasive essay that contains 1000 words that explain how a college degree will be necessary for them to achieve their career goals. The program is set to benefit many smart business leaders from poor backgrounds by giving them an opportunity to attend college. Applicants of the scholarship started submitting their essays as from 29th February 2016, and the winner will receive $5000.


Keith Mann is an individual who has gained a good reputation because of his philanthropy towards education. Has served the executive search sector for about 15 years, and his primary focus has been in recognizing talented business leaders of the future generation. Keith has been nurturing students by assisting them to join companies that can help in improving their abilities. He is also a specialist in contracting, hedge funds, and staffing policies. Mr. Mann discovered that the hedge fund sector had a great potential and started the Alternative Investment Practice, which is a unit of the Dynamic Executive Search (DSP) that was founded in 2009. He is also the proprietor of the DSP and the chief executive officer of the company. Keith Mann assists in closing about 200 deals annually.

Handy Is The Uber Of The Cleaning World

Uber is one of those services that it’s hard to imagine never existed before. It’s on-demand business model has changed the service industry and has caused many similar companies to step up and try their hand offering similar concepts.

One of these companies is Handy, a home cleaning and repair service that operates out of 25 cities in the country, two in Canada, and even one in London. Recently, they announced they were making $1 million in bookings every week, for an incredible $52 million profit.

What is Handy and how is it made such a heavy impact on the industry? They are a company started just two years ago. They are focused on providing a wide range of services to their customers, including home cleaning and even plumbing repairs.

However, it is estimated that about 85 percent of their profits come from their cleaning services, which remain highly profitable. Though the company wants to expand its repair reach, it understands where its bread is buttered and continues to expand their cleaning services.

Why has their service made such a huge impact on the industry? Primarily because it offers the kind of “on-demand” service that is starting to become standard in a variety of industries.

Rather than being at the whim of a cleaning service’s scheduling department, Handy users can contact them when they need cleaning services, pick a specific and trusted professional, and schedule the time they want them to arrive. This gives users a level of customization other services can’t offer.

How do users make these appointments? While they can always call their Handy representative in their city, the best way to do it is to post a job online using their mobile app.

This app according to, allows users to set up an appointment while on the go, such as during doctor’s appointments, while at work, during sports games, and any other time they can get on their phone. Adaptability of this type is crucial in the ever-increasing “on-demand” cleaning industry.

Will Handy continue to increase at this pace? With a jump from $3 million to $52 million profits in just one year, it’s easy to see that Handy has really tapped into something interesting.

Whether they’ll be able to consistently grow at that rate remains to be seen. However, it is likely that more businesses of this type will continue to appear as the market learns to accept this new model.


Getting An Experienced Business Lawyer

If you are buying property in Brazil or starting a business, you will need a business lawyer to provide you with advice and guidance. Purchasing property can be an expensive undertaking and it is important to make sure that you have a good lawyer by your side to help check out the contract and other relevant documents. You need to be absolutely sure everything is done correctly or you might get yourself into something you will have to accept with. You will sign an agreement with the seller and you will also have an agreement with the bank, and it is important to make sure these line up properly.



If you need a lawyer in Brazil, for business or other issue, it is extremely important that you do your research properly before deciding on the best one for you. There are many lawyers in Brazil, rendering services in various areas of law, but if you do not get the right lawyer you might find yourself in a more complicated or difficult situation. A good lawyer will take the time to review your case and understand the circumstances surrounding your case, and then advice you of the best approach.



Select an attorney that handles business litigation cases and one that suits your requirements. An experienced lawyer will take the time to evaluate your case and then develop the right defense plan to obtain the greatest possible settlement in the issue.



Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a reputable and experienced litigation lawyer, specializing in business law related cases in Brazil. He has been providing high quality services to clients. Some of his clients include high profile individuals and corporations, multinational companies, politicians and other public figures. Mr Ricardo Tosto takes the time to listen to his clients and devise a strategy to mount strong defense or representation.



Focusing on business and corporate litigation, Ricardo Tosto’s prominence has grown tremendously over the years. Ricardo Tosto is well known for his special ability to develop winning litigation strategies. Ricardo Tosto works hard to provide his clients with high quality representation, and the best possible outcome in their situation.


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Securus Technologies Unveils New Voice Searching Technology and BICS Certification

Securus Technologies has unveiled the first software that allows investigators to pick an inmate’s voice and perform searches against its phone call database. According to a news release published by PRNewswire on September 7, the civil and criminal justice technology solutions provider announced that it had unveiled “Investigator Pro 4” software from its JTL Technologies division. Following the release, investigators can now single out the voice of an inmate and the party on the other end and perform matches with previous voice conversations. This will also allow investigators to find out whether the inmate is talking to released inmates or previously incarcerated inmates.

More crucially, the voice data obtained can help uncover nefarious activities, hitherto unknown to the justice system. The COO of JTL Technologies, Mr. Michael Kester told reporters that Investigator Pro 4 will bring into the forefront, the capabilities of biometrics in mapping and stopping crime on its tracts. In acknowledging Securus’ unrelenting efforts to augment law enhancement by means of technology and skill development; eleven field specialists from Securus were honored with BICSI Installer 1 Certification, a report by PRNewswire indicates. Building Industry Consulting Service (BICSI) is an international body that supports ICT.

Learn more at about Securus.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a BBB accredited company that provides advanced security solutions for public safety, monitoring and corrections with the aim of enhancing law enforcement. According to Crunchbase, Securus solutions serve a market of over 2,500 correctional facilities in 45 states and DC in the US and other North American countries. In an effort to expand a new line of service offerings, the Dallas, TX based company announced in April, 2015 that it is acquiring JPay. According to the report published by PRNewswire, the move will help Securus explore the benefits of electronic payments, educational apps and entertainment apps in the corrections settings.



Brian Bonar Wins Impressive Award

Brian Bonar has done a lot of amazing things in his life. As an aside to his many traditional business endeavors, Bonar opted to buy and revamp a restaurant in San Diego county. Despite being new to the restaurant industry, Bonar’s venture was a great success. The eatery even garnered some very good reviews.

Brian Bonar is a man who is repeatedly very successful in the things he does. His success is evidenced by awards bestowed upon him. In 2010, Bonar received an incredible award. He was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year in Finance. Not very many people could ever boast of receiving such an accolade. Bonar is one of the few who can.

Bonar was serving as the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation when the award was given to him. The criteria for the awards are rather high. A person does have to show exceptional abilities and achievements to see results.

 Bonar had been in the CEO position for ten years when he received the award. The decade was one noted for many distinctions. Prior to working for Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar had distinguished himself in leadership roles with other companies. Dalrada acts as an entity serving as a marketing liaison capable of handling a number of tasks on behalf of other parties. The success of these endeavors is reflected in Bonar’s receipt of an amazing award.

Bonar still runs things at Dalrada Financial Services. Interestingly, he is also running Trucept. Trucept is a company involved with temporary staffing and insurance-related services. Bonar definitely is someone with a diverse background full of achievements.

Bonar seems to build on all his achievements and work hard at making sure he continues to take on new and challenging duties. For these reasons and more, additional awards are likely in his future.

Are the Golden Days Over For Kyle Bass?


Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass finds himself in deep water while consumers continue to enjoy the benefits of lower oil and gas prices. According to the Wall Street Journal, his Dallas-based fund is in trouble. With 2016 nearly over, the fund is down approximately 7 percent which is far below where he expected it to be. This is the third consecutive year of losses for Kyle Bass and one has to wonder, how long can he keep this up?


Based on advice Bass sought from well-known T. Boone Pickens in March 2015, Kyle was sure that oil and gas prices would rise much more than they have. Many feel that Pickens deserves his share of criticism, but in all fairness, Kyle wasn’t forced to use the info he received from Pickens, he did it freely, and now his investors suffer for it. In spite of all the recent bad press, Kyle stands his ground whether it appears to be sinking under him or not. He still claims there is a huge opportunity for investors who wish to follow him to riches, or ruin, in the energy market. However, it remains to be seen how many will now be brave, or foolhardy enough to do so.


UsefulStooges tells us that Kyle Bass may be quite popular among Argentine autocrats but he and his firm Hayman Capital Management enjoys less and less popularity in the rest of the world. Bass may have once been considered the “golden child” of Capital Management by his success in predicting the subprime mortgage crises of 2008 but that was 8 years ago, and time marches on. It’s easy to lose sight of Kyle’s few successful ventures when so many following them are buried in failure.


Most people with as many failures following them as Kyle Bass has tend to keep a lower profile, but that hasn’t been the case with him. He is frequently seen on television trying to gather followers to his cause by offering “analysis” that he somehow always slants to benefit his own bottom line more than anyone else’s. Two wise words to remember when dealing with Kyle would appear to be “investor beware!”

Why Shared Office Space is Becoming More Popular in Greater Manhattan


Companies large and small are increasingly using coworking and shared space. Coworking spaces are office spaces with shared facilities including telephone lines, internet, conference rooms and even secretaries. These spaces provide a professional environment for businesses who do not have the size and scope to own or lease their own space. Providers of these coworking spaces such as Workville have been expanding and have many locations do to the valuable benefits that they provide to their customers.


Coworking offices are useful for small and mid-sized businesses that are just starting out and don’t want to commit to a long-term lease, and for larger companies that are looking to expand into locations that do not require that they have extensive office presences such as small sales offices. Companies looking to expand into new markets will need to be aware that having a physical presence in a state, even through a shared office space, may trigger Nexus in that state which will require income tax reporting. However, if you are already looking to expand in that state a shared office space may do the trick.

Small businesses can save money by avoiding hiring secretaries, maintenance and other support staff, thereby lowering their overhead and avoiding the administrative hurdles associated with hiring additional employees and entering into a variety of different vendor contracts. Shared spaces like the ones that Workville allow their customers to use greatly simplified business models and allow the company’s staff members the time and ability to concentrate on growing and running their businesses and not their office spaces.


Typically, you want to go with a company that has lots of New York shared office spaces like Workville. A company like Workville also provides a streamlined process of leasing this office space through standard monthly lease agreements and are a well-run and easy option for leasing space for your business. Further their office amenities are top notch in the space and their facilities are safe and neat.

How Raj Fernando Achieved Success in Trading

Raj Fernando serves as the leader and owner of the internet company He has worked in the past as the CEO of Chopper, a Company that deals with trading. He is a renown leader and a professional person in the global financial market industry. He has actively participated in several foreign organizations. Today, Fernando is an active member and one of the directors of American Security Project. He has notably served in several policy leadership committees.

In his early college life, Fernando was able to volunteer and work with Chicago Mercantile Exchange; this helped shape his later career. Upon completion of his studies, with an increased effort, he moved from the lowest position to one of the highest in the company. In 2002, after a successful job at financial trading, he started his own business. He launched Chopper Trading after he had worked for many years at the Chicago Board of Trade.

In the year 2004, he moved from part time trading and made financial trading a full-time activity. He was able to get funds and employees that would later make Chopper Trading the financial trading it is today. As a leader and CEO, he designed, implemented and managed advanced trading, risk management, source code and observing systems within various financial fields.

Fernando has developed Chopper trading for over ten years. He transformed the company to be a leader in the market. The company today participates in the largest international trading exchanges opportunities. It features a massive 250 workers and is composed of several talented traders and engineers in the market. In 2005, a global financial leader DRW purchased Chopper Trading company.

Early in the year 2016, Mr. Fernando successfully started his internet company; he made a platform that can deliver reviews, information, and surveys to enterprises and individuals. Businesses that want a high degree of professionalism will highly benefit with this.

Apart from simply being a trader, a lot can be said about Raj Fernando’s political support. He is an enthusiastic support for the Democratic Party. He was able to fund for Barrack Obama. According to several sources, his company ranked as the third largest contributor for the Barrack Obama presidential campaign in 2011.

More about Raj:

Michael Zomber Is Fascinated With Samurai Swords


Michael Zomber has lived an amazing life that many people are envious of. This is because he has been able to make a living doing something that he truly loves. Unfortunately, not many people can say the same thing. Michael has made a name for himself by becoming synonymous with the collecting of old weaponry. His collection has had many articles written about it. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Zomber owns many rare pieces that are not known to exist in any other collection.


Samurai swords and old guns are the two types of weapons that Michael Zomber has a passion for collecting. He attributes his love for antique guns to the superb craftsmanship than went into making many of the models from more than 100 years ago. He feels that some of the carvings found on the older rifles are true works of art. They were all done by hand with no help from a machine. Michael has some guns that he shoots on a regular basis. He also has many very valuable guns that he keeps in airtight display cases to prevent the old wood from being exposed to the air. Constant air exposure would cause the wood to degrade more rapidly.


The collection of samurai swords put together by Michael Zomber is equally impressive. He takes the time to put together the complete history of each sword in his collection. This includes info about where the sword was made and who has owned it over the centuries. This info is often very hard to come by and is usually incomplete. However, finding out the history of his weapons is a labor of love for him. He wants to know as much as possible about each weapon he buys. He does not understand people who buy antique items and just hang them on the wall without researching their history.


Michael Zomber went to college at the University of Illinois, according to CrunchBase. He earned dual degrees in psychology and English. He then moved on to UCLA and studied English literature. He received a master’s degree in this subject.   View the full list of Michael’s books on Barnes & Noble, or buy them for yourself on