Adam Goldberg: CEO of a fashion company. Because business is business no matter where you go

Adam Goldberg is one of the current CEOs of JustFab, Inc., an online subscription fashion retailer which launched in 2010. He worked at Intermix Media, the parent company of MySpace, which he joined in 1999 after it acquired Gamer’s Alliance; an advertising network of gaming sites created by Adam Goldberg himself at age 15. During his tenure with this company he held a number of positions such as: President of Performance Marketing Group; Vice President of Strategic Planning; and Chief Operating Officer. Among the other companies Adam Goldenberg worked for are Brentwood Cosmetics, LLC and Alena, LLC, where he was president.

JustFab is a leading fashion, subscription based ecommerce site and lifestyle fashion brand which tailors the hottest of-the-moment looks to every style personality. From design concept to finished product, be they shoes, handbags, dresses or tops, every one of their styles emerges from their Los Angeles facility.

For Adam Goldenberg, customer feedback a huge part of his business, and because of it, they have been able to learn quickly and adapt. He counts on a team which dedicates itself to understanding their customers, which in turn guides their product and merchandising decisions. He has been an entrepreneur since as early as 13 years old, in 1994. Today, just over two decades later, he owns businesses that have expanded into countries like Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

He has learned the importance of full transparency. By sharing the good and the bad, he helps everyone understand the tactical changes needed in order to continue the success of the business. Along with this, comes the need for passion. For Adam Goldenberg, it is key to be passionate, to have a great product and to assemble an exceptional team. They seek passionate candidates, above an amazing resume and education, because if passion is not part of the equation, they won’t be able to thrive at JustFab at

It is a parent company to three other online subscription service brands. These are: FabKids, a brand founded by parents to empower kids to express their individuality through personalized fashions; Fabletics, a retailer which sells women’s sportswear and accessories; and ShoeDazzle, a brand created to translate, to the World Wide Web, the environment which makes women feel beautiful and pampered when they shop.

It is a certainty that Adam Goldenberg knows the ins and outs of spotting trends, growing businesses and developing industry-leading brands; and he does it with an amount passion and fun, that is hard to find in an industry that takes itself as seriously as the fashion industry.

How Did Laidlaw & Company Get My Parents Ready To Retire?

I was always pretty sure that my parents were ready to retire, but they were not really happy with the way that all their accounts were set up. I could totally understand that, and that is why I called Laidlaw & Company for them. I got them a meeting with Matthew Eitner, and he talked them through the whole process of moving some of their money around. This means that all the people that were working on their accounts before had been replaced with James Ahern at Laidlaw & Company. It was nice to see, and I noticed how quickly they started to get results.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

My parents are college professors, so they are not investing experts. They got to have many talks with their broker about how they could manage their money, and they even got to run some ideas by him. That was very important, and it was something that other people would be able to do just the same. I have my own ideas about how I think I should be investing, and that is why I chose to open my own account at Laidlaw & Company. They were perfect with me, and they proved to me that I could get the same kind of service.

There are a lot of people like me who need help retiring, and I am glad that I got my parents over to Laidlaw & Company when they were ready. It really made their lives a lot better, and it helped them get ready to stop working. They are happy with the way their accounts look, and I know that they have more than enough money to retire on. They are very happy, and I think that I am going to feel the same way when I am ready to retire with Laidlaw & Company.

No Party Too Big for Tarallucci E Vino Private Event Space

New York City is known for its fine dining and luxurious eating establishments. Couple that with a life event such as an anniversary, birthday, or wedding, and the result can be an experience like no other. There are many places to host an event in The Big Apple, from a more intimate affair to a larger celebration.

The Spotted Pig in West Village is one such a spot where more intimate parties can flourish. With its superior french fries and its positive atmosphere, it has cemented itself as a staple in New York City dining. Bring the guests to its private room, located upstairs, for a more quaint take on city living and dining.

Located in Tribeca, China Blue is another eating establishment complete with private rooms and offers a unique dining experience. This newer, Shanghainese eatery provides Asian delicacies that are sure to delight, and they can accommodate any party size with their partial rooms.

However, if Italian is preferred for the event, the Tarallucci E Vino is a perfect choice. Nestled in Union Square, this pasta lover’s treasure provides a choice of two party spaces and a refined seasonal Italian cuisine for even the pickiest of palettes. At this location, the Mezzanine is a favored space and comes complete with a bar and lounge area, decorated with elegant cabinets and brick tables. This room is suitable for more intimate parties of about 30 guests, and even hold up to larger groups of 80 individuals. In addition, Tarallucci E Vino is home to the 6th Floor Loft, an elegant space that can hold up to 120 individuals for the larger parties and events. This particular room includes a bar and lounging area as well and is adorned with antique mirrors and dazzling chandeliers. No matter the occasion, there is a space available to suit any and all needs.

Regardless of the event or party size, Tarrallucci E Vino staff is ready to provide a flawless catering and hosting experience. From the food to the beverages, the highly recommended staff are on hand for even the most complex of requests, eager to provide high-quality service to every guest. From the initial stages of planning to the big night itself, the excellent team of staff will be there every step of the way, to ensure a seamless celebration no matter the chosen party space. Whether it is the 6th Floor Loft or the Mezzanine, Tarallucci E Vino offers a variety of options between both rooms, can comfortably fit even the largest of parties, and can provide superior catering and hosting via courteous and dependable staff.

Enjoy all New York City has to offer when it comes to a good meal and do so knowing that there are many spaces available for hosting that can fit any budget or any party size. Simply pick a cuisine, and enjoy the unique cultural and refined experiences of New York City, in some of the most glamorous party spaces this infamous city has to offer.

New York is New Safe Haven

When there is uncertainty or negativity in the global markets investors tend to put their money where it is safe. With the dramatic changes happening in the world right now investors have started moving money into all markets in the United States.

Due to having better interest rates, investors are buying US Treasury Bonds. Even though the interest rates are very low at this time, the United States has the best interest rates of all of the G7 countries.

Due to all of the current uncertainty in Europe and the Middle Eastern countries investors have started funneling their money into real estate markets in New York. At this time this is a safe haven for money due to the current population rise and interest rates on loans. The commercial real estate market is one of the safest places to invest at this time with a normal rate of return in the upper single digits.

One company that has benefited from this “Flight to Quality” action is Town Residential. Town Residential is a relatively young company, only five years old, however they have become one of the best known in New York.

Town Residential has set such high standards for NYC real estate with their team of professionals they have gotten accolades for being One of the Best Firms to Work For. Town Residential also was named as one of The Top 50 Places to Work in New York City.

While there is global economic and political uncertainties in the world, New York will continue being the safe haven for investors. As the markets continue to change investors are finding new places to invest with positive returns.

Laidlaw & Company Is Like An Investment Clearinghouse

 I got in touch with Laidlaw & Company when I got to talk to James Ahern, and he put me at ease about the investments that I was about to make. I felt really good about the investments I was making once I had my first talk with him, and now I am talking to a great broker who makes my life easier. I get everything explained to me when I call in to the office, and I have Matthew Eitner who really thinks about the things that I need instead of just their commissions that they will make from me.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

I have to admit that I did not know much when I called them the first time, but they have been very good to me as I make more investments. I am talking to people who care about me, and they are watching my money to see what the best results will be when they make changes. I do not have time to sit there and wait for the investments to change because I have someone on my side who is going to make my life easier. I just need to make sure that I have done all the things I am asked to do by my broker.

I am making a lot of money with Laidlaw & Company because they are showing me that I have a chance to recover all my investments and then some. They are showing me that there is a way to get more profits, and then they are showing me that I have real options that are just outside my 9-5. I want to tell everyone I know about Laidlaw & Company because they are really the best company in the world to work with on the investments that people need to make.

Wen in doubt: How Wen performs on Fine Hair

Wen is one of the hottest products out for hair cleansing. It is a sulfate free shampooing and conditioning system, that promises to leave your hair soft, shiny, and supple. It also is designed to leave your hair in a far healthier state than what it was previously in. It is available on Amazon. A reviewer on put this product through a 7-day trial. You can read her review here.

If you haven’t seen the YouTube ads, Wen by Chaz Dean [] is a product used by the stars. There are a variety of formulations all tailored to meet your individual needs. Wen also carries a full line of treatment and styling products as well. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of product you have to use. The recommended 16-24 pumps for medium hair may look daunting but it helps to coat the hair and clean without damaging.

So, how does it work on fine hair? It performs well, as long as you continue to wash your hair daily. The reviewer found that her hair would become oily between washes if she didn’t wash her hair in the morning each day. This is a common occurrence with fine hair as the cuticle is smooth and natural oils travel more freely down the shaft. However, she also noticed that she was receiving more compliments about how shiny her hair looked, and she could feel a noticeable change in its softness.

Was Wen worth it? Definitely. As long as you don’t mind a little morning prep, your hair’s health with thank you. Soon enough you will have a routine that works for your schedule and a head full of locks that are luxurious and full of life.


New Opportunities for Non-Accredited Investors

According to Brad Reifler, CEO of Forefront Capital, there’s an opportunity in servicing non-accredited investors when it comes to investment opportunities that are, so far, only available to wealthy individuals. And he’s betting his company’s future on it.

Forefront Capital, an investment banking and wealth management boutique, is now offering an investment program known as Forefront Income Trust. The investment style will seek to diversify holdings into alternative assets classes that are typically open to accredited investors who have incomes over $200,000 per year, or net worth exceeding $1 million.

Now, middle income individuals will be able to enter this form of investing without having to pass the same requirements as the accredited investors. When it comes to Forefront Income Trust, investors will be able to enter the program with as little as $2,500.

The company will not charge any fees until 8% return is generated for the investors. This is in sharp contrast to industry standards where fees are charged no matter the return. “We want to be a firm for the people,” stated Mr. Reifler on his Twitter.

Brad Reifler has long industry experience. In 1982, he founded Reifler Trading Corporation, a company that specialized in the execution of global derivatives, and which was sold to Refco in 2000.

Back in 1995, Mr. Reifler founded Pali Capital and ran it as a CEO until 2008. Under his leadership, the company increased its revenues to over $200 million, while opening offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and hiring over 200 employees. Now, this serial entrepreneur seeks to change the industry norms while heading Forefront Capital.