NexBank Will Stick with Byron Nelson

Dallas financial company NexBank Capital, Inc. has been an enthusiastic sponsor of the AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament through 2016. According to an article from PRNewswire this association will continue. NexBank announced in late May that the company plans to sponsor the sporting event in future years. The 2016 Byron Nelson Tournament was held May 16 to May 22 at the TPC Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas in Irvine, Texas.

NexBank Capital, Inc. has provided financial services in the Dallas area and nationally for nearly a century. The company was originally chartered in 1922. Support of the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament is an example of this firm’s long-standing commitment to the Dallas community.

NexBank Capital focuses on providing specialized financial services to their clients. As a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), NexBank can work with almost any type of client, including individuals. However, the firm mostly works with institutional clients like investment banks, mortgage banks and commercial banks. NexBank provides services that are tailored or customized to fit the needs of each specific client.

Over the years, NexBank has built a reputation for providing quality financial services to some of the most demanding kinds of customers. The firm has also become popular for its community support activities like supporting the AT& T Byron Nelson event.

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Goettl: A company for the community.


On May 12, 2016, PRNewswire wrote an article about Nick Hughes, who formerly worked in the US Navy and was set to graduate from a two-year applied science in air conditioning program at the University of Nevada. Nick was a recipient of the 9/11 Veteran Tools Award, an Award sponsored by Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning.
The 9/11 Veteran Tools Award allowed Nick to select $1000 worth of tools to kickstart his career. The award is different to many traditional college scholarships or endowments. This is not the first donation given by Goodrich. It is, in fact, the second. Goodrich, apart from owning Goettl, sponsors the “Son of a Gun” Scholarship and the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Lab at CSN. The “Son of a Gun” Scholarship is awarded to an ongoing student from a multiple generation family in the air conditioning industry.
Goodrich said that he had learned through the course of his career that people from the military make excellent employees and that the scholarship was a good chance to help such people start out strong in the HVAC industry.
The applied science department chair at the college, Dennis Soukup, said he and Goodrich collaborated and based the award benefits on individual experience when the award was initially created. The award is in its second year and each year, a graduating student will be able to receive it. Soukup mentioned that when he came out of school in the past, he only had screwdrivers, nuts and bolts and could not afford all that was offered by the Award. Back in the day when you finally got a job, the employer took the cost of the tools out of your check.
Nick, who excelled at the two-year program and currently works for a local HVAC contracting firm, worked for seven years as a cook in the Navy. He is a California native. He said that tools needed for the job were a lot and very expensive. He was also thankful for the support the community gave him and praised Goettl saying that they were ‘connected.’

Goettl Air Conditioning is a trusted air conditioning and heating company in Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix experiences temperatures above 90oF for almost a third of the year. Hence, it is not ideally a place you would want to live without an air conditioner. Goettl offers a variety of services including but not limited to installation of central air pumps, air cleaners, UV germicidal lights, ductless mini splits, radiant heat systems, and humidifiers.


Ken Goodrich of Goettl Air Conditioning honors veteran

Veterans are the heart of America’s dream. They are the embodiment of our commitment to freedom and democracy, and they represent the sacrifices that make the United States the greatest country in the world. Ken Goodrich, owner of Goettl Air Conditioning, did his part to honor one of our hallowed heroes in May by awarding the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award to U.S. Navy vet Nick Hughes.

Hughes, a 28-year-old northern California native, served as a cook in the Navy for seven years and will use the $1,000 award to purchase tools to begin his career in HVAC.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in 1939 by Adam and Gust Goettl and purchased by Goodrich in 2013. The BBB accredited business opened a branch in Goodrich’s hometown of Las Vegas in April, which is when I first heard about the company. Goodrich is also a sponsor of the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Lab and the “Son of a Gun” Scholarship.

Goodrich, the son of an air conditioner repairman, said he sponsors the scholarship because military vets “make good employees” and deserve a strong start in the field. For more information on Goettl Air Conditioning, visit them on LinkedIn and Facebook or visit their website.

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As Venezuela Struggles, Diplomatic Initiatives Emerge

On Tuesday, June 14, United States Secretary of State John Kerry sat down with representatives of the Venezuelan government during the meeting of the Organization of American States in the Dominican Republic. Relations between the two countries have been strained since former president Hugo Chavez expelled the United States ambassador eight years ago.
Kerry and the Venezuelan government now headed by Nicolas Maduro agreed to hold direct talks starting immediately. The United States will be represented by veteran diplomat Thomas Shannon. Maduro also proposed exchanging ambassadors.

“There are obstacles” says political analyst Diaz Granados. The Maduro government is locked in a power struggle with the right-wing opposition. The opposition controls the national legislature. Maduro is president and effectively controls the country’s Supreme Court. He has used his power to nullify reform legislation and jail opposition leaders. All this is taking place as Venezuela sinks deeper into a major economic crisis. The global decline in oil prices has left the country unable to buy enough food and other basic goods. Demonstrations and even some violence are daily events.

Although Kerry’s move at the OAS meeting clearly shows the United States wants better relations with Venezuela, “it won’t be easy”, added Danilo Diaz Granados. Kerry indicated he backs an opposition-inspired referendum to recall Maduro. So far, Maduro has blocked the recall effort and refused to release jailed political prisoners.Consequently, it is hard at this point to say how fruitful the talks in Caracas will be.


The Midas Legacy and their Impact on Everyday People

The Midas Legacy is an organization that primarily focuses on wealth management and advisory. They are based in Winter Garden, Florida, which is located in central Florida, about 50 miles north of Lakeland.

They strive to provide opportunities for their clients to become successful, primarily in the financial realm. While they primarily focus on financial matters, they also focus on other areas as well. Some of the other areas include helping entrepreneurs improve their life situation, helping people become better individuals, helping people heal their illnesses with nature, and helping individuals retire faster than they normally would.

The Midas Legacy strives to help its clients seek the lives they desire. They do so by providing many different proven resources. More specifically, some of the disciplines focus on self, finance, real estate, entrepreneurship, natural health, and retirement. All new clients also get a free bonus, the Midas Code book.

Some of the main experts who are involved in this organization include Jim Samson, Sean Bower, and Mark Edwards.

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The Midas Legacy | Crunchbase

Jim is a business publisher. He has over 20 years of experience in several areas including real estate, entrepreneurship, and trading stocks. He is also an award-winning author. The books he wrote include Best Business Blueprints, Real Estate Riches, and has written many Retirement Calculator columns.

Sean is a Chief Editor and has experience in business journalism. He is a reliable source of information and has a history of being quoted internationally. Much of his information appears on Yahoo! Finance.

Mark Edwards is a Natural Health Expert. He talks about common foods and reveals the truth about them. He reveals things about these foods that the different food companies will not reveal to the public.

Their website helps attract clients to their organization. It offers tips and advice on real estate, natural cures and has a retirement calculator. They also have a regularly-updated blog where they discuss many of these related topics.

Not only is The Midas Legacy interested in helping individuals set goals and meet them, they also contribute to many different charities within the State of Florida. Some of these include, St. Jude Children’s Hospital of Research, The Salvation Army of Florida, the Wounded Warrior Project and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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Laidlaw & Company Fixed My Poor Investments

I started to invest because I thought it was a good idea, but I got in over my head because I did not know what I was doing. I realized that I could get Matthew Eitner, a broker to do the same things for me, and that is what I did. I got a broker from Laidlaw & Company to help me, and he started out by moving a lot of my money around and showing me what the problem was. I even got a consult with James Ahern, and he showed me how I could make even more money if I went with some other options that made more sense for me personally.

Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern

I had no idea I could do all these different things, but I did know that I could get more results at Laidlaw and Company. They instantly started showing me reports that showed progress, and I knew that I would be able to retire on this money in the future. It just made a lot more sense to me the way they were doing things, and then I instantly got excited when my broker came to me with even more ideas. I now have investments that are making money today, and I have investments that are only for retirement.

I am able to get some stability in my finances, and I am very happy to be using this program at Laidlaw & Company instead of doing it myself. It was way too hard to do this on my own, and I am finally free of the stress of trying to get the investments done on my own. It made more sense to pick a broker, and I am very happy that I picked Laidlaw & Company. They make all of my investments make sense, and they help me understand every move they make.

Kevin Seawright Intoduces New Homebuyers to the Baltimore Community

Kevin Seawright happily announces that RPS Solutions is moving forward with their goals to offer residences that very first time homebuyers to come and join the Baltimore community’s .

In 2015, Kevin Seawright established the organization, RPS Solutions LLC to strengthen the city of Baltimore, MD and his perspective was to undertake the affordable housing industry. The primary focus is for residents of Baltimore to exceed the existing city’s homeownership rate at 48.3% and to provide support for those who live there, so joining the Belvedere Square community can be a significant step towards the correct path.

“It’s rewarding to determine Baltimore neighborhoods are filled by more structure as Belvedere Square,” said Kevin Seawright in an interview with LocalTalkNews. He also stated, “With every new home throughout Baltimore and it’s surrounding communities, we continue getting one-step nearer to accomplishing our efforts to raise the city’s existing homebuyer rate.”

The expectation to increase home-ownership rates the opportunity for numerous economic gains, neighborhoods that are secure and areas which might be enthusiastic. “Homeownership can be a prize that individuals desire to not produce impossible for all people throughout Baltimore ,” Seawright remarked. “RPS Solutions considers that by giving interested people crucial real estate solutions our vision is very achievable.”

RPS Solutions LLC, assist eager homebuyers by linking related mortgage lenders to people, by offering customized renovations of underdeveloped housing units existing in your community.

Eliminating homeowners in Baltimore areas which might be booming remains to thrive because of the attempts of RPS Solutions team along with Kevin Seawright. Each new homebuyer that joins the city is contributing to accomplishing the main goals of improving the city of Baltimore home-owners rate.

RPS Solutions LLC is actually a shared relationship endeavor that assembles and renovates properties which can be inexpensive. RPS Solutions is striving to increase the amount of revenue for its surrounding areas and homeowners within Baltimore’s Town surpass or to fit the quantity of homebuyers among the state.

Kevin Seawright is a project management expert and an accountant stationed in Baltimore, MD.  He’s also a member of the Newark CEDC, and Seawright maintains a popular SoundCloud profile.

Goettl Air Conditioning Takes over the Moore Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is radically growing and has sought to add more than 300 years of technical proficiency. This is as a result of the purchase of the Moore Air Conditioning company, which is more than 50 years old. This achievement empowered Goettl’s obligation to avail the best experts in the industry.

Goettl’s capability to develop faster has been enhanced by the acquisition of exceedingly knowledgeable weather control experts. Therefore, this has enabled the firm to provide the best air conditioning services to the Las Vegas Valley residents.Operatives will be obtained from the College of Southern Nevada air condition technology program. In honor of his father, Goodrich made a bequest establishing the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program. In addition, Goodrich also sponsors the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC Employment Program to help create job opportunity for experts.

In 2017, the company hopes to expand the business by 50 percent as well as increasing the number of employees by more than 100 in the next 12 months. More so, Goettl is aiming to become the major residential service provider for air conditioning in the Las Vegas market.

Background of the Goettl Air Conditioning Company

Goettl Air Conditioning was built in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl. Later in 1968, the company came to the Las Vegas Valley. In 2007, the establishment left Southern Nevada because of the recession. In 2013, the Arizona Company was bought by Ken Goodrich, who opened an office back in his birthplace, Las Vegas. This is where his love for the Goettl product started. Goettl Air Conditioning offers the best quality heating and Air Conditioning equipment. It also provides repair, replacement and maintenance services. Apart from Las Vegas Valley, the company operates in Phoenix, Southern California and Tucson regions.

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Goettl’s accomplishments are attributed to the knowledge obtained by Goodrich from his father. This is because he was always present when his father attended to evening service calls from his customers. In the process, he learnt the importance of responding to customers’ needs immediately without waiting for convenient time. By then, Goodrich was ten years old and his father, a patriarch, always gave him advice that he currently utilizes to manage his company.

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Hudson talks Athletic Casual with New Line

Athletic apparel company Fabletics is the latest production from Kate Hudson. These inexpensive and fashionable pieces range from leggings and hoodies to slips that can also double as nighties. While these may not be your mother’s lingerie, it is serving a demographic of increasing importance: young but athletic women who don’t want to double their shopping to fit leisure wear and athletic clothing.

The brand is a subsidiary of e-commerce operation JustFab. This company has currently earned billions of dollars on its own merits. The new Fabletics brand will serve as the creative medium of JustFab; a place where brick and mortar strategy will develop and hopefully strengthen. The online experience has continued to attract customers from all over the world, so there is little reason to doubt the casual meets athletic aesthetic model the company have got going.

It seems as if the company will do just that: the Fabletics lines has many women responding as sales continue to rise. The store plants for another 75 to 100 stores over the next three to five years, according to recent Forbes news. Athletic lines for women have not historically taken sleep or casual wear angles into their creative departments. Leggings, shirts, and shoes are typically thick, colorful spandex pieces that you wouldn’t want to wear in a store, much less to bed.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Hudson outlines the lines best features. These pieces are designed for maximum comfort and will not interfere with a night out if desired. She details that some of the dresses, are made with bras so as to minimize too much restriction in movement, leggings that made to make butts look good and the total lack of need for spanks. This is exciting news for those who want to work out but also look good while in a transition phase.
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Hudson seems to be the perfect match for Facebook as she is a known fitness and healthy lifestyle advocate. The daughter of Buddhist Goldy Hawn and Kurt Russell, she has gone on record as a yoga and homeopathy fan. She has stated that although many people believed she would get into a more bohemian fashion – hippy chic line, she believed that an athletic line would reach more women, and also take some wardrobe stress out of their yoga routines to boot!

The company are looking at the future of the brand even within its new incubative stages. While the concept of high fashion doesn’t contrast too sharply with company’s athletic image. Hudson stated within the interview later that while high fashion isn’t out of the question, it would take a bit more money to design and execute. Think of those higher priced racks at H & M or Justice that have less pieces available for more money? So far, the appeal of the brand seems to be for athletic women who aren’t looking to get too dressed up.