Laidlaw & Company Investment Brokers and Finance Managers

Laidlaw & Company investment banking and brokerage firm offers portfolio management and financial planning services to individuals, corporate entrepreneurs and organizations through investment advice and application. They are an amassing network of offices and employees that help companies raise capital and provide a wide-range of financial solutions and contract management around the world.
Beginning at a time when one quarter of the nation’s banks were bankrupt, Heran & Lees opened a commission merchant house named Lees & Company. Their venture came at an opportune time when the New York Curb Exchange began trading in securities that didn’t qualify for listing on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1866 Henry Bell Laidlaw partnered with James Lees as a private banker and soon Henry took management of the firm.

After his brother joined the company Henry Laidlaw changed the name of the business to Laidlaw. Over a period of 48 years Henry expanded the private bank to become members of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street with two branches; one in Toronto, the other in Montreal. His son James Lee also joined the firm.

Unique and true to Laidlaw legacy, Laidlaw & Company keeps researching and expanding. Using an innovative electronic trading site, the global corporation has introduced vehicles for direct venture investments for retail and emerging growth opportunities such as pharmaceuticals, technology, biotechnology, medical devices, healthcare, metals, natural resources and late stage private securities like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

They operate throughout the U.S. and Europe under Brokercheck.FINRA registration and dual FCA authorization. Clients gain access to funds through specialized offerings in domestic and international markets. Laidlaw & CO grows, services and preserves the wealth of new clients around the world by lowering investment risk and maximizing return potential.

Wasseem Boraie and What He Plans Next


Wasseem Boraie has made quite the name for himself within the development world. He is currently the vice president of Boraie Development LLC. While working with this company, Wasseem has been a part of some major construction projects including a 168 unit high rise and several other projects that are just as large.
The large project that includes the 168 unit high rise is one part of a plan to help stimulate the economy in Newark. The businessman in Wasseem Boraie saw the benefit in this goal and was only to happy to play a role in a project that could be the start of something amazing for those that live and work in the Newark area.
Part of Wasseem Boraie’s motivation for this project comes from his father, Omar Boraie. His father is the founder of Boraie Development. He was also involved in a very similar project located in New Brunswick that saw amazing growth and success within the New Brunswick area.
The Newark project is not the only large project that Waseem Boraie and Boraie Development have looked into. He has been working with Shaquille O’Neal in the hopes of beginning a major project with the basketball superstar. They have been working together to get a loan for what could very well be one of the largest projects ever committed to by Boraie Development.
This massive project would be to build an apartment complex in Atlantic City. They are apparently looking at calling it The Beach at South Inlet and it has an estimated price tag of $61 million. The two brains behind the major proposal have been working closely with the New Jersey Housing and Finance Agency as well as the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to secure all of the needed funding and make this plan go from paper to reality.
If this grand apartment complex were to be completed like Shaquille O’Neal and Waseem Boraie have planned, it can easily bring new life to the area of Atlantic City. These new apartments will bring in many people and it can help revitalize the economy in ways that few other projects would be able to do

Better Rep, Better Business

Reputations are the one of those factors that can make or break us. You can even go as far as to say that it is THE factor that can make or break us. The article “Choosing a Reputation Management Service”, does an excellent job of explaining this. What we do online can affect our business, our future jobs, and our current jobs. If there is anything out there that can cause us to fail in those aspects of our life, we may want to look into getting it corrected. That where reputation management services come in to play.

Reputation management services are out there to help people and businesses make sure their Google search does not turn people away from their service and/or skills. They are set up to make you or your business look professional and to improve your overall success rate. One company that is excellent for just this job is Better Reputation.

Better Reputation is an online reputation management firm that is set up to help improve, manage, and protect your online reputation. They offer a free reputation assessment to give you an idea of where you stand now. Once you determine what your reputation looks like, they can help you look better to anyone who may want to check up on your before they meet you, hire you, or use your services.

Overall, reputation management services such as Better Reputation will allow us to become more competitive and increase our success out in a market that is constantly becoming harder to succeed in. It does not hurt to make sure that we look good on the internet, especially in this digital age.