Email Video Marketing Has Many Upsides

Email marketing works and always will work. With a properly composed and presented email, sellers are in a good position to effectively market a product or service to an audience. What marketers have to do these days, however, is work at developing far more engaging and relevant content in an email. More text and static images are not enough. Nice logos at the top of the email masthead won’t impress to the same degree they once did.

Instead, a better plan would be to integrate videos into the content of an email. A detailed article in Hello Tesla reveals videos presented in emails help increase revenues by up to 40%. Those who open marketing-oriented emails may be intrigued to click on the video box to see what its all about. A solid video has the potential to really grab an audience. The audience is made up of potential customers. Grabbing their attention is a must for any success to be achieved.

While there are scores of free programs available to put together a video, a wiser strategy is to work with professionals. No real secret exists as to why. Solid professionals are going to be in the best position to actually produce a quality, results-driven work.

Talk Fusion is one of the top providers of online video content in the world. Talk Fusion’s advertising slogan “Be part of the moment” could mean a lot of things. In Talk Fusion’s case, the “moment” is frequently defined as the time period in which a great idea is developed. In 2007, the founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, pioneered the use of videos in email marketing campaigns. Today, Talk Fusion continues to come up with successful and innovative strategies at the forefront of the video marketing industry.

The Hello Tesla article points out many reasons why email video marketing is so critical. The strategy often effectively leads to conversions and results. Are those not the results businesses want to achieve with their online marketing?

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Charles Koch Financial Ties To George Mason University

George Mason University is a public school located outside the nations capital that has become one of the nations leaders conservative economics and law. This leading quality came partly from hefty donations from billionaire Charles Koch. Between 2011 and 2014 he gave nearly $48 million in donations to George Mason University, according to tax records. While through his foundations he and his co-donors generally give over $20 million annually, no other single school received more than $1 million in that time frame, except George Mason.

Koch and his brother David donate millions annually to numerous schools, and both brothers claim the money comes with no strings attached. The money is simply meant to fill in the gap left by shrinking public support. The last year that tax records were available was in 2014, and the records indicate that the Koch foundation donated over $16 million to George Mason that year alone. Recently, the school announced another generous donation from the Koch Foundation, a $10 million along with a $20 gift from an anonymous donor that is meant to rename the law school at George Mason after the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Aside from the recent donations, most of the money that George Mason has received have gone towards the Mercatus Center, a free-market think tank that researches ways to educate about federal regulations and congressional staffers and how the arcane policies have influenced the direction of the government. The other bulk of donations from the Koch Foundation goes towards the Institute for Humane Studies, designed to advocate libertarian philosophies.

Charles Koch is known to be a very conservative political activist. He is focused on doing what he can to help form the country into what he thinks it should be. He is a strong believer in free markets and believes that government needs to be shrunk in order to allow the people more control in their lives. He is also a strong believer in justice system reform, a belief that he has found an odd companion in with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. While Koch leans more to the Republican side of politics, though he considers himself a classic libertarian, he has found that there are some talking points that he can agree with when it comes to the democratic socialist.

Koch has amassed an amazing fortune that sits in the billions of dollars, all from growing his families company, Koch Industries, and many wise investments. He and his brother David inherited the corporation from their father decades ago and have turned what was a small but incredibly profitable company into a massive multi billion dollar conglomerate that has put their names at the top of some of the worlds most impressive lists of richest people.

Sanjay Shah Creates Autism Rocks For Autism Research

Autism Rocks, an organization founded by philanthropist, Sanjay Shah has announced Will and Pete Best’s appointment to its board of Trustees, as announced on the internet-based news organization PR Newswire. The charity organization generates donations, through rock concerts, to fund autism research.

With an extensive background in music, Pete Best and Will Best’s’ career in the financial sector, with work with the current management towards enhancing affairs and events and increasing donations. As Board of Trustee members, they will be fully integrated into organization’s mission and long-term vision framework. Will and Pete Best commented, “With the organization flourishing all around the world, Will and Pete will be of great importance to help oversee the mechanics behind the organization,” said Sanjay Shah, founder of Autism Rocks.

Autism Rocks vision is to bring to the forefront what Autism is and the need for continuing research. Sanjay Shah stresses the urgency to isolate the factors that trigger the development autism. He stressed the need for lifetime support services afflicted with autism. The organization, Autism Rock promotes top-flight rock concerts, featuring the biggest and most popular acts in the world. Attendees to these special concerts are asked to open their wallets and purses and donate, in the name of autism research.

The creation and development of Autism Rocks can be attributed to a chance meeting with singer and pop sensation. The exchange between Shah and Snoop Dog inspired Shah to create the charitable organization. Autism is close to the Shah family, with a diagnosis of autism for Sanjay’s youngest son in 2011. Over the years, concert-goers have seen Drake, Prince and Michael Bublè perform.

Based in London, England, Solo Capital Markets is an international financial service organization. The organization is also known as Solo Capital Limited and Solo Capital UK. Data released by Solo Capital Markets showed a cash flow of £15.45 and assets totaling £67.45 million, for the period ending March 31, 2015. Sanjay Shah is the CEO and founder of Solo Capital and oversees Aesa S.a.r.l., the parent organization of Solo Group Holdings.

Beneful Dog Food Varieties

Pets are an important part for every human being. They should be taken care of quite well because they are always loyal to the owner. Just like any other living being, pets deserve to eat food in order to survive and be healthy. If you give your pet the right food, they will live long and serve you for many years.

For many years, dog food was manufactured by traditional companies who did not know a lot about dog food. However, in the recent years, the industry has changed, and new companies have emerged. These new companies have improved the type of food given to the dogs, bringing in more healthy and quality foods.

PurinaStore is one of the modern companies offering your pets the best food, and that is why they have come up with Beneful, a special diet for your dog. This brand of dog food offers your dog the best-flavored food, with some of the best ingredients like vitamin-rich vegetables, and meats. With this brand of dog food, your dog will have several tons of textures and tastes that will nourish them inside and even on the outside. The food is a hundred percent balanced and complete for all dogs.

The brand has several varieties of dog food. There is dry dog food, wet dog food, a dog treat and so much more for your dog.

Chopped Blends

Chopped Blends are one of the wet dog foods provided by Beneful. This type of food is very healthy for your dog, and it contains beef, peas, carrots and barley. This means that the food has all the important elements of food your dog needs.


Your dog needs a balanced diet in order to stay healthy. Incredibites is a type of wet food offered by Beneful, and it contains all the ingredients your dog needs. It has beef, tomatoes, wild rice, and tomatoes. Your dog will most likely like the taste and flavor.

Tuscan style medley gives advice to pet owners through its Youtube Channel:



Ricardo Guimarãe from BMG bank – Honored by Belo Horizontel’s City Hall for his distinguished works

Ricardo Guimarães, ex-President from BMG Bank, received on April 18th, 2011 a Merit diploma from Belo Horizonte’s City Hall; DINO published. Guimarães is son of Flávio Pentagna Guimarães and grandson of the BMG bank founder, Antônio Mourão Guimarães. He started working for the family business since 1980, and attained a Bachelor’s Degree from UNA University in Business.

Ricardo Guimarães, originally from Belo Horizonte, is a prestigious and respected leader from Brazil by leading his family business with excellency. Being passionate for soccer, he was President of Atletico de Mineiro, where he discovered that it was a great way to promote his brand, BMG bank. Given the wide broadcast of soccer in Brazil, he became successful in sports marketing, giving sponsorship to several teams and players.

The ceremony was initiated by Léo Bourgeois de Castro, which mentioned the effective work that Guimarães did for Atletico Mineiro when he was president from 2001 to 2006; and also stated that he received the Grand Collar award from the Legislative Merit in 2004. Fred Costa, also mentioned how Guimarães succeeded as a businessman, working with loyalty and ethic, and supporting different sports in Brazil like soccer, tennis and volleyball.
Fred Costa stated that BMG bank was the “national sports patrons” since, Ricardo Guimarães in 2010 created the Soccer BR1, which was dedicated to invest in soccer athletes. Through Soccer BR1, he was able to invest around $20 million in different players that are now able to play in diverse soccer teams from Brazil.

Alberto Pinto Coelho, the deputy governor, honored the entire family because of their commitment to support and promote different sports in Brazil. He also mentioned that Ricardo Guimarães has been an example for the society. The House chairman proceeded to read the diploma and handed, with the help of Daniel Nepomuceno, it to Ricardo Guimarães; while Fred Costa handed him a plate in his honor. Guimarães gave thanks to everyone, and mentioned that it has been an honor to have continued his grandfather’s legacy by being from of BMG.

The ceremony was attended by: Secretary of State of Government, Danilo de Castro; President of the Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais (ALMG), Mr Dinis Pinheiro (PSDB); Congressman Wellington Prado (PT); the Municipal Secretary of Finance, José Afonso da Silva Bicalho Beltrao, represented Mayor Márcio Lacerda (PSB); the state representative Luzia Ferreira; Luiz Otavio “Ziza” Valadares; State Representative Savio Souza Cruz (PMDB); Judge Jose Marcos Rodrigues Vieira; Deputy CEO of the National School of Magistrates (ENM), Judge Jose Nepomuceno da Silva, which represented the Association of Brazilian Magistrates; Flávio Guimarães Pentagna, Ricardo’s son Flávio Guimarães Neto Pentagna and also Angela Guimarães.