Trouble Brewing for International Market With Similarities to 2008 Stock Market Crisis

George Soros is a hedge-fund billionaire whose opinions whether others agree to listen to The International Community. Soros has a net worth of about 27 billion dollars according to Bloomberg billionaires index. he began his career in New York City in the 50s and by 1992 earn 1 billion betting that the United Kingdom would be forced to devalue the pound. Recently he has begun to compare some red flags to those of the 2008 economic crisis. China has begun dealing with consumption and services rather than investment in manufacturing. The Yuan has continued to lose value and there are concerns about China’s economy as it has lost 2.5 trillion in the value of global equities through the year. China’s precarious financial situation look serious to George Soros and remind him of the crisis of 2008. George Soros had seen the warning signs previous to the 2008 crash and had warned of its occurrence. Because of this and his dire warning many in the International Community have begun to take notice and he has a word of caution.

Many of the largest countries economies on have noticed an increase in the volatility index such as the Nikkei stock average has climbed 43% in 2016 as well as Merrill Lynch index of anticipated price wings it rolls 5.7%. the effect of China’s unstable economy is definitely being felt in the other larger countries economies causing a ripple effect which George Soros believes is similar to that of the ripple effect the 2008 economic crisis had on the world economies. The People’s Bank of China has cut interest rates to record lows to help boost the economy. China’s government has promised to increase the Yuan’s convertibility by 2020 they also have intentions to dismantle Capital controls.


What will come of China’s economy and whether or not George Soros is foreboding economic warnings are to come to fruition is yet to be seen. Most can tell however that China’s faltering economy is having quite an impact on other major countries economies as well. The steps are being taken to boost their economy it may be too little too part because of George Soros is prediction other countries are taking note and taking steps to help prevent instability in their own economies.

Antiques Collectibles Around Your House

Antique collectibles are a hot topic online. Certainly, a lot of people are not aware of the antiques that are collecting dust right in their home. Most people think about the usual collectibles like furniture or antique jewelry. However, some things about the house are just as valuable. Many of the items are actually quite valuable and are a great way to put some extra cash in your pocket. Here are a a few items that you might have overlooked.

Antique Collectibles Around Your House

Perhaps, your kids are much older now, but their dolls are still stored away in the house. Often, a relative might leave an old porcelain doll to a younger relative. The fact is that those dolls might have great value. There are antique collectors around the country that would pay a handsome sum of money for a porcelain doll that a grandmother might have left you. Antique pictures catching dust in an attic might have great value too. Some people were surprised to discover that an old, long forgotten picture in the attic was actually worth thousands. Get those antique pictures appraised.

Getting Top Dollar

The best way to get top dollar for your antique furniture, dolls, fine art to guns is to make sure that they are in the best condition possible. Next, work with an appraiser that will give you an idea about the real value of your items. Finally, skip eBay because the people on that auction site are looking for bargains. Place your item up for bid at a traditional auction house or with a reputable antique dealer.

About Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber has been in the antique business for well over forty years. His tremendous experience in antiques makes him something of an authority. In fact, he is a sought after authority on antique arms. Zomber is also an avid collector of antique arms and has written on the subject. Hee is also a leading authority on Japanese Samurai swords.

Currently, Michael Zomber resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The antique expert was born in Washington D.C. Zomber holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree. Zomber is married and has two children


Highland Capital Management Portfolio Value As At 2016

Highland Capital Management LLC has reported its portfolio value to be $3.42 billion representing a decrease of $1.49 billion. The hedge fund has suddenly recorded decrease in comparison to the performance of their company holdings in 2014 and 2015. The company also reported the different moves it has made in the market especially with its top 10 holdings. From the reported portfolio of Highland Capital Management, the firm seems to have more stocks in the health care sector, information technology, and finance sector. The energy sector, transport, and communication among others are the least ventures in the company.

Highland Capital James Dondero from an earlier report agreed to the fact that the company recorded losses more with its shares in the energy sector a sector that has not been doing so well for the past year. In the market portfolio, Highland Capital Management purchases stocks from new ventures, increased the existing ones and also sold off some of its stocks. Selling off of stocks comes up especially if the stocks are not stable in the market or to maintain the value of the company. However, Highland Capital Management is still one of the top performing hedge funds in the hedge fund industry.

Jim Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in 1993; back in the 1980s, he was working as a chief investment officer who helped create the GIC subsidiary protective life insurance to making profits worth $2 billion. American Express employed him to manage $1 billion for the company a job he did very well before deciding to venture into private investments. Dondero holds over 30 years’ experience and him with the team at Highland Capital Management has been awarded recognition from creating financial credit solutions. The products include hedge funds, private equities and personalized accounts for institutions.

Other than managing his hedge fund Jim is a trusted board member in both private and public companies, for example, American Banknote and MGM studios. Nexbank trusts him as the chairperson and a great financial advisor. James Dondero has a passion for philanthropy and has supported the programs of a charitable organization dealing with juvenile diabetes in America. Many groups appreciate his efforts especially his ability to handle stressing investments which in the end earn the hedge fund huge profits. Currently, Jim Dondero  with Highland Capital Management is on the plan to add more securities from the government of Argentina. Despite it being risky Dondero’s experience with financial credit analysis shows that he has seen a potential behind taking the risk. He has however spent most of his career life as a financial credit analyst and directing Highland Capital Management.

Madison Street Capital Spreading Its Wings

Madison Street Capital had 42 hedge funds announced internationally in 2015 in comparison to the 32 of the year 2014. Additionally, there was also 27% increase in the transactions as compared to 2014 due to the acceleration of operations in the last quarter of that year. Being a globally recognized investment banking company, Madison Street Capital released the 4th edition of the hedge fund M&A overview.
Regardless of the poor strategies of a majority of the hedge fund industries, the assets are impressively high. The institution investors are dedicated to making allocations to the preferred property management department in an attempt to improve the returns to keep up with the liabilities that seem to increase. Besides, the smaller hedge fund managers are trying their best to bring in new capital causing them to perform below the standards. In this case, the managers are spending a lot trying to get investors in comparison to the returns.
Madison Street Capital LLC is an investment banking company that offers numerous chances when it comes to financing. This firm has expert advisors who provide information that deals with debt financing, revolving the credit facilities, secured lending companies and several other operation lending procedures. This company is also dedicated to advising Hedge Funds as well as other asset management companies on the introduction of capital, portfolio valuation, and M&A advisory.
This investment firm has its eye on generating well-established businesses amongst the locals in different regions of the United States. They are keen on the needs of various clients and offer their support to various organizations. This hard work and diligence sets them apart from other investment banking institutions as they ensure that they have made a difference in the worldwide communities.
The team of experts that has been together at Madison Street Capital have impressive skills, knowledge, and experience as well as deep-rooted relationships putting it among the international middle market investment banks. Additionally, they have the most suitable finance and capitalization configuration to deal with individual client’s needs. This company has headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, Asia, North American and Africa too.
This company is based in Alexandria, Virginia making it easier to reach out to the national network, partners who are committed, an excellent public engagement that can improve lives and mobilize the residents. This firm does not shy away from partnering with the institutions in an attempt to solve problems that they may be undergoing. These facilities include schools, businesses, governmental agencies, voluntary associations as well as religious gatherings. For instance, the organization began a 10year program to enhance the quality of education as well as the capacity it reaches, help to become financially stable and bring out family business to become economically independent.
Madison Street Capital is good at what it does due to the long term experience it has had over the years and the diverse clientele they have had the opportunity to work with.


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The New Face Of The US Money Reserve


The US Money Reserve is not just the largest circulator of precious coins and metals, they are also a company that was founded by gold market veterans. These veterans saw that the precious metal market was lacking a venue that would not only sell, but would also inform and advise clients about metals and coins. They coupled these services with exemplary customer attention and care and are now the only trusted source in the world for coinage and metal investments.

While word of mouth has been sufficient to reach millions, they are now expanding their reach by opening up a whole new venue to get information and make purchases. The US Money Reserve is now taking to the internet. Their new ecommerce site will help people to see what they have and what they offer.

As reported on CBS 19, the US Money Reserve has opened a new site where information can be attained. This will not only be information about the types of metals used, but also on market information and the types of investments that are available to the visitors. The site hopes to educate investors as to the benefits of owning and investing in precious metals.

The site is a revamped approached to educating people. There are many new links and even an online catalogue that showcases what are considered to be best buys, and even the whole inventory of the Reserve. This site hopes to make the entire process from information to purchase easier for clients and visitors. Bright new photographs, interactive tools and even online twitter chats are among the many new ways that the Reserve hopes to encourage more interactions.

This venue will also offer easier means of interacting with precious metal specialists. These people are ready and available to help clients and visitors understand what all of their options are. They have the latest updates as to market strengths of each metal as well as being able to facilitate purchases.

The Money Reserve has always strived to offer the best advice for their clients. Many individuals who have consulted with their professionals are now able to have the profits desired to comfortably retire or reinvest to grow even more wealth. As always the Reserve offers their 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. If for any reason the client is dissatisfied with their purchase they can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Using the web to facilitate sales and the dispersment of information is a perfect way to help even more people invest in precious metals and coins and themselves. The fact that it is the Money Reserve and one of the more trusted venues for metals and coins only makes it better.

BMG Brazil Domination

BMG was initially established in 1930 as a family ran a business for the Guimaraes family as Banco de Credito Predial S.A a commercial bank that operated by offering individuals and institutions loans. BGM is famed for being the leading lender of finance when it comes to the financing of heavy and light vehicles. It does this by offering financial loans especially to employed people which has helped in the creation of its brand. BGM used to offer wholesale and consumer financing but after the 1990s it changed its strategy by starting offering the financing of heavy and light vehicles and it has never looked back.

BGM has become a giant in the ever growing Brazilian economy. A growing economy always requires the assistance of banking sector for expansion and growth. BGM has not disappointed in this role as under the leadership of its CEO Mr. Ricardo Guimaraes it as only prospered. Consequently, it boasts a large number of client bases and is one of the leading banks in Brazil.

Growth of BMG is not something that has happened overnight. Its growth is attributed to patience and investing in strategies after thoroughly researching on them. The organization under the able leadership of Mr. Guimaraes has strategized in the following areas:

The organization has put measures in place that ensures that it still maintains the trust of the public hence maintaining its credit rating. The ability to maintain its credit rating ensures that it can invest in acquiring assets without losing its credit quality.

BMG has also borrowed heavily from other financial institution to finance its projects. The borrowing has helped create a strong brand and also helped it in its expansion strategies, especially in micro and small and small company segments. It has also successfully expanded its basic service to become a major financial provider in Brazil.

Investing in new products like “BDMG Acredita” meaning BDMG believes which aimed at supporting small and medium scale an enterprise is one of the major milestones that has led to its expansion. The ease of getting the loan especially through the internet made BMG a major hit in Brazil. The flexibility of collaborating with other organizations can also be credited with the creation of the new products hence attracting it to more customers.

Investing in offering credit by having correspondents have worked perfectly for BMG. Currently, BGM is offering more than 250 register entities which it offers credit solution hence living up to its strategy. It has built an image positioning and communication that has enhanced its brand as the major financial solutions provider. Having an interactive website that comes in both Portuguese and English has worked greatly to its advantage. It is, therefore, safe to say that BMG has captured the Brazil’s financial market.

Sanjay Shah Solo Capital

One of the leading investment firms in the world that is increasing fast and exhibiting a solid foundation for their specialties is called Solo Capital. They particularly target proprietary trading and consulting as well as sports consulting. As a company that rapidly increased their company within a matter of years, they certainly know how to run business smoothly and effectively. Sanjay Shah is the man behind the successful company, Solo Capital. He started it on a whim after hiring a few college graduates and trading partners and decided to hit the floor running. He has years of experience in the financial and accounting world, and implemented his skills into forming Solo Capital into a million dollar business. They now have an estimated net worth of $280 million, and it has allowed Shah to be able to semi-retire.

He was born in Kenya and traveled to Central London with his family and that is were it all began. In Central London, he attended King’s College where he studied medicine. After several classes he decided that it wasn’t for him. He didn’t want to become a doctor anymore. So he decided that he would turn his major to accounting. He studied accounting and finance, and graduated with his degree which would help lay the foundation for his future companycheck, Solo Capital. The firm escalated fast, and Shah was pleased with the outcome. After being able to sit back a bit, and semi-retire from the firm, he was able to invest his time in something very close to his heart, autism.

His son was two years old when him and his wife decided take him to a specialist to find out what was going on with his mannerisms. The diagnosis of autism was not something they were expected, not something they wanted. However, they understood that it’s not something that can be cured or fixed, but they could help aid in the research and causes of the neurological condition. With immense hard work and dedication, he was able to start his very own charity called Autism Rocks in 2014. He had years of experience in the music industry and in fact had many musician friends that were more than willing to help him out by staging concerts all over the world to help raise donations for the cause. Shah was able to donate his own funds before the start of Autism Rocks but he wanted to be able to do more. That’s why he invested his time and energy into his charity. He has donated money to some of the universities that have taken part in research and helping families cope with the effects of the condition. It can be a hard thing to muster but he wants to make it better.


This is the recap for an article written by and can be viewed here. Last minute cancellations on call in shifts in retail outlets is being talked about while court is deciding wether or not these people should get any money for it. Briefings were submitted to a federal appeals court by Victoria secret and the lawyers of 2 previous employees. This lawsuit is purely centered around the on-call scheduling. The main question to be answered during the proceedings is wether or not employees who call in and cancel their shifts via the phone should be covered under certain California law. This law insists that employers pay employees who officially report to work but leave earlier. Retailers are adamant that this only applies to those who actually turn up for work and not those who cancel and do not.

The retailer Victoria Secret, recently stated in a February 8th briefing that in it’s 70 years of work that the interpretation of this law would be used on those employees that call in and cancel their shift’s via the phone. Those employees who are on-call should not merely call in to cancel said a spokesperson for Victoria Secret. The employee’s could be engaged in anything under the sun at the time of the call. However the plaintiffs believe otherwise and say that call in system has exactly the same effect as letting people off work once they have arrived in person to their job. This law is actually used by the retailers for that exact same reason.

A lawyer of the plaintiffs, David Leimbach, said in an interview that the main reason the law is in use is to control over-scheduling. Wether employees physically attend their job or call in via phone is completely irrelevant, the idea is the same. Employees are being over-scheduled and this is done with a frequency that is greater than the retailers staffing needs to achieve optimal employee overhead costs.

Call-ins usually run alongside regular shifts on employee schedules and require them to call in a minimum of 2 hours prior to start time to figure out wether or not they will be needed for that shift. If they are required to come in these employees may not commit to child care, other work or college classes for time that is covered during that shift. if however they are not needed they go without pay.

This may be vital news when it comes to business and would be of huge interest to Madison Street Capital. This company is an international investment banking firm who pride themselves in providing the very best possible service for their business customers.