Madison Street Capital Buoyant About the 2016 Hedge Fund Outlook

Excerpts from the 4th edition of Madison Capital’s hedge fund industry M&A overview indicate a record 42 hedge fund deals were closed globally in 2015. According to, this growth translates to 10 more deals compared to the 2014 figure. The report also showed that hedge fund industry assets were at an all time high despite depressed performance in the sampled hedge fund strategies of 2015. Another notable development was the emergence of alternative asset management as a critical investment option for attaining higher returns.

The returns are seen as a solution for offsetting the fast rising liabilities. The report also noted that small hedge fund managers were struggling when it comes to attracting new capital; a situation that forced them to operate below their optimal portfolio levels. These challenges have forced many hedge fund managers to buy into the idea of strategic alternatives.The other factors that are causing a change in the way things are run in the hedge fund sector include high operating cost and increased downward pressure on fees.

In spite of the pressures, the senior MD at Madison Street, Karl D’Cunha is optimistic that the deal environment will blossom in 2016. To prepare for this windfall, various deal mechanism are being used to accommodate sellers and buyers. Besides the traditional mergers and acquisitions, transactions are also being structured as PE stakes, incubator deals, revenue-share stakes and PE stakes. Karl expects the highly fragmented hedge fund industry to continue seeing more consolidation, especially in the area of opportunistic partnership so as to bridge the market divide and improve product offering.

Brief About Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital is a leading global investment banking group that offers a banquet of services including financial opinions, financial advisory services, mergers and acquisitions and business valuation services. The firm is also engaged in sectors such as private debt placements and capital raising among other specialty services. Madison Street Capital is incorporated in Chicago. Since its establishment in 2011, the parent company and its various divisions have been committed to the basic principle of integrity, leadership, excellence and service delivery.

Because of the level of trust and outstanding services the firm has been providing over the years, many of MSC professionals continue to represent a broad universe of private and public firms and their shareholders in various forums. According to a Madison Street Capital feature on, MSC professionals specialize in partnering with middle-market companies in various niche markets and industries to attain optimal results. The professional work ethics involve analyzing each client’s needs in order to come up with the best solutions. The solutions are focused on matching buyers and sellers; creating capitalization structures and arranging financing deals.

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Investors Finding Bargains in Brazil’s Real Estate Market

In the wake of a recession and a financial scandal in the giant energy company Petrobras, Brazil’s real estate markets are going through hard time. Its two largest real estate companies, Cyrela Brazil Realty SA and Rossi Residencial SA, have seen declining revenues. This is true of both commercial buildings and residential housing. But Brazil is the world’s 8th largest economy. With over 200 million people, many of them rising to middle class status, and a large amount of natural resources, Brazil has a strong long-term potential.

Blackstone Group LP is buying up bargains in Brazilian real estate. One example is the 18-story office building Visconde de Inhauma Corporate. JP Morgan Chase and Brookfield Asset Management are also bargain hunting in the country. Overbuilding in anticipation of the Summer Olympics has contributed to the current oversupply of real estate.

As one of the ten largest construction firms in Brazil, Construcap is active in the home housing real estate industry. The company’s headquarters are in Sao Paulo. It is active in many areas: commercial construction, airports, streets and highways, industrial buildings, railways and infrastructure for sea and river ports. This covers projects in such industries as oil and gas, mining, metal, manufacturing, automotive and power infrastructure. It employs over 12,000 people, and is privately held. It has had revenues of over $1 billion. Its full official name is Construcap-CCPS Engenharia e Comércio SA.

Construcap began business in 1944. It attributes its continued growth and success to how it continues to develop and to adopt technological improvements. Plus it is concerned over social responsibility and the environment. It even hires social workers to help develop its employees. In Brazil, construction standards are controlled by SIG (Integrated Management System). Construcap strictly complies with the standards set by ISO 9001/2000, OHSAS 18001/1999 and ISO 14001/2004.

In 2012, Construcap announced a joint venture with Fluor Corporation to pursue construction projects in Brazil. The new partnership is CFPS Engenharia e Projetos. It pursues projects in chemicals, life sciences, the generation of new power and manufacturing.

Brazil also has its version of Real Estate Investment Trusts, known as Fundo de Investimento Imobiliario, or FII. They can be listed on the Bovespa, the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, though many are privately held. They are required by law to distribute at least 95% of both profits and capital gains to their investors on a semiannual basis. Their profits must come from the operation of real estate, from rents and from capital gains from selling appreciated real estate.

What a Leading Gold Expert Has to Say

Lately, there have been confusing signals when it comes to the gold market. Some say it’s a good buy, especially since it trades at almost 40% discount to 2011 high. Gold is also recognized as a storage of value and an investment to hold during times of crisis and uncertainty. On the other hand, others feel that gold should be shorted. Which side is right?

It depends on the investment horizon. During a radio broadcast, an industry expert, Philip Diehl, stated that gold is good for long-term investing. On the other hand, in the short-term, gold can fluctuate.

Philip Diehl thinks that over the next decade the demand for gold will increase. Even now, the central banks around the world are increasing their gold reserves, a sign that gold is what it used to be for hundreds of years- a store of value and a viable alternative to paper money.

What’s more, populations of India and China are growing, all while getting richer. Much of the current demand comes from these countries, and that’s likely to continue into the future. Meanwhile, there’s another financial crisis on the horizon- due mostly to unresolved debt issues. All these factors are good news for gold and other precious metals such as platinum and silver.

Philip Diehl also recommended buying government-issued bullion coins such as the American Eagles. These carry guarantees from the United States as to their purity. No such guarantee is made when buying precious metals bars.

In the past, Mr. Diehl worked at U.S. Treasury Department and was a Director of U.S. Mint- an official mint of the American government. Presently, he runs U.S. Money Reserve, a recognized distributor of precious metal bullion coins. U.S. Money Reserve also offers IRA Accounts to the American residents with which it is possible to diversify retirement savings by acquisition of gold coins.

Top of the Town Residential

New York real estate is well into the second month of the 2016 selling year. Recently the Daily News published an article with 8 predictions for this year’s New York real estate market. Although he predicted the year to be a dynamic year, he states that there will be changes. The first prediction was that there would be a cooling of prices resulting from a gradual rise in interest rates. Second, deals will continue to happen, although more complicated to put together and close. A third prediction was that buyers will take longer to make their decisions. Fourth, sellers with realistic pricing will see results and sellers with unrealistic pricing will be stuck on the market and eventually have to drop their prices. Fifth, prime locations will be more important as sellers bank on safe bets in prime neighborhoods. Sixth, baby boomers will begin to move back into the city as they downsize to be near family. Seventh, rental incentives will begin to tempt potential buyers. Lastly, as new luxury condos in Manhattan continue to grow, the properties currently on the market will linger.


With these predictions in mind, if you are considering purchasing or selling Town Residential should be at the top of your list. Town has a team that is unmatched in industry and product knowledge. Whatever area of New York you are looking for, they have you covered. The agents at Town Residential know the neighborhoods, as they specialize in specific areas. The agents at Town Residential have a sense of community as they represent the areas where they live and work. You won’t be just a client, you’ll be a potential neighbor.


Town Residential boasts the top talent in the industry. If moving to New York, this is the firm that will get to know you and help you to understand New York. As a result, they will help you find the specific area in which you will be comfortable living. If you are buying or selling, then of course you want a professional that considers New York as “my town”.

All You Need To Know About Solo Capital Snd Sanjay Shah.

Solo capital is a very popular global boutique financial services institution that has its headquarters in London. The company is regulated by the United Kingdom. Solo Capital was incorporated early September 2011, and since then, it has been given two names: Solo Capital Limited or Solo Capital UK. The company specializes mostly proprietary trading, professional sports investment and consulting. The net worth of the company by March 2015 was approximately $15.4 million.

The company is managed by Solo Group Holdings. It is also controlled by Sanjay Shah, the founder and also the CEO. Shah is believed to own over 3 dozen companies all over London, Dubai, British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands among other places.

Before the incorporation of the company, its CEO, Mr. Shah had earned $19 million in the year that ended on March 2011. Later in 2014, he decided to take over Old Park Lane Capital. The company was institutional, and only invitation brokers that mainly focuses on the natural resources. By the start of this year, Shah had a net worth of US$280 million. His offices are in London, and he has chosen to retire.

In an interview conducted by the Global Citizen Magazine, Shah said that he did not begin his career in the financial and investment sector. He had studied medicine before, but he felt that becoming a medical doctor was not his calling. He then chose to become an accountant and got positions in several investment banks. Some of these include Credit Suisse, Mortgage Stanley and Merrill.

In 2009, Shah was made redundant due to the financial crisis. He, however, didn’t want another job, in a new company, and he chose to start his company. This is how Solo Capital was started. After this, he started Autism Rocks, a company that was aimed at creating awareness concerning autism as well as raise funds for doing research by doing concerts. He has a son who has the condition, and this has made him create the awareness.

In an interview with the Global Citizen Magazine about autism, Shah said he has decided to sponsor children from India, who were suffering from the condition. According to him, this was the only way he could help them. He has done this for over 10 years, and he plans to do this for more years. Since his son was diagnosed with autism, Shah decides to focus his charity only on such cases to help other parents.

To ensure that the awareness concerning autism through his organization, Shah decided to spend $100000 in 2015 in order to create a website for the foundation. He is a trustee of Autism research trust, an organization that gives donations to universities that do autism research.

AB InBev May Be Trying To Curb Craft Beer Distribution According To Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães

Brazilians love beer. In fact, people around the world love beer. Brazilian Banker Ricardo Guimarães is a beer investor as well as a banker and international businessman. Guimarães pays attention to changes in U.S. industries that might have an impact on his investments. Mr. Guimarães is also soccer association executive and a soccer sponsor. Ricardo has changed the way banks promote their products in Brazil. When BMG Bank, the Guimarães family’s bank, started to sponsor the Minas Gerais soccer club several years ago, other banks in Brazil didn’t think sponsorships would work. Some bankers said it was a waste of money, and others said it was a poor plan that would only produce limited results.

But Guimarães proved the other bankers wrong. The BMG Bank sponsorship program was a money maker. BMG is now the largest sponsor of soccer in the country, and the bank has become a major profit maker thanks to the support of soccer fans. When Guimarães heard that Anheuser-Bush was introducing an incentive for United States beer distributors, he want to know more about the plan. The AB InBev incentive gives distributors a reward if they promote Anheuser-Bush owned craft beer breweries. Distributors that participate will be reimbursed for marketing and retail displays. That could return a lot of money to distributors bank accounts. that

The AB InBev plan was introduced in January of 2016, and so far just one distributor has signed an agreement. That distributor is a St Louis distributor that has a long standing relationship with Anheuser-Bush. But other beer distributors are not sure the plan is legal. To some people, like Guimarães, the plan sounds like a kick-back and that can create enormous issues for the Anheuser-Bush and the distributor. According to Anheuser-Bush, the fact that the company owns craft beer brands gives them the right to reward distributors by reimbursing 50 percent of their cost to market and display AB InBev products.

The Department of Justice may not agree with Anheuser-Bush. Several craft breweries complained about the plan, and the DOJ is looking into those complaints. It could take months before the Department of Justice gives a ruling on the AB InBev plan, and that’s not good news for AB. AB InBev products have been losing market share for the last two years, even though the company has several craft beer labels in their product assortment.

But the consumer will ultimately decide whether AB InBev products can compete with local breweries that produce beer that has more flavor, better packaging and doesn’t come from an old established brewery that wants to control the beer market. Young beer drinkers will continue to buy craft beer because it helps small business and puts a middle finger in the face of profit-hungry big businesses that work for investors not consumers.

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Helane Morrison is a Rising Star in the Corporate World

One of the toughest jobs in the corporate world today is that of the compliance officer. One of the main reasons for this would be in the fact that they are not given enough clout in order to do an effective job. Ask any CEO and they will agree that the compliance officer is an important part of their team. They will regrettably make the concession that most compliance officers are not given the necessary power, authority and knowledge in order to properly administer their work. 

Sterling CEO Kevin Wilson points out the fact that compliance officers usually are the first line of defense in advising a company on the best route to prevent damage to a particular brand name. One example of this would be in the recent Volkswagen scandal where there was an emissions software scandal. Although it would be unrealistic to expect the compliance officer to have discovered the cheating, they could have been proactive in the wake of the scandal and helped to protect the brand. 

Part of the reason that compliance officers are seen as the Rodney Dangerfield of the corporate world could probably be because they get a low amount of pay. For example, a compliance officer usually makes a median income of just under $65,000 per year. In a large, multi-national corporation, it can be difficult for a compliance officer to earn any amount of respect when other high-profile executives make about 50 times that per year in salary and bonuses. 

So what is a compliance officer to do? Well, for one thing they have to lessen the effect their low-paying salary has on the corporate culture by making up for it in other ways. Namely, they have to establish from the outset that they are competent at their jobs. A good compliance officer will be able to practice sound judgment; establish credibility throughout the organization; maintain cultural awareness; be able to understand legal issues; possess exceptional communications skills; and they must be extremely well-versed in problem-solving and decision making skills. 

One such compliance officer who exemplifies these attributes would be that of Helane Morrison. She has developed a well-respected corporate career as a compliance officer with Hall Capital Partners. Besides being a compliance officer, she is also on the board of the Executive Committee. 

Helane has a great deal of experience that she brings to her current position. Before becoming a compliance officer, she was the first woman to ever work as the regional director of the SEC. She headed the San Francisco branch of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission which gave her the experience she needed to become a successful compliance officer at her current place of employment. She is definitely a “rising star” in the corporate world of compliance officers. 

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Philip Diehl on Investing in Gold

Philip Diehl has been around the precious metals industry for a long time. He is currently the president of US Money Reserve, the nation’s largest distributor of United States government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins, and prior to this he was director of the US Mint. While at the Mint he significantly increased distribution by adding operations to all six other continents, including Antarctica. He accomplished this through a commitment to service, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Now, at US Money Reserve Diehl guides by these same principles to ensure the company runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. As a leader he engrains excellent customer service in to all of his team members. This is evident not only on the front lines with his sales force, but in back office positions as well. US Money Reserve has the industry’s leading return policy.

Diehl sees a major case to be made for investing in gold and other precious metals, particularly coins. Other forms of gold such as bars or rounds are inadvisable for a variety of reasons. Their weight and purity is not guaranteed, which means a customer can never be sure of the exact value of what it is they are purchasing. In fact, in recent years there have been rounds of gold found in the United States that came from overseas distributors which turned out to be sophisticated counterfeits. Another reason to purchase US government issued coins is the fact that they are backed by the strongest economy in the world.

According to his interview on Entrepreneur Radio, he takes pride in the fact that customers can be confident in the products that they purchase from US Money Reserve. Diehl views these purchases as long term investments by the consumer. Short term volatility in gold price is not something investors should concern themselves with. Gold is to be viewed more as an insurance policy against geopolitical instability or a collapse of the financial system such as in 2008. In this way investors are able to safely preserve their wealth in a physical commodity that is backed by the goveerment of the world’s number one economy.

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How Get Your Wiki Writers Can Help With Your Wikipedia Page Creation

Wikipedia is a great site that is currently being used by millions each and every day. You have more than likely heard or used Wikipedia before in the past for your own search endeavors. You might not realize that Wikipedia is full of professional business pages that can be edited and created to fit the business owner’s needs. If you have a new business or are just looking for a way to market an older company, you can make a Wikipedia page that has you covered and can be a professional way to tell the world what you are all about. When a potential client does a search for your company, it is going to look great to see a page come up of your very own on the Wikipedia site.

Get Your Wiki writers have worked around the clock to make Wikipedia pages for business owners like yourself. They are skilled and experienced when it concerns working on the Wikipedia site. Lots of people have been using the expert Wikipedia writing services of Get Your Wiki with amazing results and it has always been a wonderful option for those who are wanting to experience what online Wikipedia marketing can do for them. If you do not have your own Wikipedia page right now, it is time to work with these writers to get it made and published for you.

There are a lot of people who are hesitant to use Wikipedia because of the facts and myths that surround it. A lot of people are nervous that random people can edit their pages and that this can actually hinder the business they are able to get from having their own page. While it is true that you can edit pages on the site, hiring Wikipedia writers can help to prevent this because they will be in charge of the maintenance of your Wikipedia page. Also, one fact that revolves around Wikipedia is that it can be a great source of marketing for those who own a business. This is definitely true when you consider the millions of people who use the site every single day and look up pages that they feel will benefit them tremendously. This is a site that you might want to think about using yourself and it can be a great way for you to easily get your company noticed and out there for the entire world to see.

From The Forex World To The Philanthropy World.The Incredible Story Of Sanjay Shah.

For a man who has dined with Snoop Dogg, hosted Prince and Lenny Kravitz, Sanjay Shah Is a pretty lucky man.But of more pressing is the reason for the meetings. It was to organize the latest Autism Rocks concert. It is a concert conducted to help raise money for kids with Autism. It is a cause he holds dear especially so after his son was diagnosed with the condition in 2011.


Sanjay says they took their then 2-year-old son to the hospital in Dubai where he showed a lack of appetite. A series of tests later it was revealed he was sick Autism. Even more disappointing was the fact that Shah couldn’t do much about it.


It was that moment that Sanjay Shah with his wife decided to help in any way they could. They have since given millions of pounds and organized highly successful rock concerts.


Sanjay Shah reveals he has been helping for a long time having started sending money to India a long time ago. But today, he is all about raising awareness of the plight of kids with autism and making sure they are assisted where possible.


Sanjay Shah has also contributed to the research initiative through the Autism Research Fund of Cambridge University. Shah reveals it has led to many breakthroughs including the recently understood fact that the female case of autism is different from the male case.


Shah is multi-skilled, and his passion for investments and companies grew as a result of frustrations from what he was doing earlier. He was born and studied a course in medicine that he practiced for some time. Sanjay Shah later discovered that he was not doing what he felt was the best for him. He, therefore, ditched the profession and started practicing as an accountant.


Shah worked for various institutions more so investment banks such as Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch among others. He was also frustrated by the job since the sector was hard hit by the financial crisis in 2009, making him jobless. The events made him start his brokerage company, where Solo Capital was born.

Source: Global-Citizen

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