George Soros and the Economy

George Soros has a track record of success when it comes to predicting future economic events. Over the long term, few people have as much success in predicting economic events as George Soros. In a recent article for Bloomberg, George Soros says that he is expecting to see a fall in the markets. In his opinion, the market conditions are much like that of 2008. There are many different reasons why he is bearish on the overall world economy. This is important information for anyone who wants to look at their future investments based off of these decisions. Here are some of the most common reasons that George Soros is somewhat bearish on the world markets.


Although there have been a lot of jobs created since 2008, many of the jobs being created are lower paying jobs. Over the long term, it is important for people to have organic wage growth through a variety of different means. There are many people who have graduated from college that are working in jobs that do not require a college degree. This can have a lot of negative effects on an economy over the long term. It will be interesting to see if the job market rebounds or if the jobs that continue to be created are those that are low paying. Anyone who is looking to make an impact in this area needs to make sure they are getting higher paying jobs.

Interest Rates

A low interest rate environment is designed to spur investments in many different areas of the economy. Although low interest rates are good for borrowing money, it is not good for people who are savers. It is difficult to save enough money to get by if you are not getting a high interest rate. There are many people who expect that the economy will not be as strong once the interest rates rebound. George Soros believes that this is one of the biggest areas of potential weakness in the overall economy. When interest rates do go up again, there are many people who believe there will be issues with how many people react. There are certain industries that are much more sensitive to interest rates than others. These include things like banking and housing. When interest rates go up quickly, these industries tend to suffer.

George Soros

George Soros has one of the most extensive careers of anyone who is in finance. There are few people who can stack up to his career success in different areas. Over the long term, there are many people who have looked up to what he has to say when it comes to the economy. There are many reasons outlined here that George Soros feels like the current economy is not one that respects savers and investors. With the interest rates in the economy about to go up again, there are many people who agree with George Soros that there will be growing pains here.

Small Towns Are No Longer The Only Places High Quality Dog Chow Can Be Found

Here and there, in small towns throughout the United States it has been possible to come across a small pet food store that sells premium quality dog food that is only found in the fridge. Recently that has been opened up to a larger business model like Amazon. It has become more than popular and according to a Daily Herald article attached here, is set to hit 1 billion dollars in sales. This is a tremendous height compared to the past numbers that were much lower. It will continue to increase as long as name brand high quality pet food makers such as Purina’s Beneful line which uses coconut oil instead of other alternatives that can take their toll on our unique four legged friends. This in a market that has been so saturated with the, ewe it looks like dog food, comment is now showing owners that their pet should be biting into high quality food just like themselves. On food lines across the Midwest, East and West popular companies like Beneful have pushed others to become niche competitors. Years ago at Easter and Christmas people would treat their dog to bountiful plates of drooling pleasure healthy enough for human consumption. Now it is becoming common place to do this on a regular basis. Beneful has always treated dogs to food easy for the owner not only to pronounce but, dig into themselves. It is supposed to be much better on the pets digestive system instead of rough fiber like the old days foods are often containing veggies, meats and grains like wild rice. It is important to place value in high quality dog food that people can actually bite into as it is often people grade. If a person shy’s away from it so will most dogs. Now a half full puppy dinner plate is no more. Dogs are raving at just how delectable food has become from Beneful as well as other high quality producers. Just turn to the barking source, who will be glad the food is now good for him too.


It’s the responsibility of the government to assist its citizens who have any king of the disaster. This responsibility was demonstrated by the visit of the cabinet secretary for health Dr. Sergio Cortes to the flood hit region of xerem. Cortes visited the region on Sunday. The xerem region is suffering multiple health problems with poor sanitation and garbage disposal. These problems have been made worse by the flood disaster making it difficult to supply the residents with clean drinking water. Medical teams already on the ground suggest the results obtained from water sources are unsatisfactory.
The visit was able to bring the local and state leaders together to deliberate on the issues that need urgent attention. It was agreed that the region requires another calamity kit from the government to fight the disaster. The area has one hydration center serving three hundred residents. The area also has high risk of water-borne diseases. In response to this, the leaders agreed to add more antibiotic tablets and supply of clean drinking water to maintain the hygiene. The antibiotics are a preventive measure to reduce the spread of diseases in case of an outbreak.
To further curb the risk of diseases, the residents are also receiving training on identifying the symptoms of these diseases for an early intervention. Among the most probable disease are hepatitis B, diarrhea and leptospirosis. The teams of the medical experts that are in the region are also assisting in disinfecting drinking sources of water. The government has already given over ten thousand bottles of sodium hypochlorite to that effect.
Floods are a natural disaster that can happen to anyone. Donations of food and shelter are significant to help the victims adapt to change in lifestyle. Though xerem is prone to flooding, standing with the victims in such difficult times is the best act of philanthropy. The healthy secretary demonstrated this significant gesture in the society by leading a meeting of the leaders to discuss on mitigating the effects when he visited xerem on Sunday.
Talking of Cortes achievements, he is a concerned leader with the general health of the public. It’s not necessary because of his position in the government, but his medical professions. You can follow Sergio on LinkedIn and also on Twitter.


2016 Stock Prospects

In 2015, the stock market did not do as good as people expected. The prices were stagnant throughout the year. Prospects are being made that in 2016 the stocks might rise. The first half of the year showed a rise and later fell during the second half. Although the stocks did rise between August-October, this did not raise the hopes of many. In the last year, even the trusted oil prices disappointed. The prices were so low that investors lost hope. And that lowers the investors expectation of stocks rising in the new year.

Investors say they foresee 2016 being a disaster as well though others are preaching the opposite. Some optimistic investors reason that the stocks dropped low enough and now in the new year the only way they can go is up. Hence, with such a kind of a way convincing reasoning may invite more people to buy stocks in 2016. With people buying stocks from some of the leading companies at the moment, it gives a chance for high returns in future.

In Highland capital management led by James Dondero, it has a total of $20 billion worth of assets under management. With Jim in the management position, the company increased its stakes in several companies including Nextpoint credit strategies fund as well as envision health care holdings. In the latest portfolio, they were able to sell all of their stocks.

Jim has led the company to increase its stocks by 0.70% in the last quarter. With the portfolio value being $3.4 billion the company’s future in the stock market looks good so far. James Dondero Highland capital management might be one of the companies that shine a light for the stock market in 2016. In Highland capital management the technology and the services stock had the most increase followed by healthcare, then the basic materials then the financial market and utilities and consumer and industrial goods being the lowest.

Even with other people having doubts about the stock market in 2016, there is still hope of the market rising. For any one interested in the hefty returns the stocks will make in 2016 they just have to check out the leading stock markets. Such assets include progress stocks, penny stock weekly, synchronic headphones, dividend stocks and the best penny stocks. Also, the prospectors should look out for the stocks provided by the Highland capital management. 2016 stock market may not be as bad.

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Ricardo Guimarães Has Earned Great Honors

Long term businessman, former president of Banco BMG, and civic leader, Ricardo Guimarães, was formally awarded the Town Hall honors degree in 2011. The president of the House, Léo Bourgeois de Castro, gave a speech in which he detailed all the great work done by his colleague. Mr. Guimarães is Flávio Guimarães Pentagna’s son and Antônio Mourão Guimarães’s grandson. His grandfather had founded the bank.

Daniel Nepomuceno conducted the rest of the event, describing in detail the wonderful work Ricardo Guimarães as done as president of Clube Atlético Mineiro for several years and he mentioned Mr. Guimarães’ award of the Grand Collar of Legislative Merit, given to him in 2004. As the award was received by Mr. Guimarães, the Deputy Governor, Alberto Pinto Coelho, expressed what a well deserved award it was for one of the country’s most important family who showed with their financial backing just how committed they were to helping develop the nation’s soccer teams. The ceremony was well attended by business and government officials. “The work of Ricardo Guimarães has the seal of commitment and citizenship. It is an example for our society,” said Mr. Pinto Coelho.

Mr. Guimarães joined in with his family’s business as a lowly office assistant in 1980. He next graduated from UNA with a Business Administration degree. He rose through the ranks, working his way to the top, until he took over as the CEO of Banco BMG in 1998. His low interest payday loans fueled enormous growth for the company, until today when it is a top leader in the field. His love of business and soccer are genuine, and it shows through, such as when he became the owner and manager of the Atletico Mineiro, sporting club. He also invests in individual players, sometimes from rival teams and points out this is proof of his bank’s impartiality. Either way, the brand name is supported handsomely by the BMG logo on the players’ uniforms.

The Ricardo Soccer BR1 investment fund was started by Mr. Guimarães in 2010 to give more support to the nation’s soccer players. The fund is directly regulated by the CVM (Brazilian Securities Commission), and it is the first fund of its kind in Brazil. His bank has invested in several athletes in different clubs, to the tune of $20 million. Not only has this been a Public Relations (PR) boon for the bank, they are managing this very special PR in a way that at least always breaks even. Ricardo Guimarães is amazing at never ever allowing himself, and thus banco BMG, to lose money. Read more about this award and Mr. Guimarães at Shots Well Aimed and Ricardo Guimarães Receives Honorary Degree.