Marcio Alaor BMG: Investing in People

Marcio Alaor is a member of the executive team of the BMG Group of Banco BMG, which is a major sponsor of Brazilian football. BMG prints uniforms for 39 clubs with the logo appearing on the chest, back and shirtsleeves. BMG also sponsors three basketball teams, three men’s volleyball teams, two female volleyball teams, the gymnast Jade Barbosa and Vitor Belfort a mixed martial artist.Arcio Alaor was born in Santo Antonio and now resides in Rio de Janeiro. He is the Vice-President and Director of BMG Bank and is also one of the top managers. The BMG bank has a long tradition of being aligned with the top banks of Brazil including all of Latin America. Arcio Alaor equates this to proper management and understanding that people come first, this includes the many services provided to both businesses and individuals. Services include investments, loans, credit cards, deposits, and insurance, all designed for helping people make managing their finances with ease and efficiency. When banking with BMG, businesses and individuals will have opportunities needed to meet all of their financial needs.

Beneficial services offered for private individuals is a priority of BMG bank. Credit cards for the individual is a high priority offering short term financing with lows rates enabling headache free purchasing. As with anyone, these credit cards are best serve in emergencies. The credit card has become one of the most important services of BMG Bank offered to the public.

Arcio Alaor has made individual investments a service of high importance for the people as well as for businesses. With BMG investment services, people have access to top rated advisers who hold the clients interest first above all by offering a variety of investment opportunities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investment opportunities for building a solid retirement. These investment services also provides for financial emergencies people need without being heavily penalized for partial withdraws. Investments opportunities can be designed for short term or long term financial security.

Loans and deposits are another service Arcio Alaor offers through the BMG bank that is very valuable. With loans, people can finance big ticket items such as homes and vehicles. They will be able to get financing with easy payments at affordable rates. These deposits make it safe and easy for people to place money in secure accounts efficiently for future use.

Is the Era of the Penny Soon to Close?

U.S. Money Reserve is a company that deals in coin, very exquisite coins. Coins made of precious metals such as platinum, silver, and, of course, gold are all made available to investors through the company. Anyone who wishes to learn more about the coins, coins that are deemed legal tender by the United States Mint, should check out the company’s website. One metal not to be seen anywhere in U.S. Money Reserve’s inventory is copper. On a recent interview with CNBC, Philip Diehl, the president of U.S. Money Reserve, has chosen to talk about copper. Specifically, he speaks on the subject of the future of the copper penny. Tears will come to the eyes of traditionalists when they hear Diehl speak. The future of the copper penny is bleaker than bleak.

Diehl feels there just is no reason for the United States government to keep minting the penny. Diehl flat out says no one uses the penny anymore. Maybe the only real use for the penny these days is to keep from amassing more of them when receiving change after a purchase. A penny delivers the vaunted exact change figure necessary to avoid receiving four more pennies when a bill is $10.36.

In all seriousness, the daily need for a penny is diminishing rapidly. In-person transactions employ the penny less and less. Thanks to the growth of online commerce, people are not using cash and coin as much as they once did either. Credit card and bank transfers are required in order to engage in online commerce. The penny becomes even less necessary in light of the consistent execution of such modern day transactions.

Whether or not the U.S. Mint chooses to discontinue the penny remains to be seen. With so many millions upon millions of pennies already in circulation, it is not like there will ever be a shortage of one-cent pieces.

Diehl is a former Director of the U.S. Mint so his assessment do carry a lot of weight. He does have good judgment as evidenced by the success of U.S. Money Reserve. U.S. Money Reserve is based out of Austin, TX and has facilitated the sale of millions of dollars in precious metal coins to investors all over the world. Many of the people who purchase from U.S. Money Reserve do so because they are seeking a hedge against the ups and downs of the stock and currency markets.

Insurmountable challenges lie ahead in AI but hey.. lets hail what we have

It’s amazing the milestones that technological innovations have been able to achieve especially in the area of artificial intelligence. E-commerce has particularly seen an overhaul with shopping experience continually being re-invented. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been able to give consumers a whole new shopping experience making it easier and fine-tuned relevant. Fashion enthusiasts can now get a cloth, not as per what others shopped for, but by simply snapping a photo of the cloth on say a physical shop and using image recognition technology look for a similar cloth in online stores. Although much still needs to be done, what is in offer currently has to be given its due.

In an article by Ashokan ‘Many challenges in AI, but possibilities are endless’ that appeared in the Deccan Herald on January 17, 2016, the strides that have been made in the field of AI are hailed as a breakthrough that may have taken a low tone but surely making huge strides. She however acknowledges that there are many challenges ahead in reaching the desirable end. One of this is making image recognition precisely free from inclusion of background items. It is quite a task for a consumer to crop an image to remain with the absolute intended image.

Slyce is one of the companies dedicated to shape the future of E-commerce and internet use as well as setting a whole new standards for customer engagement. One of its major technological masterpiece is Slyce’s Universal Scanner. This is a straight forward solution that makes use of the most accurate Slyce image recognition technology presently in use. The visual search technology offers the company a competitive edge as it incorporates the best features of several of its competitor’s in a onetime product solution.

Central to Slyce’s innovation drive is an organization’s customers. To delight a customer’s shopping experience, the innovations seeks to offer a flawless experience by scanning or snapping anything in their vicinity to receive immediate exact match or similar results online. As an extra feather to the cap, Slyce’s image recognition is capable of handling both 1, 2 and 3 dimensional images. This provides retailers with some much easily integrated complete scanning solution. The shopping experience will be nothing short of a marvel for the customer. The scanner will seamlessly handle coupons, QR codes, barcodes and any other real world image.

George Soros Predicts Economic Issues Like 2008


There are a lot of people who have made predictions on next year’s economic environment. However, there are few who have been as good as George Soros at making predictions over the years. In an article with Bloomberg, George Soros says that the current economy does not bode well for people who are investing in the stock market. In fact, the relative weakness in many areas is a lot like the crisis in 2008. There are many people who worry about which way the stock market goes. Over the past week, there was a huge drop in the stock market. Not only is there a lot of weakness in China, but there is bad economic news all over the world. In addition, interest rates around the world will go up higher soon. Many people will have trouble adjust to this new economy.

George Soros

George Soros is someone who has a lifetime of experience in looking at financial markets. There are few people who are as good as he is at predicting the economic future. Anyone who wants to invest in the markets needs to make sure they are following his advice. Over the long term, he is generally right on a lot of his predictions in the stock market. There are a lot of people who wish they had listened to him back in 2008. George Soros has a lot to say on the financial markets, and in his latest prediction it is not good.

Weakness Overseas

There is a lot of weakness coming out of strong emerging nations such as Brazil and China. At one time, it was thought that economies of developing nations like these would propel a new age in the world. However, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that the infrastructure in these nations is simply not good enough to keep up with the fast rate of economic growth. Anyone who wants to invest in these overseas markets needs to listen to what George Soros has to say. Although in the past this was an easy way to earn a high return, George Soros that this is not a good idea to invest in these areas today.

United States

There is also a lot of economic data that shows the United States is experiencing some weakness as well. Over the long term, there are many people who are interested in the economy of the United States around the world. The United States is still the world’s largest economy. However, there are still many people who think that the low interest rates in the country are helping to hide some economic weakness in the area. If you are someone who wants to invest in the United States, it is important to understand just how much the economy is growing. George Soros says that when interest rates do rise, this will have a lot of negative economic impacts in the economy. There are many people who are closely following what he has to say.

The Global Influence of OrganoGold

OrganoGold began as a simple concept and idea that was eventually transformed into a global business by Bernardo Chua, the founder and CEO. OrganoGold was developed with a single vision and mission, which is to bring the knowledge of Ganoderma to a global scale and to make it available for everybody. Ganoderma is an ancient chinese herb or mushroom to be exact with amazing health benefits. OrganoGold’s business is infusing this ancient herb into a myriad of products such as personal care products, beverages and more.

OranoGold is interested in the possible therapeutic benefits of consuming this product. They have developed an international team of distributors from all around the world to help promote and represent this product. To be exact, Shane Morand, OrganoGold’s Global Master Distributor as well as co-founder, has been able to spread OrganoGold to 6 continents in the world. It is through his efforts that the vision of OrganoGold reaching a global market has become true. The company is now operating over 35 countries around the world.

This company came from humble beginnings in Richmond, B.C., Canada. It began as a simple and small shop that only had three employees working. However, due to the team’s drive and ambition, within two years, OrganoGold grew to become one of the largest Network Marketing companies. The whole idea and concept behind OrganoGold has remained the same despite the tremendous growth and success that has been met. From the beginning the mission has been to bring a better sense of heath and wellness into people’s lives and it has remained so.

Bernardo Chua is the CEO and Founder of OrganoGold, and is a popular member of the Twitter community. Before establishing OrganoGold, Bernardo Chua was still a successful in the business world. Chua, who is originally from the Philippines had a very successful career in multi-level marketing. In addition, Chua had a successful travel agency, which was inspired by his deep love for travel.

Bernardo Chua is a happily married man of 32 years who enjoys spending time with his family as much as possible. Chua admits that his favorite part of work is meeting OrganoGold distributors from around the world. He loves to hear stories about how joining OG has affected their lives positively. Chua is also a car enthusiast who loves to take a ride whenever he gets the chance. There is more to Bernardo Chua than simply a successful business man. Personally, Chua begins each morning with two cups of OrganoGold Organic Green Tea, helping prove the health value of this drink.

From brokerage success to charity sponsor

Autism Rocks is a charity that was established by millionaire British trader Sanjay Shah. Shah founded the charity when his own son Nikhil developed autism. The first signs of concern were when Nikhil couldn’t keep down his food at a very young age as this is usually linked with autism or some form of attention disorder. When he was in Dubai for the tests, Shah began to donate money to the Autism center there. His investments into autism research grew as he began to hold concerts to raise money. Soon, he developed his own charity, Autism Rocks to help focus his efforts to raise money.

Sanjay Shah was born in England, but his parents were immigrants from Kenya. They moved to England in the 1960’s. Shah went to school with the intention to go into the medical field, but quickly changed his mind. Instead, Shah went into accounting. His first job was at Merrill Lynch, the investment bank. Throughout the following few years, Shah worked at many other investment banks until the crisis in 2009. Discontent with the results of his work as well as from working a desk job for 10 hours a day, Shah quit his job and decided to try and start his own brokerage business.

Shah decided that instead of working for a large company, he would rather take the risk of starting his own. He started out renting an office and hiring recent graduates to help with his business. Over 5 years later, Shah is now a millionaire and his business, Solo Capital has grown into a very successful brokerage business with offices in both London and Dubai. With his company’s success, Shah is now able to spend less time working and more time focused on his charities such as Autism Rocks. Working on raising money for charities such as Autism rocks is Shah’s new focus now that he is officially retired from the brokerage business.

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Kyle Bass Predicts Chinese Losses

For the last several years, China’s banks have been lending in excess of the country’s annual GDP. The Gross Domestic Product of China is about $10 trillion a year. The banks have made $35 trillion in spurious loans, meaning that 3.5 times the country’s yearly output is being leveraged currently–at least according to Kyle Bass, who sees some big parallels between Chinese investment kerfuffles and that which has already gone on in European markets.

Bass also notes that countries surrounding China have been lending to the juggernaut “aggressively”. This “aggressive” lending is kind of like dropping rocks on a sheet that’s been thrust through a hole over an abyss. The more rocks hit that sheet, the more it is thrust into the hole, until eventually it hits a critical mass and pulls the entire garment through, unseating anything established upon it above. Or think of a chain of dominoes. If China’s economy experiences the deep kind of decline it’s likely to, that means surrounding countries with investments will likewise fail. Unfortunately, the United States has substantial interests with China currently, which means when their bubble bursts, America will probably experience a “bear” market on Wall Street with losses for 2016 between ten and twenty percent.

There’s good reason to trust in Bass’ predictions, though the man himself may be involved in any number of shady dealings. Bass is a hedge fund manager based in Texas with firm ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a well-known socialist presiding over Bass’ home country of Argentina.

Bass became known internationally in 2008 when he successfully predicted that American banking solutions in regard to the housing market were creating a bubble that would burst later that same year. Bass was proved correct, and people soon began to pay attention.

Bass has also been able to legally manipulate the United States stock market, although UsefulStooges question how shady this activity might be from Bass. He does this through CAD, or the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This organization devalues the cost of certain big-ticket pharmaceuticals, against which Bass later short-sells his stock when its value diminishes. Bass has made a great deal of money this way, prompting American congress into a motif of bipartisanship, however briefly.

Kyle Bass has also predicted economic declines in Japan successfully, and with his eye on China currently, it only makes sense that some form of economic decline is imminent.

Does this mean it’s time to withdraw overseas investments related to China? Perhaps. Ultimately such withdrawal is up to individual discretion; but Bass’ track record indicates Chinese markets may very soon bottom out, and that regardless of individual investments, the domino effect of this will probably be a somewhat global event. If he’s right, now’s the time to save. Only time will tell if he’s wrong.  Read more about Kyle on his blog.

Kevin Seawright a Financial Leader’s Representation to Success

Kevin Seawright is an expert in financial and professional management with over 13 years of experience. At the young age 12 his parents encouraged him to participate in youth programs in Philadelphia. It was this exposure to community outreach that sparked his commitment to help others. He would gain a Masters in Accounting by 2006 and Mr. Seawright prides himself on achieving financial business goals and opening new opportunities. He relies on both formal education and online education for his growth in knowledge. His goals are to strengthen and empower communities.

WorldClassMagazines really shows that Mr. Seawright has worked in both public and private sectors helping him gain his reputation as a leader in financial management. He has worked in local government, education and real estate development and has put in place many different strategies that has improved accounting in the City of Baltimore. He was also responsible for implementing a new accounting system when he was Managing Fiscal Officer of Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement. A move that was able to save the agency more than $100,000 in funds. He then moved to become the Payroll Director of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City. Soon after he became the Finance Director of the Homeless Services division of the Department of Housing and Community Development. Later on he served in many financial functions, including Finance Director and Budget Manger that were financially beneficial to Baltimore and bolstered his reputation. He ended his career with the city of Baltimore as a Deputy Chief Operating Officer in education. He gained knowledge of real estate and small build business development through working with Tito contractors in Washington DC a skill he needed in his future position. He has been responsible for managing over $400 million in the public sector and $600 million in the private sector. He now works for Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as Executive Vice President and Chief of Financial and now resides in Newark, NJ. His new position allows him to help small and medium businesses on their development and with their financial needs.

He has been awarded countless honors including the Bridges to the Future award in 2010, being a Met Life recipient and multiple financial responsiveness awards. He has continued his learning, at the University of Norte Dame, by taking a three-part course refining his skill in executive leadership. He has also been a member of the Babe Ruth Museum, The National Forum for Black Public Administrators, American Society for Public Administration and the National Association of Black Accountants.

His ideal of success is his relationship with his family and his community outreach efforts. He believes he is successful due to his great relationship with all of his family and his ability to be close to his daughter. He also enjoys improving his community and making true strides for change. He attributes his success to life experiences and his desire to improve economic conditions for the people of Newark. Mr. Seawright now uses his knowledge and ambition to further the financial endeavors of the City of Newark.  Kevin is also a massive fan of Music.

Services Offered By United States Money Reserve In The Trade Of Precious Metals

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the most trusted dealers of gold coins and precious metals in the United States. The reserve is regulated by the federal finance units of America. U.S. Money Reserve owns the most open distribution channels in the capital industry. This money reserve is headquartered in River Place, which is in Boulevard, Austin.

This Company deals with various products ranging from silver coins, platinum coins, the certified graded coins to gold coins. U.S. Money Reserve also acts as a consultancy firm of investors. The Company offers tips and guidelines to look for while trading with precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve is rated AAA by the organization of Business Consumer Alliance. The Incorporation makes sales of the gold coins and other precious metals at an affordable price.
The U.S. Money Reserve was established by the gold market traders who recognized the need for the combination of flexible and efficient consumer service and an enhanced knowledge of the precious metals market. The veterans also established the firm to offer guidance services that are a necessary prerequisite to having when dealing in the market for gold and silver coins.
The Incorporation serves as one of the largest and trustworthy top-notch distributors of platinum, silver, and gold coins in the United States. U.S. Money Reserve Company has established offices in most of the biggest towns in America. The Company has employed a large number of employees who are skilled and experienced in dealing with precious coins. The working staffs who are employed by this Company offer services in a friendly manner holding a close relation with clients.
The Company uses technological advancements to provide the most reliable and exceptional products of Silver, platinum, and gold coins in the capital market.
Providing the precious metal services for more than thirty years, many clients have invested highly in the business venture and earned their trust to the reserve. U.S Money Reserve helps their esteemed customers to choose efficiently precious coins that make higher return values. The scenario helps their clients to be in a good position to survive stiff competition in the market. The clients’ who follows the advice given by the Reserve enjoys enormous returns and profits in future. To get a detailed information on U.S. Money Reserve, visit

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Who is Sam Tabar?

Sam Tabar is not a house hold name yet. This is not surprising given that he works with a variety of companies and start ups. He began his career at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. The company is a law firm, and quite prestigious. Tabar joined the firm after graduation in 2001 from Columbia Law School which notes. His career making moves there included counseling on hedge fund formations and employment issues, with a variety of other issues. He left the company in 2004, despite his budding legal career in the company. From law, he went to high fiance.

After leaving Skadden, Tabar went to PMA Investment Advisers. This particular company is based out of Hong Kong as a division of Sparx Group Co. He started as a counsel, but it quickly became something more. He was promoted to the managing director and co-head of business development. In this position, he was able to work with hedge funds of up to $2 billion, and he made a name for himself with it. During his time there, he was able to raise $1.2 billion in assets for PMA.

In February 2011, he made another career jump. This time, he joined the Merrill Lynch branch of the Bank of America. His position here was the director and head of capital strategy. The role extended him the ability to make counsel available to clients in the Asia-Pacific region of the company. When he left this role, he came back to legal work and joined Schulte, Roth, & Zabel LLP.

His personal life is a little more guarded. He enjoys hosting events, parties, and helping others out with their start up companies. After leaving Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP in 2014 – his final exit from the legal world – he began helping others. The current recipient of his backing is a start up called THINX.

THINX is a company that has quite a unique take on helping those who cannot afford something. Women in Uganda cannot afford high quality feminine hygiene products. Many are forced to stay home when they have their period because they cannot find anything to allow them to go out. THINX gives a Ugandan woman seven reusable and washable cloth pads. These allow the women to go out during their period.  He’s also been all about helping the children of Africa with his own charitable initiative.