A Look At Brad Reifler’s Career

Brad Reifler is a big name in the investment world. Mr. Reifler has over 30 years of experience as a financial investor, manager and salesperson. He has also started numerous companies and worked for some of the worlds leading firms during his career. His proven CrunchBase career experience and wealth of knowledge has made Brad Reifler a sought out consultant and expert in the global commodities market and currency exchange markets.

Fresh out of high school, Wikipedia shows that Brad Reifler applied to and was accepted into Bowdoin College located in Brunwick, Maine in 1977. Brad Reifler was a bright student at Bowdoin college and graduated with a dual degree in economics and political science in 1981 at the top of his class. Only a year after graduating from college the young Reifler managed to form his very own investment company called Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. Reifler Trading Corporation developed a niche in global derivatives. The company did so well that it attracted the attention of several top firms at the time. Reifler’s first company was purchased by Refco, then a leading global investment firm.

Mr. Reifler would work for the company that acquired his first startup for several years as the manager of the institutional sales desk for a period lasting from 1995-2000. There Mr. Reifler oversaw the sale and handling of foreign currency exchanges, global derivatives and the development of custom investment portfolios for institutional and accredited individual investors.

Besides his first startup company that was eventually sold to Refco in 2000, Brad Reifler created and was part of several other ventures. In 1992 Brad Reifler founded, Reifler Capital Management, which was an investment firm that handled large amounts of wealth for its clients. Another venture would soon follow, with Mr. Reifler creating Pali Capital in 1995. Mr. Reifler served as CEO and managing director of his third startup, Pali Capital until its dissolution in 2008.

By the time Reifler left Pali Capital and Refco he had amassed an immense amount of knowledge, experience and insight into global commodities markets, Forex markets, and global derivatives. Building upon his knowledge and skill Brad Reifler founded Forefront Advisory in 2010, followed by Forefront Capital in 2011. Forefront Group, where Brad Reifler remains CEO today offers advice to investors in the global commodities, derivatives and foreign currency exchange markets. Forefront Capital, where Reifler is also CEO serves high net investors who wish to develop a diversified portfolio that offers high yield returns. Brad Reifler’s newest venture is the Forefront Income Trust. Launched in the beginning of 2014, this trust is aimed at middle class Americans who wish to invest into high return investments that are typically only available to individuals who have a net worth of over $1 million dollars. The Forefront Income Trust also has a philanthropic side. Direct investments into the fund will result in Brad Reifler donating a small portion of the revenues to veterans and military families in the United States.

The Success of James Dondero’s Most Recent Quarter

Highland Capital Management has recently filed a report of investments and overall annual earnings that this hedge fund has earned this year. The quarterly 13F was reported to be filed on December 24th 2015 by James Dondero, CEO of Highland Capital Management. This filed report includes the hedge fund company’s market value, the company’s new purchases, the company’s previous market value and many other things.

New Holdings that are currently possessed by Highland Capital include Amazon Com Inc, Danaher Corp Del, Intra Cellular Therapies, and Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc. These stock holdings now account for certain 13F sector allocates such as health care, information technology, finance, energy, as well as consumer discretionary.

Jim Dondero also reported of several sold stocks that include Spdr Series Trust, Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd, McKesson Corp, Envision Healthcare Hldgs In, as well as Laboratory Corp Amer Hldgs. All of the following stocks were sold to other corporations for a positive profit on behalf of Highland Capital Management. With the sold stocks and the acquired stocks, this quarter, Highland Capital Management reports that the company has upped the information technology sector by 2 percent. Originally the number was 16 percent which increased to 18 percent overall. However, currently, health care makes up for the most amount to which Jim Dondero and his team own stocks in.

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based investment firm that specializes in offering solutions that are credit based. Jim Dondero, the leader behind this company, has molded this company to have top services that involve credit as well as equity markets. This company has made headlines with its investment and services ever since 1993 when it first was established. Mr. Dondero has over 30 years of investment experience that he has used in order to help this hedge fund grow. The credit based solutions that are developed through Highland Capital are geared towards both public as well as private institutions.

Products and services that are offered through Highland Capital include institutional separate accounts, CLOs, private equity funds, mutual funds, REITs, as well as ETFs. All of these particular products and services are top-notch and have received high reviews for being individualized services. Thanks to Highland Capital Management, institutional as well as retail investors worldwide have grown in development and have profited highly through Jim Dondero’s high quality advice. Jim Dondero has even been honored with the right to use his Chartered Financial Analyst designation. You can even watch him ring the NYSE Closing Bell below!!!

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BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Has Invested Millions In Brazilian Soccer And His Bank Has Reaped The Rewards

The government of Brazil has been on a quest to revamp the social status of the country for the last seven years. President Dilma Rousseff and her administration of Working Party loyalists have pulled millions of people up from poverty and made them middle-class. The economy in Brazil in 2009 was strong enough to create jobs for these people, and Brazil’s export business with China and other countries seemed like it was never going to end. But it did end, and so did Rousseff popularity with the newly-created middle-class.
The banks in Brazil decided to market consignment credit to the new middle-class, and that financial move gave Brazilians a chance to finance homes and automobiles for the first time ever. But when commodity prices and oil prices dropped jobs were lost, and Brazilian banks were left with bad loans and deteriorating bottom line profits. Banks stopped lending money unless the borrowers had more than enough collateral to cover the loans and the central bank raise interest rates to an extraordinary level. The Brazilian middle class was caught in a financial trap and so was the government.
But one banker decided to market his loan product using football, and his marketing plan has been successful. That banker is Ricardo Guimarães, and his loan product is called payroll loans. There are 60 other banks in Brazil that offer payroll loans to consumers, but none of those banks do it better than the Guimarães team at BMG Bank. In fact, the football fans in Brazil associate payroll loans with BMG Bank and the bank’s market share has skyrocketed, according to an R7.com piece.
Ricardo Guimarães is not only a hometown hero according to CMBH.mg.gov.br. He is also a sports fanatic that not only invests in football clubs he has also been president of one of them as well as Chairman of the football association that watches over the league. Guimarães was recently honored by the city of Belo Horizonte for his leadership role in sports as well as his banking skills.
Guimarães also takes an active role in the consignment credit industry. His bank has more than an 18 percent market share in that industry. BMG Bank is a very profitable bank even with high-interest rates and inflation running at 10 percent a year. Ricardo believes that football has made his bank a household name in Brazil. The bank’s orange BMG logo can be seen on the jerseys of the Atletico- GO, Coritiba, America- MG, Cruzeiro, Atlético- MG, Flamengo, Sao Paulo and Vasco clubs every time they play a match, according to Esporte.ig.com.br. The middle-class may be struggling in Brazil, but they still love football, and they also love BMG Bank and Guimarães for their role in the game.


For the last one and half decades, Europe has been the sleeping giant in technological innovations. The trend is changing as the market takes a global lead in innovation attracting giant investment firms. American and Asian companies have dominated the sector and the emerging of Europe is set to increase further competition. American giant companies like Google and Microsoft are eying the new market. Without saying the investments, firms are also on the lookout for emerging opportunities.

The European companies have focused on satisfying the local market. The change is the trend is influenced by the attention to investing in technology. The new sector is also receiving government support forcing a migration from other areas to the new promising area. The market is driven by innovations hence the well-trained workforce is a big boost for this new sector. Among the American investment firms with the interest in the market is Highland capital management firm.

The Highland Capital market is headed by the president and co-founder Mr James Dondero. Jim is a University of Virginia graduate with an experience extending past three decades. Jim cofounded the Highland capital management firm in 1994 with Mr Mike Okada. Before then, Jim worked in several leading organizations where he held senior positions. Jim was the chief finance officer for the GIC subsidiary high protective life. During his time at the company, he initiated several community development projects in the health sector that even stand up to today. Jim is remembered in the American Express company for helping the firm’s to accumulate over $1 billion of assets in the early 80’s. His experience in accounting and finance is among the top best in the investment industry.

The Highland Capital Management company that is led by Dondero won the prestigious HFM Awards for 2015. The firm won the award for its excellent performance in the health care sector. Jim congratulated the Michael Gregory team for the award saying it confirmed the company’s commitment to investing in the healthcare industry. Currently, health care investment is Highlands alternative investment sector with assets totaling over $3 billion. The subsidiary is the beginning of Highlands venture in investing in diverse economic sectors. The company is the company is considering investing in technology and agriculture sectors. Jim has led the company to recover from the 2008 financial crises that hit the economy to building a substantial investor relations and trust.

The article is recapped from http://www.seattletimes.com/business/technology/venture-capital-turns-its-attention-to-europe/

The Professionals At Madison Street Capital

When looking to reorganize a business or organization there are many options to turn to offering out unique benefits. Madison Street Capital offers some of the best reconstruction services.

The great recession has brought a lot of damage and stress upon business owners. Making decisions has become a new challenge. This affects businesses of all shapes and sizes. Many of the operations and finances have been equally impacted internal and external factors. Liquidity issues within the business have brought up some concerns with the relationship between the bank and business.

Madison Street Capital will research and identify all of the best options to keep the value of the struggling business. There is no need to give up when trouble comes your way. This company will not only look for the benefits of the business, but creditors as well. Most of us know that a happy lender of creditor will make life easier. This way everyone feels that everyone got the best deal. Professionals at Madison Street Capital have vast experience and knowledge in crisis management, loan structuring, recoveries, and more.

There has been many disasters covering a dozen states in the midwest, east coast, and Gulf Coast. The South Disaster Fund was created to help provide relief to those affected by natural disasters. Similarly, Madison Street Capital believes in building strong relationships with communities all around the United States. Dedication to needs of clients and providing mental support proves why Madison Street Capital is here to make a difference in their own unique way.

The organization has a full line of well experienced and knowledgeable staff making all kinds of worthy connections around the United States. This makes Madison Street Capital one of the best middle markets. They are the leading provider of corporate financing and mergers. The professionals have the ability to find the right financing and capital plan to fit each clients specifics needs. The headquarters is based in Chicago. They have offices spread across the globe in America, Africa, and Asia. Madison Street Capital is building upon many years of experience to offer some of the best financial services. Experience makes all the difference when choosing to side with the right company. Professionals know all the challenges related to careful analysis. They have a history of excellence.

You can contact Madison Street Capital at 1-312-529-7000 to get more information on services and pricing.

Learn More About Business Security and Management with Solo Capital


For a business to attain success, it is necessary to have all the tools necessary in place. Managing a business entails more than just having the right materials. Information is something that allows one to make prudent decisions that can offer solutions to many challenges. Research is one of the things a business person should take into consideration so as to come up with reliable information that will offer solutions to various issues and answer many questions that help a business to stand out. When you lack the necessary expertise to effectively implement this, you may consider getting an expert, who will assist in many things. Solo Capital is among few companies that have stood up to offer solutions to many individuals who are searching for services that can help them. Solo Capital is managed and run by a group of professionals and they specialize on a number of services that are capable of offering stability to the modern business set up.

Solo Capital is a leading firm with different sections that deal with various services. They offer business security as well as consultancy that can help one to make perfect decisions in a certain market. Solo Capital is managed by long serving professionals with experience in a wide array of fields. As their website explains, Solo Capital offers investment services that are ideal to help investors make decisions that are in line with the needs of the market. The company has been operational for more than 10 years, offering services that have been ranked highly in the market.

Hiring is also a process that Solo Capital has taken seriously. They have ensured all their employees are individuals with the right experience and a drive to offer the best to their customers. They have also been able to implement a training program that allows them to offer more skills and experience to their workers. For the provision of business security, Solo Capital has implemented the best system, which includes perfect encryption and monitoring software that allows one to effortlessly handle security in a business. They also offer education to their customers on the need to have system upgrades regularly as this affects the performance of the security features installed. Solo Capital has been ranked highly among top investment companies that have allowed investors to explore new heights in the business world. You can follow the company on Twitter, or you can like their Facebook

Benefits Of Assisted Living Facilities

With older family members it may be beneficial to get them into an assisted living facility. They may not be able to do all the things they once did for themselves. By putting them in a facility you can ensure they are safe. Here are some benefits of putting your loved one in an assisted living facility.

One benefit of putting your loved one into an assisted living facility is they will be able to socialize. Staying in a home by themselves can get really boring. This type of facility allows older individuals to make friends and have people to talk with.

Another benefit of assisted living facilities is you know that your loved one will be safe. All of the doors in an assisted living facility are monitored so that people that are not living there cannot get in without permission. This reduces the risk of them getting attacked or their things taken. If your loved one has a medical emergency they can receive help right away since there are always people available to help.

Putting your loved one into one of these facilities means they will be able to get transportation to wherever they need to go. If they need to go shopping they are able to do so. These facilities will also take them to any doctors appointments they may have.

Another great reason to put your loved one into this type of facility is they have wonderful food. When individuals get older it can be hard for them to make a decent meal. At assisted living facilities they do all the cooking for residents to ensure they get the nutrition they need.

If your loved one is looking for a great assisted living facility then they should check out The Manse On Marsh, which has always been extremely well reviewed. This is a great facility that offers its residents so many great things. One thing that it offers is cottages and suites. They offer one bedroom suites that have a television and a little fridge. This room comes with a living room that has a fireplace. Individuals can even stay in their own homes here, since these are available.

The Manse On Marsh offers residents a lot of different services, many outlined on their website, and even some of them mentioned on the company Twitter account. They have housekeepers that clean the homes and cottages. They also do the resident’s laundry once a week. If a resident needs to get somewhere they provide transportation. They also offer many different social events.

There are so many benefits of putting your family member into an assisted living facility. They will be able to socialize, have transportation, and eat great meals. By putting your family member into one of these facilities you are ensuring that they are in the best place possible.  Do your due diligence, research, make sure things seem great.  Reviews are your best friend in this arena.

U.S. Money Reserve Unveils Holiday Funding Campaign

The Holidays are a tough time for those in need of assistance and can be made more difficult by the epidemic of hunger that can be found across the U.S. and the world. U.S. Money Reserve has recently unveiled its own charitable campaign for the Holidays and has revealed it is seeking to aid the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas through a Crowdrise funding page. Digital Journal has reported the campaign has been launched to relieve hunger for as many as possible across central Texas.

U.S. Money Reserve is seeking contributions from its clients and friends to aid in its charitable giving, but the company already has a long history of working with charitable groups across Texas. The company was originally established by a group of experienced gold investors who were looking to provide a secure way of dealing in government issued gold, silver and platinum coins. Over the course of its life the U.S. Money Reserve has grown to now employ more than 100 experienced and qualified precious metals traders to assist its growing number of clients.

The decision to work with the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas comes as the charitable organization enters its 30th year in operation; over the 30 years the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas has grown to become one of the most important in central Texas, providing food and nourishment with more than 300 partner agencies in 21 counties. U.S. Money Reserve hopes to aid the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas in reaching its aim of aiding more families than ever before across the central Texas area.

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The Great Company That is US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is by far one of the leaders in the trade of gold and different types of precious metals. Everybody who owns precious metals or have otherwise been involved in the precious metal know how much it means for someone to get pure precious metals that are delivered on time, especially for a lower cost than it would take to be arranged by another financial institution or intermediary.

US Money Reserve gets their precious metals directly from the producer, rather than from any other middlemen. This makes the price of the gold and the fees that are associated with the services that US Money Reserve provides to their customers very low relative to competitors. Even though the price is so low for the transaction fees, US Money Reserve is one of the most important companies of its kind in the United States.

If one decides that they want to purchase gold coins, one is able to take them into their own possession. Many gold distributors do not sell actual gold, but they sell the right to gold that can be redeemed at a future point in time. This makes it much safer for the clients because they do not have to worry about the precious metals getting stolen or being misplaced or lost. These places allow the customer to take physical possession of their gold after paying another fee to have the precious metals transferred from the warehouse where it is safely stored all the way to a certified financial institution where one is able to pick up the precious metal.

US Money Reserve will always give its customers a refund because they believe that customer services is a very important aspect of business. A strong customer service policy means that customers will be more likely to purchase again from a company if they are not fully satisfied with their order. Companies that do not expend much effort towards customer service usually do not perform very well.

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Highland Capital Management Firm Winning HFM Award

The Highland Capital Management firm is this year’s winner of the HFM US hedge funds performance award. The investment firm won the 40 act category. The reward is given to top performing companies in investment sector who have outdone their competitors. There are several factors considered by the judges for the award. They include customer relations and investor relations.

The Dallas-based firm has over $20 billion assets it manages. It has an extensive investment in the health care sector with assets totaling over $3 billion. The health investment department of the firm is lead by Mr. Michael Gregory. Gregory points over 11 team members with a total combined experience of over 130 years. The award is a confirmation is the firm’s vibrant investment culture. Highland capital investment has a good reputation in finance and investor relations. The health care investment is a major factor considered for the awards.

Acknowledging the effort of Mr. Michael Gregory, the company’s co-founder Mr. James Dondero was optimistic that the company will maintain the growth. He noted that the corporation of the team and the high expertise had driven the company to its greater heights. The company was co-founded by Mr. James Dondero and Mike Okada as a small firm and has grown to be a strong competitor in the investment banking industry and recently hired Terry Jones as President of Institutional Products.

Jim is a certified financial accountant. He is also allowed to use the chartered accountant title. The university of Dallas graduate is a renewed expert in finance and management industry. He started his career in the 80’s after graduating from Virginia University where he specialized in accounting and finance.

Jim is a very active philanthropic member. Apart from his busy career, he never lacks time to contribute to community projects. He has actively funded the building of education center and health care facilities. Jim also holds several positions in the health care sector. He is the chair of the cornerstone medical center and CSS medical center. He also chairs the Nexbank board. Also, he is also a member of the council of several organizations. Jim’s career also is built in over three decades of experience. The experience is the force behind the achievement of the highland capital management firm. Together with the professional team, his values acquired right from college in finance and management is significant in the company’s growth. Jim currently resides in Dallas.

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