Outlook of Real Estate Companies in Brazil

The property values in Brazilian cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro have been increasing rapidly, the real estate lending in Brazil even reached record level during 2013. However there are other regions in Brazil that need investment in the sector. Playing a big role in the economy, the Real estate industry remains as a highly attractive investment. Now let’s talk about some of the real estate companies in Brazil.

Cyrela Brazil Realty

Cyrela Brazil Realty was founded in 1962 and their headquarters are located in São Paulo, Brazil. They are the largest real estate company by revenue and market value with the net income of US$ 304.2 million and revenue of US$ 2.2 billion in 2013. They are currently operating in 17 states and 55 cities in Brazil and Argentina and they approximately have 8,000 employees in total.

Rossi Residencial

Rossi Residencial is included in the top 6 real estate company in Brazil along with Cyrela Brazil Realty and some other companies. It was founded in 1992 and its headquarter is located in São Paulo. Rossi Residencial is a part of Rossi Group, which was founded in 1913. Their net income reached US$ 17.3 million in 2013 and their revenue was US $902.2 billion in 2012.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos was founded in 2005 as their LinkedIn says. The company is located in Rio de Janeiro and operating in hotels and residential developments. Also, the company was rated A in the construction industry by Caixa Econômica Federa.

They have several finished projects which are Americas Townhouses Hotel, Townhouses Hotel Lapa, Townhouses Hotel Copa, and so on. One of their first releases, which was Townhouses Hotel Lapa, was considered as a high quality product and received market recognition and received market recognition with ADEMI Master Award 2013 in the Innovation category. They have just begun construction in Rio’s West Zone, which has become a hotbed of development.


The real estate industry plays a significant role in the Brazilian economy, as the Fipe Zap Index (primary house price index) is raising. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are two cities with the largest house price increase. Analysts are warning about a potential real estate bubble in the property market.

The Life Accomplishments Of Jaime Garcia Dias

Jaime Garcia Dias, famous Brazilian author and YouTube personality, has received the famous ABC Award of Brazil Fictional Literature. Dias, 45 years of age, born in Rio de Janeiro, has built up a collection of awards in the literary field.

Dias’s life story with literature started at an early age 15 years old. He is the son of the well known writer Arnaldo Dias and architect Garcia Dulce Dias, who helped change the interior of Rio de Janeiro. Dias’s father, writer and journalist, whose success was looked up to by Dias, inherited numerous books that helped Dias learn the skills of good writing. Jaime Garcia Dias was to Arnaldino school where he gained some inspiration in book writing. After Dias’s first reading, he developed a passion for literature at 18.

On his blog, Dias writes about entering the University of Rio de Janeiro to study Letters. In the early 90’s, Jaime Garcia Dias went into the Carioca Literature Academy as a teacher and taught students for five years. Classes were mainly taught to teenagers, who actually planned on studying literature at graduation. In the late 90’s, Dias proposed new methods of study and reading and new classes at the gym. Jaime became the vice president of the local after sharing his ideas. Dias was not only dedicated not only to classes, but also the organization and management part of one of the largest gyms known to be associated with Brazilian literature. At just 30 years of age, Jaime Garcia Dias had already released over ten books. In 2001, hewon his first award in the literary world: White Crane. The White Crane is a famous prize that is given for putting out new names in Brazilian literature.

After nearly ten years of hard work and dedication to the vice presidency of the Carioca Literature Academy, Dias was honored during the 100th anniversary of the house and was then promoted to the new president of the academy. In just under three years in office, the Carioca Literature Academy was known as the very first home dedicated to journalistic literature and is now known as the largest space used by Brazilian writers.

With a total of twenty published books today, and among them five awards: Jaime became one of the best writers in Brazil fiction literature. His most recent award in 2013, gave honor to his father with the publication of a chronic Wise. With this chronic, Dias was invited to write for the weekly journal literature notebook. Just after two years writing and publishing for the Jornal do Brazil, he joined all chronic hitherto written and released. As tribute to his father, chronicles are childhood stories that share the youth Dias lived beside Arnaldo Dias.

The Growth of James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Company

James Dondero is the co-founder and current president to the Highland Capital Management company. This particular company has helped thousands of individuals and corporations to make wise investment decisions concerning their financial futures. It has been James Dondero’s dream to grow this company into the service that it is today and he continues to be a pioneer in the equity and money management field. James Dondero currently lives in Dallas, Texas so that he can be of better help to those who are living and working in this area.

One of the first things that you will find that sets James Dondero apart from many others in his field is his extensive background and experience in the money management industry. In fact, James Dondero has over 30 years of experience with credit and equity marketing, allowing him to provide the absolute best service to those who are looking for assistance. James Dondero has a particular interest in those who are dealing with distressed investments. This means that companies that have made poor investment decisions will find James Dondero’s company to be a reliable source to go to when they need to essentially get out of the hole that has been their investment.

Highland Capital Management has been in business since 1993 and has continued to grow to become the large corporation that it is today. In fact, Highland Capital Management has worked with thousands upon thousands of company owners to make wiser investment decisions and to receive help with their finances and money management. James Dondero of Nexpoint has hired only the very best in the field to work with these clients, ensuring that everyone is getting the superior customer service that they require and that will keep them coming back.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia receiving high honors and majored in accounting and finance. This has been the foundation that has helped to create the career that he now has and is able to help those who need this type of educational background. In fact, many people who are in need of financial assistance, whether it be for equity or investing purposes, have found that going to Highland Capital Management has been the absolute best option that has been available to them. Having this source of help when you need it the most can help anyone to run a more efficient company.

The fact that James Dondero continues to work to grow his company and is helping so many people to make better financial decisions is what has caused Highland Capital Management to be one of the best in the industry. Most people who are looking for finance-related help choose James Dondero’s company before any other that might be available to them. Having this superior help is what assists those who are struggling with their businesses to get the care and kindness that they need without feeling like they are paying too much for the services that are being rendered to them by the company they have chosen.

Slyce Leaves Retailers Buzzing

Slyce is once again amazing retailers with their line of new visual search technology. They had the privilege of introducing many of their visual search products to retailers from October 5 to October 7, 2015, at Shop.org. Yahoo! Finance furnished a brief synopsis of some of the company’s new technology that has retailers buzzing.

The company’s recent success with Craves that allows users who fall in love with an outfit on popular social media platforms like Pinterest and find them at retailers already had many looking forward to new developments from this company, and they were not disappointed.

New from the company is the Universal Scanner that allows users to upload a photo of an item they desire and locate a matching or similar item at retailers. This new app gives users plenty of choices of how they want to upload information that they desire, because they can upload QR codes, real world photos and barcodes.

Retailers realize that a customer that has a coupon is often much more likely to buy that item, along with others once they enter a store. Therefore, many retailers are especially excited about Slyce’s Snap-to-Coupon that reminds users that they have a coupon whenever they travel near a participating merchant that sells that item. Of course, once a customer is in the store, they can also often be enticed to spend even more.

Retailers know that it is impossible to have every item in stock at all times. Yet, this often results in retailers losing a sale. The percentage of times that this happens will drop drastically thanks to Slyce’s Out-of-Stock Mitigation Tool that alerts customers to similar items that are in stock.

Finding Superior Legal Representation in Florida

When it comes to legal matters, an individual has many options. The choices that are made going forward can have significant impact on the results of a possible action.

Whatever choice is made, it should be made with great prudence. While you may be able to find a lawyer who you get advice from in the beginning of your process, finding one with actual experience in your matter is a must. To choose legal counsel unable or unqualified to represent you can prove to be detrimental to the success of your case.

Even before going over the specifics of your matter, you should ask the lawyer questions of a general nature about his experience. Ascertain if he or she has handled this type of case before, and if so, how successful he or she was. A good lawyer will be not afraid to disclose his or her experience regarding situations like yours.

Dan Newlin is an attorney based in Orlando, Florida. He has years of extensive experience in helping people with personal injury cases, and has an impressive record in helping his plaintiffs secure decisions in their favor. His reputation of impeccable service has given him the reputation as one of the top lawyers in Florida.

Newlin has won several high profile cases for his clientele. In one of his cases, he successfully litigated a $24 million judgement for the family of a peace officer who was assaulted by two robbers at an Orlando ATM. The assailants attempted to secure a deal to sell the story of their crime and conviction after they were convicted and sent to prison. The family of the deceased officer heard about the deal they made, used Newlin to sue for damages, and were successful in obtaining a judgement that was attached to their stories’ royalties.

In another matter, Newlin was able to secure a court win for a young girl who was errantly shot in the head by a gang member. The injury left the girl paralyzed, unable to move or speak. Her only method of communication was blinking. Newlin represented her, and got the victim $100 million from her insurance company for pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Through the years, Newlin and Associates have won over $150 million in awards for their various clients over the firm’s lifetime. He practices in Orlando, as well as through a second office in Chicago, Illinois. If you dealing with a matter of personal injury, and you would like a consultation on, you can reach him through his website at http://www.newlinlaw.com.

Madison Street Capital is now recognized by The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts


Anthony Marsala, one of the Madison Street Capital co-founders and Chief Operating Officer is a happy man according to a piece published in Chicago Tribune.

The National Association of Certified Valators and Analysts (NACVA) recognized Marsala as part of its 40 under forty recognition program of this year. The program by NACVA seeks to recognize individuals under the age of forty who have made extraordinary contributions in business valuation, litigation consulting, financial forensics, mergers, expert witness testimony and acquisitions and other related professions. According to the information published in Chicago Tribune, the nominees were chosen by CTI and NACVA executive staff. The slots were competitive, and the judges had a hard time coming up with a list of honorees.

There were more than 125 nominees from various fields, but only a few were honored by the judges following their impeccable performance in their specific fields. The honorees are expected to be featured in a series of press releases, NACVA’s Association News, The Value Examiner, the QuickReadBuzz Blog and other platforms.
Both NACVA and Consultants Training Institute (CTI) the two institutions involved in the selection are founded on excellence, provision of superior quality and the spirit of connecting with leaders of accounting and financial accounting fields despite their affiliations. The program was designed to provide a unique platform through which future leaders and innovators can be recognized for their contributions to their organizations and communities.

Madison Street Capital is a financial institution offering investment opportunities to individuals from all walks of life. The bank is founded on integrity, leadership in service and excellence in the delivery of services to their clients. They specialize in financial advisory services, acquisition expertise, merger and valuation services to the public and businesses.
Antony Marsala on his part is a co-founder and COO of Madison Street Capital, LLC. He has managed to raise the institutions flag high in several countries that include Europe, Asia, and Africa. He has been instrumental in providing advice to the firm’s analytical teams that are responsible for the provision of services to their clients.

U.S. Money Reserve Serves Precious Metals Clients

Precious metals are sought after a great deal these days by people wishing to expand their investment portfolio. Some wish to protect against instability in the global economy. Others simple want to diversify. And then there are those hoping to see significant returns on investments. The three precious metals people seek to purchase are gold, silver, and platinum. Buying them in the form of coins is one way to acquire the assets. Where they are bought from should be though about deliberately. Customers should buy from an established seller such as U.S. Money Reserve.

Based out of Austin, TX, U.S. Money Reserve has helped hundreds of thousands of clients purchase precious metal coins. The company does offer certified and graded gold coins, which is definitely going to prove appealing to those interested in the highest quality coins. A team of skilled researchers work in-house to perform recommendations about making the best acquisition of coins. Customer service and sales specialists work with clients to help assist them in buying the most appropriate coins for their needs and budget.

The company was founded by people with significant experience in the gold market. This has helped the company craft a solid approach to customer service designed to help clients at all stages of purchasing.

Currently, U.S. Money Reserve is run by Philip N. Diehl. Before becoming president of U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl acted as the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. Such unique and important experience is brought to his job as the top manager of the company. Customers do feel the positive influence Diehl has on business operations.

Purchasing is made very easy and, once a selection has been paid for, the shipment will be delivered without any unnecessary delays. The vault and shipping staff works very efficiently and will not cause any inconvenience to buyers. The company takes shipping order on time very seriously.

Those who have any questions regarding whether to buy gold, silver, or platinum coins should call the general customer and sales number. Someone at U.S. Money Reserve will be happy to discuss investment and purchasing options in great and thoughtful detail.

U.S. Money Reserve Is A Top Coin Provider

Gold has been the most commonly traded asset in world history. Gold coins are tremendously appealing to investors who want to add a hedge to their portfolio. Since gold’s performance in the world’s markets has been so impressive over the past ten years, people who never purchased gold before in their lives want to add the precious metal to their investment holdings. U.S. Money Reserve remains a global leader in gold selling industry. Anyone who wants to buy quality gold coins should speak with a customer care specialist from the company and learn more about the process of acquisition.

U.S. Gold Reserve is very deliberate in all the steps employed to give customers the best overall experience. Deliberation is very important. Not all gold coins are the same. Some have the potential to have significant collectible value. The added collectible value contributes to their ability to potentially deliver solid returns on investment. The research specialist at U.S. Money Reserve invest a lot of time into making the right decisions about what type of coins to add to the company’s inventory.

The expertise associated with this company extends to its highest levels of management. One reason why U.S. Money Reserve is able to do so much for its customers is the experience level of upper management is significant. The President of U.S. Money Reserve is Philip N. Diehl. Mr. Diehl was once the Director of the U.S. Mint. Suffice to say, he understands the importance and value of gold, silver, and platinum coins to personal wealth.

The growth of the company has been nothing short of amazing. Hundreds of thousands of customers have bought their precious metal coins from U.S. Money Reserve. The company is very careful in its approach to helping clients choose the right coins. No hard pressure sales are used and, of course, only the highest quality of coins are offered.

Customers never have to feel left out during any stage of the acquisition process. Customer relations, inventory, and shipping specialists are all working hard to make sure clients know exactly what the status of their order is. Most importantly, the merchandise will be shipped in a timely manner. Once the gold or other precious metal is received, the asset goes to work on helping support the client’s portfolio.

White Shark Changes Lives In Small Business

In this troubling economic malaise that is engulfing the globe due to poor decision making in political circles, there is a ray of hope in White Shark Media. Thanks to the great balancing of technology and reach there is a life saver on the rough waters of turbulent economic recessions that never really end because of the socialism that has taken grip of the greatest free market system that ever existed. Despite the thwarting obstacles that have been thrown in the way of entrepreneurs and start ups in the United States, there have been some minute successes from those who have found a way around the quick sand.

White Shark Media is the top Digital Marketing Agency that is not being weighted down with a jungle of regulations to stifle its brilliant online marketing solutions that will allow small and medium sized businesses to thrive. That is the hope, until some government bureaucrat finds a way to put a straight jacket on it. Hopefully that will never happen because White Shark Media will be several steps ahead of them so they cannot shackled the customers who are so pleased with the results they are getting from working with White Shark Media’s online marketing solutions to raise their transaction rate with their online niche markets.

Julian Patrick of Stovefitters, said that his conversions have increased month over month with a CTR that increased from 1% to 2.92% in just a couple of months. He had been struggling to use Google Adwords and flailed around without having a clue as to whether he was doing anything right. He had little time to waste on the steep learning curve so he turned to White Shark Media and all the problems disappeared because he let them take the reins. Now he spends his time tracking phone calls and completing purchase orders.

Jorge Forte of Saico Equipment Rentals and Sales says that “The White Shark Media Team is a huge part of our success.” White Shark Media again will grow a business in about one week. Jorge’s PPC Strategist, Sabrina came up with a detailed plan to get quick results with a personalized touch. With the business focused in Latin America, a bilingual campaign was crafted by Sabrina which resulted in a maximum exposure that caused a spike in conversions and increased the reviews from customers.This has changed the lives of the workers at Saico Equipment Rentals and Sales for the better.

Bonar’s Success in Business

Financial markets are currently developing and their expansion is creating a challenge in the business world. One of the greatest inventions in the business world however is the development of internet and technology. As a result, financial markets have become very versatile although they are slightly complex compared to other normal businesses. Due to the complex nature of these markets, there has been a growing need for financial advisors. The demand for experts in this filed has been on the rise in the recent past as investors are getting more and more interested in the financial markets business. However, due to the risks involved, investors are gradually growing weary of investing in this business unless they are well guided by financial investors.

One of the globally acclaimed investor in the business in Brian Bonar who has been actively involved in financial markets for years. His great experience of over 30 years has gradually molded him into the great businessman that he is today. All his life, Bonar has been working in the business world hence his admirable experience in the industry. As a result, he has been a consultant with governments, individuals, as well as organizations helping them with issues concerning finance. He has propelled in the financial markets filed and more so in hedges where he has specialized mostly. One of the greatest advantage that he has over other players in the industry is his ability to create structures.

Bonar’s passion in developing structures has made him a serious manager of capital and a great influence on employees’ performance. His skills in creating organizational structures to guide his employees on the way to influence better yield in an organization has helped him get to the top in the world of business. This has been an advantage to him and his career has grown to great levels due to his ability to do so. In every organization that he has worked, he has left a legacy by creating working structure that the companies have maintained even after his departure.

Brian Bonar’s business acumen came a surprise and a wonder to many people who were close to him I his young and college years. As a young boy, he used to be active and he showed a lot of interest in building structures. Even in college, Bonar pursued a course in technical engineering and earned a bachelor’s degree in the same. After finishing his bachelor’s degree, he went on to further his studies in the same field and achieved a master’s degree. Although his areas of training was in a different field, he ended up using his engineering genius to influence great innovations in the field of business and he has been very successful.