Brad Reifler & Forefront Income Trust Aim to Change Investments

When Brad Reifler jumped into the world of investments he had to work his way up to get established. He initially invested in 529 college plans and watched as over years he lost 40% of his investments. This was his first taste of what failure can look like for those not lucky enough to be accredited investors. Now Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital and he has already run the successful Pali Capital back in 1995. During his time as a CEO of Pali Capital, which spanned until 2008, the company topped out at earning $200 million a year with over 200 employees all over the world So, you can safely assume that Reifler knows what he is doing. That is why it is so important to pay attention as Forefront Income Trust is launched.

In the investment world there are accredited investors and then those that don’t meet the cut. An accredited investor typically has access to doors that the poorer investors simply don’t. They can make more money, take bigger risks, and generally have a more advanced look at success. In order to be considered accredited you have to earn more than $200,000 a year alone or $300,000 with a spouse. You can also be considered accredited if you have a net worth over over $1 million, excluding any real estate. These are obviously high thresholds that the vast majority (read: 99%) of people will not and won’t ever meet. So in order to help those investors who are ‘left behind’ in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Reifler implemented Forefront Income Trust.

Forefront Income Trust is a public fund that is available to anyone who can meet the low threshold of $2,5000 as an initial investment. The Trust is not tied to the stock market and as such has a much lower volatility risk. Those who decide to employ the services of Reifler and his brokers will get to see a slow and steady growing fund that will help prepare them for further bigger investments.

Forefront Income Trust was established after Reifler had first hand experience with how hard it is to make sound investments when lacking the accredited tag. Reifler was asked to invest his father in law’s life savings but even that sum would not get him into the doors that he needed in order to maximize profit. So that was the primary factor behind Forefront Income Trust.

Preparing For The Next Big Gold Price Surge?

Is gold dead? Have we gone too far over the financial brink? Have economies got to the point where gold is considered an also-ran commodity? This is the line of reasoning that some financial experts would have individuals to believe. More than a few naysayers in the financial markets have proclaimed the demise of gold as a viable investment option.

Of course none of it is true. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that the world still operates with gold in mind it comes to finance. And if you have any doubt of that statement, just take a look at the various superpower countries around the world who are quickly investing in all the gold that they possibly can. These countries understand that no matter what happens in the financial markets, no matter what kinds of up and downs may occur, gold is still king when it comes to financial stability.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that gold is completely without problems. Like any commodity, gold has been known to go up and down in value, and people have been known to invest in gold without understanding that it can serve as a hedge as well as an investment. But, over the past five or six months, certain indicators have been pointing toward a major increase in the price of gold in the near future. And most of these experts see these indicators converging in the next 6 to 9 months. Because of this, many smart investors are slowly but quietly buying gold on the side.

There are two factors that will facilitate this sudden rise in gold prices. The first will be a rally bear market that will probably take place somewhere in the next three months. That, combined with a sudden slowdown in the purchasing of gold will combine to shoot gold to new and higher prices. Experts speculate that gold could raise 10% to 30% in overall value over that six month period. This would put the price of gold somewhere between $1100 and $1300 within the next nine months.

The individuals that will profit most from this gold spike are the ones that understand the various nuances of how the markets work and how they affect gold prices. Becoming closely associated with a company or individuals that have specific knowledge regarding gold and gold markets would be a advantageous playing for an individual in the market.

One of the more prolific gold coin investment houses, US Money Reserve has been helping its large customer base for years in gold coin investing. They have a staff of over 100 people in a variety of different investment consulting roles, including individuals with specific knowledge in gold coins, investment opportunities, and more. They have a wide selection of different gold coins to offer investors from mints around the world, including specific coins that are authorized by the United States Congress. Whatever your investing knowledge is, US Money Reserve can help you with gold coin purchases and give you sound advice toward investing in the future.

Contrary to popular belief by so-called financial gurus, gold is not dead. In fact it is very much alive, and waiting quietly for a huge resurgence. The experts at US Money Reserve can help you position yourself for greater profits when the bear rally starts.


Top 5 First Time Homebuyer’s Mistakes

If you are looking to buy your first home soon and want to avoid the pitfalls that come along with it, then this article is for you!

1. Falling in Love with a House
If you fall in love with the house you are looking to buy, it can become deadly to your wallet and your financial well being. The Realtor may see that you really want the house and jack up the price, and unless you are strong willed, you will more than likely fall into the bottomless pit. On another note, make sure that you are the one that wants to buy the house and it is not just your Realtor!

2. Skipping the Home Inspection
The best way to prevent the nightmare of major house repair in the future is to get the house inspected before looking into the buying process ahead. Their may be an tremendous amount of mold that has been dolled up in the house, or a squeaky floor that may fall through after purchase.

3. Consider a Home Resale Value
You will most likely want to move in the future, I assure you of this. If you think that you are paying way more than you can resale it for then you are paying too much. Try to get your Realtor to go down on the price, if they won’t then maybe this is not the house for you.

4. Lack of Money to Cover All of the Costs
There are quite a few costs to cover that you may or may not be aware of, such as the down payment, inspection costs, prepaid interests, earnest money deposit, up front money for homeowner’s insurance, and closing costs. There may be a few listed that you were not aware of, and that is where they get you.

5. Down Payment Being Too Small
When putting a down payment on your home, make sure that you give more than 20%. If you put less than 20% down, you will have private mortgage insurance on the loan, which in return increases your monthly payments.

Now that you have decided to purchase your first home, you need to decide on the right Realtor. I highly recommend the experts at Boraie Development LLC.Contact them today to find your perfect house for the perfect price.

The Beauty Of The Upcoming Ski Season

Winter is fast approaching and that only means one thing – the ability to ski at the best resorts on the east and west coasts. The upcoming ski season is a perfect time to enjoy the best ski resorts and partake in skiing and snow boarding on some of the highest peaks. There are many people that have been waiting for the day that they can put on their ski suits and hit the slopes with their friends and family. There are many ski resorts in the United States but there are some that are better than others. The popular destinations for skiing are on the hills of northern California and Colorado. These areas are known for their soft, fluffy snow and their five-star ski resorts, providing amenities that are to die for.

In addition to skiing at some of the best resorts, the upcoming ski season lends itself to enjoy the many amenities these ski resorts have to offer. Individuals booking a stay at these ski resorts can enjoy massages and the sauna at the spa, the warmth and tranquility of a fire place in the room and 24 hour room service during their entire stay. Individuals also have the ability to partake in ski classes for all levels. If a person is known to ski, they can also learn how to snowboard at the ski resort.

Andy Wirth is an executive in the hotel and mountain resort industry. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Meadow Ski Resorts and Squaw Valley, located in Olympic Valley, California. Wirth has worked in the hotel and mountain resort industry for over 25 years. He began his career in 1986 and has had several leadership positions within the industry ever since. Squaw Valley is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States. This ski resort was the host of the winter Olympics in 1960. Squaw Valley offers skiers access to 6,200 acres and 270 trails, after merging with Alpine Meadows. Squaw Valley Ski Resort attracts over 600,000 skiers every year, making it the go to destination for skiing enthusiasts this upcoming ski season.

Joseph Bismark Appoints Martina Hingis To Become The Brand Ambassador For QNET

The QI Group Managing Director, Mr. Joseph Bismark announced just recently, the tennis superstar Martina Hingis , to be the current new brand ambassador for the leading direct sales company known as QNET.

This great announcement was made on the 18th September, when the V-UAE was taking place at the Hamdan Sports Arena. The super star took the stage together with Joseph Bismark and they made their partnership public in front of over 10,000 attendees.
According to the star, the appointment was actually a great honor, and she was very happy to be associated with an international brand such as QNET, which is recognized for its strength and popularity in over 100 countries.

Every single year, all the QNET Independent Representatives assemble to celebrate,to learn, and also to grow like a community at the V-Con, which is actually the grandest convention ever held by The-V. Held in Dubai this year, the V-UAE was a celebration of the QNET’s 17th anniversary. Executives like Joseph Bismark, who are in the company decided that the best way to celebrate the occasion was to add a new member to the expanding QNET family.

The selected super star, Martina Hingis,is a world recognized tennis champion, who was also a former five times Grand Slam winner and Global Ambassador in the International Tenni of Fame. The super star happily acknowledged her title of Brand Ambassador from Bismark. She said she was willing to work with the brand to enhance its popularity. The star joins the company’s stable in sports sponsorships which includes the Marussia Formula 1 team together with the Manchester City Football Club.
Martina Hingis is also believed to be representing the renowned QNET brand in the whole of India and is actually slated to compete in different QNET sponsored events.

Joseph Bismark is actually the founding director in the QI Group. In the year 2008 he assumed the position of the Group Managing Director. He is a very talented and versatile leader who is believed to live by the saying that everybody has the potential to attain extraordinary things. He is known to be very dynamic too.
Mr.Bismark has always actively pursued his innate thirst for knowledge, which he has been able to attain over the years. He has excelled in different interests such as becoming a Vedic philosopher, a good yoga instructor, a bonsai master, and even in martial arts. He is also a very devoted and trusted servant of God.

Source: BusinessWire

FreedomPop on the road to expanding their business

FreedomPop now offers 4G mobile services in the UK. FreedomPop has now arrange the first stage of a venture capital backed worldwide growth plan. FreedomPop has a one-time setup fee of 7 euros. After the initial payment, customers will essentially have a free service with a set amount of minutes, texts, and data.The company makes their profits by selling packages between 4.99 euros and 16.99 euros to their customers who go through their free package quickly.

The subscribers can earn money by during third-party promotional surveys. FreedomPop is similar to Talk Talk and Tesco where they do not own any mobile masts. The company focuses on the maximum price sensitive area of the business. FreedomPop is now putting their attention on purchasing the three network.

Stephen Stokols, who is the chief executive of FreedomPop mention that customers tend only to buy extra capacity. He also says that the company only needed about 50,000 subscribers in order for their business to stay afloat. Stokols founded the company in the US in the year 2011.

Mr. Patterson used to be the advisor for FreedomPop, he then proceeded a UK launch. The company focus on trying to sell as much traffic as possible. Stokes is working on a deal in the Uk to gain passage to the BT Wifi network.The BT Wifi has 5m hotspots.

FreedomPop aim is to sign up consumers only online; Strokes mentions how he had a conversation with two prominent street retailers. FreedomPop has about 250,000 Britons that had an enthusiasm before the businesses took off this week.

Haidar Barbouti and Houston Luxury

Without Haidar Barbouti, Houston’s elite would have far fewer places to live and play. His signature achievement is Highland Village, an upscale shopping center in the wealthy River Oaks area of Houston that is more than just a place to shop. It gives all the atmosphere and activities of a real village.

Whether you want to stroll the walkable promenades, or take advantage of the plentiful parking lining the sidewalks near your favorite venues, Highland Village provides everything you need to enjoy a full day of food, culture, and entertainment as well as shops catering to your every need.

As well as fast food and coffee shops, Barbouti has created a luxury third-floor gastronomic mecca, Up Restaurant, for discerning diners. Whether dining in old world luxury indoors or enjoying spectacular views from the patio, the upscale clientele luxuriates in the best of a combination New American and Italian cuisine which eschews the trendy in favor of first-rate quality with a elegant backdrop of wood and marble, and an ambiance of quiet elegance. With options including fresh salmon and redfish, perfectly cooked steaks, pasta specialties, and a selection of fine wines and beers, Up Restaurant caters to the discerning diner.

For visitors who want lighter fare, RA Sushi Bar adds a touch of the Orient, and other choices include bakeries, pizza, cafes, and sandwiches. Keep caffeinated for your day at the village with coffee drinks from Starbucks, or feast on food for the mind and soul at the Barnes and Noble bookstore. Bring the gourmet spirit of Highland Village home with a trip to Whole Foods.

For visitors who want to bring Highland Village’s signature luxury into their homes, many home and kitchen luxury stores abound, including a Crate & Barrel in one of Houston’s most architecturally innovative retail buildings, Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn.

Highland Village is not just about what people can buy. It’s also a place where Haidar Barbouti gives back to his community by helping protect its smallest and most vulnerable members. Highland Village Adoption Center helps animals find their forever homes.

Brian Mulligan: Powerful Hollywood Businessman

It takes a tremendous amount of hard work, dedication and passion to excel in the professional world. Brian Mulligan is a businessman and CEO of Brooknol Adviors. Brooknol Advisors is a media, entertainment and sports advisory company. They cover everything from broadcasting to sporting events. Mulligan holds a very prestigious title in a very prestigious company. Achievements like this don’t happen overnight. Mulligan worked his way up in every company he worked for, contributing fresh ideas and a hardworking mentality. We’ll cover his back story, where he is today and some of his best achievements.

Mulligan always had a passion for entertainment and sports. After high school he decided to turn his passion into a degree and pursue his dreams. Mulligan attended the renowned University of Southern California. Even though he kept busy with his schoolwork, Mulligan managed to incorporate extracurricular activities. Mulligan was a member of Beta Alpha Psi Honor Society and California Society of CPA. In addition to pursing his degree he attended American Institutes of Certified Public Accountants and Financial Executive Institute. It’s safe to say he had a lot on his plate and managed to accomplish multiple tasks at once.

After graduating college, Mulligan dived into the professional world quickly. Mulligan has worked for well-known companies such as SyFy Channel, Cineplex Entertainment and Universal Studies. Each role was different but Mulligan was always in charge of financial decisions and helped each company grow drastically. Today he is continuing his trend of enhancing companies by working for Brooknol Advisors.

Outside of his professional career Brian Mulligan manages to contribute time and money into many charities. He was involved in a well-known charity “A Better LA” that helped raise millions for schools. Mulligan also donates and helps raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital, YMCA, United Way, and City of Hope. It is not only his passion to be a successful businessman but also to give back to his community. Mulligan sits on the board for many of UCLA and USC board of leaders to help improved his previous alma maters.

Getting to the point where you’re referred to as one of the most powerfull  people in Hollywood comes from hard work. Mulligan dedicated all his time in energy into shaping his career while helping out the lives of others. His career is still as bright as ever and he is continuing to climb up in every position. It is truly inspiration to see someone accomplish so much as well as give back to the community.

What You Should Look for In an Investment Advisor


For an individual who is currently looking for a financial advisor to assist them in their investments they will most probably come cross some complex titles along the advisors name. This is because there are various types of certifications that these advisors get currently. These are actually professional designations and they are earned according to the part of the globe the advisors works from. Sometimes the types of investments they deal with also matters.

Many of the designations have some things which are quite similar. These specialized designations actually represent the courses the advisors have taken in the past and have managed to complete them successfully overtime. There are some things that are very crucial to understand when you have decided to look for a financial investment advisor.

For a person to qualify to the designation of an advisor, they have to meet some specific requirements. Some of this might include; their working experience, their ability to follow guidelines, and some time passing a specialized proficiency exam.

If you want to get a good financial advisor, it is very important to select an individual who has achieved one of these certifications, and to be on the safe side, select the one with the higher certification. When you are looking for a financial advisor, you are actually dealing with your savings and this makes it a very delicate issue since it’s all about your future. When you have decided to narrow down in your list of the few, it is important to ask around for references. These will help you choose the best, and the chances of you making a mistake will be very minimal.

Another safe way of looking for an investment advisor is by using the bank. With the bank, you actually don’t have to worry about meeting a person who is not qualified enough. Your bank will most probably have someone who can help you in this issue. However, it is good to note that most banks have the aim of promoting their products when you go for the investment advice.

If you are looking for a safe place to look for investment advice, then you should consider visiting the Madison Street Capital. The investment firm which is actually internal will provide you with corporate financial advisory services; valuation service and many more. The investment firm especially committed to integrity, leadership, excellence and service in delivering corporate financial advisory services to both the publicly and also the privately held investments.

The Paint Producing Giant In Brazil: Eucatex has written that Eucatex is a paint producing company that is currently the seventh largest paint company in Brazil with an overall market share of three percent but has a short term objective of increasing it to five percent of the total paint and coatings market. Eucatex is the first Brazilian company to incorporate eucalyptus as a raw material in the manufacture of panels and ceiling tiles. For sustainability, the company has a constant supply of raw materials from its 44 hectares of forest in São Paulo state. As a company that values preservation of the environment, its endeavors have been recognized worldwide including international certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as the Green Seal rewarded by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC is a corporation that keeps an eye on forests to ensure that standards regarding the environment, society and economic are followed.

As paint producing company that has a construction and furniture industry of its own, Eucatex invests in wood waste recycling to minimize pollution of the environment. The company is always attentive to programs that influence the preservation of the environment and in forests for that matter. Among the feed materials used for recycling are wood chips, pallets, pedaceiras and rubble construction. Earlier this year, Eucatex sponsored a documentary titled ‘slab of Dreams’ that was aimed at being publicized in Brazil to preserve Marine State Park of Laje de Santos in São Paulo state. Thanks to Flavio Maluf, the company has gone worldwide and been acknowledge for producing quality products to satisfy the needs of customers. Since 1997 when he became its president, the mechanical engineer cum businessman has used his prowess to bring the best out of the company.

The company produces a broad range of products that has seen it export to various countries across the world. The Furniture Industry at Eucatex has one of the leading suppliers of wood fiber plates and MDP. These products are used to manufacture residential furniture and are made with advanced systems and the latest technology. Eucafloor, the company’s laminating floor comprises of Classic, Prime, Rustic, Evidence, and Elegance. The Eucatex doors are made to withstand for long, and their beauty is one of a kind. The four lines used to market their doors include Base Painting, formidur BP, Eucadur, and Eucaplac. Not to mention its paint that is produced in a wide variety to make a quality finish to any work. The paints segment is composed of Eucatex lines Premium and Peg & Paint.

In 2007, Eucatex’s paint segment accounted for 15 percent of paints and coatings sales an increase from the previous year that was 12 percent. It was in 1995 when the company started producing paints and coatings for its use in the manufacture of fiberboards.