Flavio Maluf Shares The Secrets Of Running A Successful Company

Flavio Maluf is the chair of Eucatel that is the parent company of Eucatex. This group of companies has always focussed on sustainable development in the world. So much so that the work done by Eucatex has been hailed in the industry as the new standard on sustainable development. With the ideas of Flavio Maluf, the company has established a name for itself in the industry and taught other businesses about how to strike the right balance between financial success and environment consciousness.

In the following points, Flavio Maluf talks about what it takes to run a successful company that might be useful to young entrepreneurs –

Believe In Yourself And Don’t Forget Your Values – One doesn’t create and stay a part of a family as successful as the Maluf family without having a special belief in one’s abilities. Dino.com writes that Flavio Maluf stresses on the fact that a business should always have morals and ideals. It should strive to stand by those morals through hail or storm. A lot of people thought that sustainable development was a long shot but Flavio Maluf always knew that when he respected the environment, it would lead to great results for his company and that is exactly what happened.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Relying On Your Family For Support – Despite his busy schedule, Flavio Maluf constantly finds time to spend with his family. In the long run, this has helped him become the entrepreneur that he is today. He also takes time off work to go on vacations with his family and leaves enough time for his hobbies. Flavio Maluf is of the belief that all businesses wish to achieve success and the best kind of success is the one that comes with happiness and satisfaction. Otherwise, why do people work so hard? They want a future that is secure, safe and steeped in things that makes them happy.

If Your Business Doesn’t Care About People, It Will Fail – One thing that has set Eucatex apart from other companies in the construction business is how much it cares for its employees. The people working for Eucatex and Eucatel are rewarded for their great work constantly and this doesn’t mean in a financial sense alone. In order for a business to succeed, Flavio Maluf believes that people should feel satisfied with the work environment and must feel that the company cares for them. It is a company’s job to make an employee feel secure and not vice versa.

With the above tips, it is clear that Flavio Maluf has actually used them in Eucatel and the results are for all to see. He adds that this advice might be simple but it takes a special kind of character to follow it.

Sell A Home Without A Huge Commission With 990 Sell Homes

Get Your Home Sold Without the Huge Fees of Traditional Real Estate Agencies

Are you tired of trying to sell your home with traditional real estate agencies? Are the huge fees and commissions eating into your revenue and leaving you with a significantly smaller amount of money from your home sale than you want? Besides trying to sell your home yourself, there is another much more economical way to sell your house while having it listed by a professional real estate agent. The answer is to list and sell your home with 990 Sell Homes, a reality agency that operates nationwide in the United States.

990 Sell Homes has agents in all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. You will not find a shortage of agents at 990 Sell Homes who will do their best to sell your home as quickly as possible. What sets 990 Sell Homes apart is it low flat commission price of $990 for each home sold. While that may seem like a ridiculously low price, 25 years of success shows that such a commission price works for both homeowners looking to sell and agents actively involved in selling homes on the market.

Get all the Services that Traditional Real Estate Agencies Offer For Less with 990 Sell Homes

You may be thinking that for such a low commission rate, you won’t get much bang for your buck in terms of the services offered by the real estate agent. 990 Sell Homes Reality offers all the services that other agencies who charge a 6% commissions do. Included in the flat price of $990 is listings on top real estate sales sites such as MLS, Realtor.com and Zillow. In addition your home will get photo brochures and online and print advertising to get the word out about your home.

990 Sell Homes real estate agents are readily available and are a simple phone call away. Unlike other real estate sales websites that who’s agents will constantly pester you to list with them and try you to offer you other services, 990 Sell Homes puts the decision on you list your home with solely in your hands. You can expect no pressure or annoying phone calls from 990 Sell Homes, just professional service that is focused on getting your home sold.

With Such Low Commissions How Does 990 Sell Homes Make a Profit?

The reason that 990 Sell Homes Reality is able to turn a profit is because of its strong network of agents and thousands of satisfied customers. Customers often purchase homes and give referrals to friends and family after their success with a 990 Sell Homes agent and this provide additional income for the agents. The business model of 990 Sell Homes aims to save homeowners a significant amount of money on commissions and provide real estate agents with additional avenues through which to earn a commission.

CCMP Leads the Field In Private Equity Investing

Private equity firms come in all shapes and sizes. Many start off with the best intentions of remaining viable, but without a wealth of experience and expertise in a number of different areas and disciplines, failure is the result more times than not. After all it takes more than a degree and an angel investment to build a private equity firm that will be around for the long haul.

When Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on nypost started in 2002, it already had years of experience in its roster. The firm has been around in one form or another since the 1990s, and boasted some of the most talented individuals in the world of private equity operations, risk assessment and finance.

When it comes to private equity investments, there are certain assurances that need to be determined before any capital is utilized. Is the business viable? If not, can it be rehabilitated to profitability? Does our firm have the capability to rescue this entity? Can we increase the value and profitability of the business?

These questions and many more are vital, but sometimes overlooked by less seasoned equity firms. And because they are overlooked, many investments by these firms turn into losses or write offs in short order.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital holds a vast portfolio in a number of different businesses. From national fast food chains, to large medical health systems, CCMP has time and time again proven their standing in the prime equity markets. In 2007, CCMP was designated the 17th largest private equity fund in the world.

Leading the charge at CCMP Capital was its former CEO, Stephen Murray. Murray had a wide-reaching career of managing private equity concerns, including management positions at Octagon Credit Investors and AMC Entertainment. When he took the reins of CCMP Capital in 2007, he led them on a run of incredibly successful growth through multiple acquisitions, many of them still part of CCMP’s portfolio today.

The mission of CCMP Capital has always been to make businesses under their umbrella more profitable through corporate overhauling and refinement. Over the years, that business plan has proven successful, and continues to be so, based on their constant growth.

Through the years, CCMP Capital focus was to successfully acquire and renovate companies with potential. Through many years of tested and proven strategies, they now sit at the top of the private equity investment business world.

The Benefits of Spine Clinics

A spinal cord injury is a highly destructive condition that affects over 11,000 patients each year in the United States alone. Science and technology have both come a very long way in the treatment and healing of spinal injuries, however, there is still much that can be improved with the research. A significant amount of research has been conducted over the years to simplify the pathophysiology of spinal cord injuries.

As earlier reported, spinal cord injury is devastating to the 11,000 to 12,000 individuals that it affects each year in the United States. These injuries can be sustained from car accidents, sport related injuries, and even direct trauma. Statistically speaking these injuries are more likely to be suffered by men, but women are not immune. Currently, there have been no proven treatments that protect against the effects of a spinal cord injury, although methylprednisolone has been used with some success for certain instances in the past.

That’s where North American Spine comes in. They pride themselves as being ‘the leader in minimally invasive spine care’. Located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, North American Spine has helped thousands of patients get their lives back by introducing their AccuraScope Procedure. The state-of-the-art technology boasts an 82% success rate and has been known to save patients thousands of dollars by drastically reducing medical costs as well as medications and repeated visits to the doctor. The AccuraScope Procedure is minimally invasive and has, to date, helped heal spinal injuries in over 8,000 patients. The procedure lasts less than an hour to treat chronic back pain of all stages.

No one wants to suffer with back pain, no matter the severity. North American Spine has changed the lives of so many. The wait time to even be seen by someone qualified can take up to 37 weeks, too long for someone who desperately needs help with their pain. North American Spine, ironically, is popular among Canadians. They travel down from all over Canada just to take advantage of the wonderful work the specialists do. They’re truly amazing and fantastic at what they do, reviews and testimonials from past patients can attest to that. Just ask Joe Berry, a former EMT who was in constant pain due to his job. As an EMT, your job requires you to do heavy lifting all the time, therefore, it’s no place for a spinal injury. Berry sought out multiple and costly treatments, including minor spinal surgery, but it was to no avail. After visiting the doctors at NAS, he said he was finally back to his old self and even headed back to work.

If you or someone you know is currently suffering from a spinal injury, don’t wait. You deserve your best chance at changing your life with no pain. Call the specialists at North American Spine today for a consultation. You won’t regret it, and you’ll be on your way to being pain free in no time.

A Thriving Economy And Good Investing Choices

Any country offers an individual investor the possibility of making wealth in their investments. When it comes to a country that has much to offer global investors, Brazil stands in a class of its own.

In Overview Of Brazil’s Economy

Individuals may not know much about the Brazilian economy, but in reality Brazil has great potential when it comes to emerging markets. Brazil has a very steadily growing economy when it comes to the financial market. There are some countries that may have a volatile economy, but generally Brazil has been increasing economically. If an individual is interested in global investing, there are many different options that they can choose from. Brazil has a very live and active stock exchange that a global investor can invest in. There are many companies that are on that stock exchange, and it is possible to make a direct investment in that way. Next an individual can choose a different offshore investment such as in ADR, IGR, EFTs, or mutual funds.

Why Invest In Brazil

There are many reasons why a global investor may choose to invest in the country of Brazil. Brazil has a very large economy, in fact it is the 10th largest economy in the world. While many countries around the world are going through a global recession, Brazil is a country that has continued to maintain a stable economy for quite some time. The Brazilian economy is growing at a rate of about 4 to 5% and because of that it has been considered a global hotspot for many years. When it comes to commodities Brazil is self-sustaining when it comes to its production of ethanol, iron ore, and oil. Many countries depend on other countries or have very few sources of oil, where as Brazil is self-sufficient in oil which is one of the worlds most desired commodities.

As far as global investments go, Brazil is very liberal when it comes to its global investors. An individual can invest in capital market instruments without any restrictions. If an individual desires a different way of investing, they can operate as participants in collective accounts. Collective accounts can be in the name of a local investor, and in that way they can invest through that individual.

A Champion Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a man who is known in Brazil and around the world as being a champion investor. Igor Cornelsen made a name for himself by rising to the top of the Brazilian financial district. He was able to help thousands of individuals throughout his tenure to gain much wealth and make wise investment decisions. Igor Cornelsen spent many decades in the financial markets, and even though he is retired, he still invests as a hobby. In reality when it comes to investing in Brazil there is much that a person can attain. Before make any sort of investment decision is made, an individual does well to get in contact with a trusted investment advisor that can guide them into making good investment choices.

Olympic Valley incorporation questioned amid fiscal concerns


Incorporating a region into a town is always going to lead to opposing views between those involved in the local community, but the proposed incorporation of Olympic Valley has seen the people of the local area pitted against each other in a difficult choice for their popular tourist area. The Incorporate Olympic Valley group is pushing forward with its plans to incorporate the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics into a town despite the economic concerns reported in a fiscal study. The report into the potential financial issues facing an incorporated Olympic Valley resulted in the consultancy group responsible seeing a dim future if the incorporation proposal is allowed to continue.

The Sierra Sun explains one of the most prominent people opposed to the incorporation of Olympic valley is Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO and President Andy Wirth. The popular philanthropist and campaigner for environmental and cultural programs within Olympic Valley and the greater Lake Tahoe region feels the fiscal study completed backs up the opinions of those opposed to incorporation. Wirth is also committed to working diligently to increase the level of tourism entering the area by working to improve the local Reno Airport as the President of the board of directors for the site.

The hope of those involved in the move to incorporate the area is that the fiscal report will be recalculated to include lower levels of employees to complete basic services, such as law enforcement. In doing so those wishing for the area to be incorporated feel the chances of success for the application process will be increased. However, the opposition to the process headed by Andy Wirth feel the fiscal report is accurate and shows the reality facing the area should incorporation proceed.

CCMP Capital Co-Founder Stephen Murray Holds Valued History

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital (as seen on nypost.com) is a private equity investment firm that has many great achievements. Comprising itself from predecessors Chemical Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank and JP Morgan Partners, CCMP Capital has invested several billion dollars in growth capital and leveraged buyouts. Today, CCMP Capital manages CCMP Capital Investors II and the J.P. Morgan Partners Global Fund, and maintains a number of investments in highly valued portfolio companies. Some of these portfolio companies include AMC Entertainment, Aramark and Guitar Center. CCMP Capital has more than 50 employees and maintains offices worldwide including London, Tokyo, New York and Hong Kong. As a world-class investment partner, CCMP Capital offers powerful resources and expert management.

Success From the Start

One of the individuals responsible for CCMP Capital’s great success is co-founder Stephen “Steve” P. Murray. Murray’s history with the company is extensive. A graduate of Boston College and Columbia Business School, he began his career at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation in 1984. Murray stayed with the company through its purchase by Chemical Bank in 1991 and Chemical Bank’s merger with Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996. He became the head of buyout business at JP Morgan partners in 2005 after Chase was purchased by J.P. Morgan, and later helped form the impetus for creating CCMP Capital as co-founder in 2006. Murray was named CEO of CCMP Capital in 2007.

Leading in Every Direction

Murray was an important board member of several major companies including The Vitamin Shoppe, Pinnacle Foods, Generac Power Systems, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Crestcom International and more. He contributed to non-profit and charitable organizations including the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. Additionally, he was a supporting alumnus at Boston College and Columbia Business School, the latter of which he held the position of vice chairman of the board of trustees.

Through his important contributions, lifelong commitments to excellence, and informed leadership, Murray laid the foundations for many successful ventures. As such, Murray represents a valued part of the pride and history of CCMP Capital.


When it comes to being ambitious Jared Haftel on wikipedia is one person, who really walks the walk, having made a name for himself in the world of business, and invest banking.

Jared has had numerous interests such as mathematics, and music, but in the business world, he has compiled an impressive resume having started as an analyst for Credit Suisse while finishing up his career at Duke University. After completing his studies, Jared took a job with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, working once again as an analyst focusing on Investment Banking and working with corporations, institutions, and governments. His areas of expertise were investments in regards to chemicals, metals, mining, and aerospace and defense. He worked with clients such as GeoEye, EMS Technologies, CONSOL Energy and Huntsman Corporation. In 2011 Jared moved on to take an associate position with Vector Capital where he provided investment services; during this time he was also writing articles, and providing assistance to graduates. He would focus not just on Investment Banking, but also on topics such as “Dressing for an Internship”, “Writing a business Resume.” In regards to resume writing he places much emphasis on how your resume should show your work accomplishments. When seeing this, this really seems basic, but what Jared is really stating is that work you did in high school, or in college are not relevant, unless the job is relevant to the career you want to pursue. It is rare if you’re trying to pursue a career in investment that your jobs in the service business will help. There may be an exception if you were a model employee, since Jared states that employers will judge you on how you were with previous employers, and how compatible you will be in the workplace. Jared also points out that it is best not to exaggerate, and to avoid fluff; and finally have someone who has inside experience with the company review you resume; this is very important for a number of reasons since it helps to have connections, but more importantly you will be able to find out what a particular employer will want, and get an idea of the culture of the workplace. It is important to remember that even if you have the skills, some places of work may not be for you, so having an inside connection will not just help with your resume, but give you a solid idea if this is the place for you. When dressing for an internship, of course you want to dress for success but even focusing on small but relevant details such as having your tie correctly tied, and having a solid handshake, as well as having the right attitude, but really trying to make an impact, and get the jobs you want based on merit.

As mentioned earlier besides having an interest in Investment Banking, Jared is quite a critic of music having written articles in regards to bands such as Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, and Elvis Perkins. While at Duke he also wrote a review on the band Bombadil, and alumni from Duke University.

When it comes to his resume and all of his accomplishments, the future looks bright for Jared. He is someone that stays on the cutting edge, while setting an example for a future generation of investors.

Shaygan Kheradpir, business and technology executive

Most businesses today operate with the help of technology. With the assistance of technology businesses are able to create products, have the products shipped, sale the products, and interact with customers. Technology is able to provide aid in such areas because of hardware or software. Different industries need different types of hardware and software in order to operate. For example, a restaurant may require hardware such as cooking equipment, cash register, computer, order taking software, telephones, and more. How do such companies know what technology to choose for his or her business? With the help of business and technology professionals, business owners are able to choose the best hardware and software for their company.

Why does specific hardware and software matter?

It is a fact that most business today cannot operate without technology. Not only is technology needed but the right technology is needed in order for a business to function properly. A business and technology professional will be able to help determine what technological products are needed by your company. For example, if you are the owner of a manufacturing company that produces car parts then you must make sure that your manufacturing equipment and software coincides with one another. A piece of manufacturing equipment without the proper software will fail to work properly. This could cause you company to lose productivity and money.

In addition to making sure that your hardware and software coincide with one another, it is also important that any software you use in your business is updated. If your employees use computers on a daily basis in order to serve customers, then it is important for you to keep your computer’s software updated. Software that has not been updated can cause your computer to lag or to malfunction. This could cause your company to receive a host of negative consequences such as a lost in sales or customers becoming irate. Also, if the software has not been properly updated then this could possibly lead to a security breech. This could cause private and confidential to be hacked.

In order to make sure that your company has the proper technology to operate and flourish, you should recruit an executive in business and technology. A Business and technology executive such as Shaygan Kheradpir can guide you through choosing the best technology for your business. He is able to supply your company with such expertise service because of his education and training. Kheradpir attended Cornell University where he received his doctorate degree in electrical engineer. His education allowed him to work for top companies such as Verizon FiOS and Pingit. His dedication to FiOS helped to transform it into a 12 billion dollar business. Shaygan can help you company and business to become successful as well by helping to transform your revenue profile with new products and services produced with the help of the correct hardware and software.

A Look at Brazilian Stocks

To most people in the financial world, anything outside of the United States is a mystery. New York City is at the center of the financial world. Even investors who work in Europe or Asian markets often do business out of offices in New York. This focus leads to some investors developing a blind spot for untapped markets. Brazil is one of the most prosperous economies in the world. They rank number one in South America, and the tropical country is the eighth largest economy in the world. Brazil is a prominent player in international trade and has many untapped sources of profits.

Before starting a career in Brazilian investments, it is important to understand that Brazil’s financial market faces many regulations that set foreign to foreigners. The first and perhaps the most important of these regulations is the rule prohibiting most businesses to deal in foreign currencies. This regulation forces investors to do their work through sn authorized third party. In most cases this third party is a bank. In Brazil there set 10 major players in the banking sector. They are Banco Itau, Banco Bradesco, Federal Banrisul, Santander, Caxia Economics, Banco J Safra, Banco di Brazil, btg Partial, and Citibank Brazil. The Brazilian branch of Citibank may seem like a easy way into the country, but use caution. Going straight for the familiar can have a major opportunity cost. Banco Itau is the bank to really watch. They have shown significant growth since their merger in 2008. A deal with Bsnco Itau can open up s lot of doors in the country.

Understanding the political climate of Brazil is also key to knowing how to proceed when investing. The last minister of finance attempted to bring reforms to the nation, but ultimately they hurt the economy. The new finance minister appears to be far more cooperative with investors, and he will most likely loosen regulations on the market.

The last major factor that needs to be addressed when talking about Brazil is China. The Asian juggernaut is Brazil’s largest trading partner. Brazil exports raw goods, and China sends the finished products back to Brazil. This relationship means that China is an excellent barometer for the Brazilian economy. If China is doing well, them it typically also means Brazil is on the rise.

Once getting past the language barrier, the political climate, and the excessive regulations navigating s new nation can still be a difficult task. It is wise to go in with a role model who knows the path before venturing out on your own. In that respect, nobody can match Zeca Oliveira. Working with Bridge Trust Administration Resources, Oliveira made billions of Brazilian Real. He has 20 years of CEO experience. He is near peerless in his mastery of the Brazilian economy. There are few people who can prove to be better role models than Zeca Oliveira.