More Than Just Insurance


A recent article published by AccuWeather begs the question why hurricane warnings are ignored? In the Northeast, Hurricane Sandy taught lessons to everyone about how we are not impervious to such weather calamities, curled up on our sofas watching footage on TV of almost every other part of the country being ripped apart by tumultuous storms. There were neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey that were completely decimated, but it was because storms of this caliber hardly ever happen here, many did not listen to the warnings.

Plymouth Rock Assurance (PRA), owned by New York City-born, Harvard-educated, American business executive, James Stone, is part of the Plymouth Rock Company of which Mr. Stone is the chief executive. PRA operates in New Jersey, and in a recent AccuWeather article, Gerry Wilson, the President and CEO of Plymouth Rock Management, reminded everyone how important it is going forward to heed the warnings and evacuate upon request. He did make mention of the fact that the people of New Jersey were very resilient when recovering from those storms, but he also reminds everyone there are lessons not to be forgotten, and ways to do things better going forward. 

James Stone, during his time at Harvard, consulted in the insurance industry. He completed six examinations at that time as well, eventually gaining admission to the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS). In fact, a paper he wrote on insurance of catastrophic risk became a requirement of the CAS for incoming candidates seeking admission. This would become the very auspicious beginning for Mr. Stone of a career in the insurance industry marked by much success. According to the executive’s Wikipedia page, James Stone also co-founded Cat Limited, which is a reinsurance firm in Bermuda. Reinsurance ultimately serves to make sure that the insurance industry remains solvent. 

Solvency certainly does not seem to be an issue for PRA. They stood by the residents of New Jersey through some terrible times. The corporate logo states that they are “more than just insurance.” They are indeed more than that, and with the perilous effects of storms that have pummeled New Jersey, the third link down on their website landing page is catastrophe center. The residents of New Jersey are lucky to have Plymouth Rock, as they seem to be more like a much-needed partner than just another insurance company.

Investment Banking, Is It Right For You?

Most individuals spend a lot of their time earning money, taking care of their family, and generally living life. They do not necessarily have a lot of spare time to focus on the ups and downs of the investment world. Aside from those who make the investment world their life, most of the rest of us prefer to leave this information to the experts. As such, investment banking is quite popular.

Those who work with investment banks can have experts at those banks invest their money for them. The banks are staffed with Wall Street types and those with experience in the world of investing. They are also always looking out for their clients and making every effort to find the best possible investments with the best returns. When banks find those investments for their clients, they too get a larger cut of the profits and a stronger reputation.

Madison Street Capital is one example of an investment bank. They work in the United States and internationally to serve the clients that come to them. They are particularly good at working with middle market firms and looking for specialized opportunities in unique businesses that may be ready to make a splash. The people at Madison Street Capital often find the golden investment opportunities long before others get their hands on them.

Investment banking makes sense for a lot of people because of the managed accounts. They get to work with someone who has the experience and knowledge to put them in the right types of investments. That is certain a lot better than trying to simply trust the advice that you might be able to pick up on the street from people. There are a lot of rumors floating around but a lot of the advice that is available simply is not of a very good quality.

Investment banking is not for everyone and you should always consult with expert financial advisers before making such a choice. However, many people find that it is the best way for them to change the financial conversation in their life. They can get money investing and start working towards their retirement. That is what people generally want when they turn to investment banking and it so often provides for them what they need.

About Christian Broda

Christian Broda in is one of the leading economists in the world. He is among the economists who use research-base analysis and commentary in the accomplishment of their goals. He has done extensive research on international trade, finance and macroeconomics at large. He is the Managing Director of Duquesne Capital Management. He is in charge of project management in the company. He has been invaluable when it comes to start-ups because of his exemplary skills. Since the year 2005 to 2010, he was a Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. He is a married fellow and has two sons.
He was also the Head of International Research at Lehman/Barclays Capital in the year 2008 to 2010. He is very learned because he has a Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). These is where he also pursued his Masters in Economics. He also has a B.A. in Economics from Universidad de San Andres.
He has been a member of many companies and associations. Some of them include the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and IMF Economic Review. At NBER, he was a faculty research professional. He was also an Associate Editor poof the Journal of Development Economics. He was also an affiliate of the board of James S. Kempler Foundation Scholar from 2006-2008.
He has written some articles that you can find on the net quickly. The articles are published in the American Economic Review and also in the Journal of International Economics. The articles touch on international finance and trade and how to succeed in those areas. He is mainly located ion New York and has his website where you can interact with him. Due to his long history in economics, he is invaluable when it comes to giving development information.

Handy’s Tips on How to Deal with a Plumbing Emergency

Handy has handled many cases of plumbing emergencies within its period of doing business. Plumbing issues can be confusing and devastating for someone who has no idea of how to deal with them. Here are tips that Handy believes will be of great importance to you when faced with the nightmare of a plumbing emergency.

Shut off the water valves

The first thing to do when you have a water leakage is to shut off the supply. If you cannot locate the exact valve connected to the broken pipe, simply turn the main water shutoff valve. It is advisable to get familiar with your plumbing system before an emergency pops up. Label valves and pipes for easy identification.

Contain the issue

Once the flooding is under control, the next important thing to contain the damage or disaster area. Prevent the flooding water from spreading to other parts of the house. You can direct it to the drain, scoop it out or pile blankets or towels to absorb it.

Vacate everything portable in the disaster area

Water can cause immense damage on materials that absorb water. Therefore, it is important to take out all the portable items as soon as possible. Take safety precautions when handling electronic devices that got wet. Thoroughly wipe furniture dry and leave them outside to air out. If your carpet or linoleum got excessively wet, you might have to discard it, since it might cause mold growth.

Call Handy for a professional plumber

Once the disaster is under control, it’s time to call a professional plumber to fix the source of the problem. Handy’s plumbers are experts in dealing with all types of plumbing emergencies. They have the right knowledge and the right tools to get job done right the first time.

As you want for a Handy plumber

Don’t just sit back and relax as you wait for a plumber; you need to do something to prevent further damage. Get the floor and other items in the room as dry as possible. You can dry off the water using towels or better yet, use a utility pump to suck up the water. Run ventilation systems such as fans to full-blast to enhance evaporation.

Having these steps on your finger tips will ensure that no plumbing emergency finds you off guard. And in case you panic, call Handy’s 24/7 customer support to work you through the steps while you wait for the plumber.

The Rise Of Eucatex

A long journey starts with one step and this has been evidenced by the substantial growth of what was once an idea. Eucatex is a company with its corporate headquarters located in Sao Paulo in Brazil that specializes in manufacturing various wood products such as paints, doors, floors, wall partitioning, panels, hardboards and thin high density fiberboard (T-HDF). They also deal with eucalyptus seedlings as a way of ensuring that people plant as many trees as possible.

The company is led by Flavio Maluf as the chief executive officer of the company since April 29, 2005. He also holds the position of board of executive officers chairman. He studied his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Fundacao Armando Alvare Penteado (FAAP) from where he joined Citi Bank in Newyork and Sistema before joining Eucatex.

The history of Eucatex dates back in 1951 when it began its operations before opening a panel factory in Salto in 1954 with a special focus in selling products from eucalyptus fibers. It was the first business of the kind in the whole of Brazil where it started by manufacturing softboards and shortly afterwards expanded to ceiling tiles and panels.

The business experienced a faster growth which enabled it to expand its range of products as well as its territory to Argentina’a Buenos Aires. By 1965, the company had managed to increase its production capacity which prompted the company to seek more market such as Europe where they started exporting the products. The business was too good that they opened offices in various countries such as Germany, Mexico, Holland, United Kingdom and United States. They further expanded by opening another factory in Santo which enabled them to start yet another products such as paint, varnishes and panels.

The progress story continued and in 2010, the company started producing high technology panels used to manufacture doors and other furniture. The company attained its 60th anniversary in 2011 being the leading company in the manufacturing of doors, paints, hardboards among other products. It also expanded its market and productivity to a total of 37 countries and four modern factories respectively.

The company has ensured that its commercial dealings do not affect the environment and the society at large through cutting of trees for their production. It has therefore embarked on various projects to ensure that the environment is conserved. It also ensures that there is recycling of waste product as way of preserving the environment. They also engage in large scale planting of eucalyptus trees which they later use for their production.

Meet Successful Brazilian Investment Assets Mastermind Entrepreneur Fersen Lambranho

Fifty-three-year-old Brazilian entrepreneur and engineer Fersen Lambranho specializes in asset management solutions. In Brazil, he’s held numerous key positions in prominent companies, including GP Investments, which he now owns with his trusted partner Antonio Bonchristiano. Lambranho is no stranger to the industry. He’s decades worth of experience under his belt. As a young brilliant mind, Lambranho attended Universidade-Federal-do-Rio-De-Janeiro from which he earned a BA civil engineering degree. He later studied business administration at COPPEAD-UFRJ where he received an MSc (Master-of-Science) degree. Lambranho also enrolled in an HBS Harvard-Business-School accredited Owner-President-Management-Program.

Fersen Lambranho

Lambranho served a board chairman at Contax, ABC Supermercados, Oi, and Gafisa. He’s assumed other board membership roles at, Playcenter, Estacio, Farmasa, BRMalls, Tele-Norte-Leste-Participacoes, San Antonio, BR Properties, Allis, San-Carlos-Empreendimentos-e-Participacoes, and Shoptime. At Lojas Americana’s, Lambranho became the CEO (Chief-Executive-Officer) in 2003 and served in this capacity for 12 years after assuming a board membership role in 1998. Today, Lambranho and partner Bonchristiano own GP Investments. Prior to assuming this capacity, he was the company’s chairman. In 1999, Lambranho became GP Investments managing director just a year in employment. The company primarily handled alternative investment options and while Lambranho undertook his chairman responsibilities, he particularly specialized in private-equity funds asset management. With a company shares partnership, Lambranho teamed with Bonchristiano four years into his tenure to acquire the firm. By 2004, the pair finalized the acquisition which entitled them to 100% of the company’s assets and operations.

Fersen Lambranho

The two managed to expand the company’s presence bringing new investors and opportunities which resulted in greater profitability. With Lambranho and Bonchristiano remodeling initiative, they ventured into infrastructure and real estate asset management. Bonchristiano particularly undertook the role of establishing partnerships and relationships with foreign investors. Lambranho takes care of the finding opportunities and managing deals. Besides GP Investments, he’s the chairperson of LBR, Magnesita S.A., GP Advisors, BR?Z Investments, BHG, and Centauro.

Fersen Lambranho

Endeavor, a globally successful organization with a focus on empowering entrepreneurs has selected Lambranho to mentor their budding business talents. The non-profit Endeavor has a presence in 20+ countries worldwide and Lambranho mentors entrepreneurs at all chapters. With his superior industry knowledge and expansive experience, Lambranho educates future entrepreneurs about investee and investor relationships. He also has multiple affiliations as a principal board member serving high-impact organizations such as COPPEAD-UFRJ and Fundacao-Bienal-de-Sao-Paulo. He also a co-founding partner of Patronos-da-Pinacoteca-do-Estado-de-São-Paulo with Paloma Lambranho his wife. He’s a committee member of 2014 PIPA (Prêmio-IP-Capital-Partners-de-Arte as well.

People Should Get to Know About Eric Pulier

Technology has experienced rapid advancements in the recent present and this started way back when the world population was not as dense as it is now. The journey on technology cannot be told without some key players being mentioned. One such key player is the American born Eric Pulier who was born in 1967 and resides in Los Angeles and California. He is among the most successful entrepreneurs in the enterprise technology and government and has pioneered the software abd digital interactive industries for more than twenty years. His companies have enjoyed being financed by who is who among the venture capital groups in the world since he has built a name for himself in the industry making investors believes in his ventures. Apart from being an entrepreneur in the world of technology, he is also well known as an author and a great philanthropist. He also features in the global conferences on technology as a key speaker.

His journey to success started way back in school when he started programming computers in his fourth grade and later started a company that dealt in database computing in high school. He later joined Harvard University in 1984 where he pursued English and Literature. After graduating in 1988, he moved to Los Angeles in 1991 where he started a company known as People Doing Things (PDT) which addressed education, healthcare, among other issues through the use of technology.

In 1994, he made further effort and founded Interactive Agency Digital Evolution which later merged with US Interactive LLC in the year 1998. He has also actively founded other interactive ventures such as Desktone, Akana, Media Platform and many others. His success saw him get selected to create and execute the presidential technology exhibition by the presidential inaugural committee in 1997 in Washington. He executed the role so well that he was later called to participate in the vice president’s health care and technology forum where he talked about health care and technology initiatives. He is currently the executive chairman at SOA Software Inc which he founded in 1998. He is also a co-founder of ServiceMesh Inc where he serves as the board chairman as well the chief executive officer.

Apart from his career as a technology expert, Eric Pulier also gets in touch with humanity through his philanthropic ways. He has given donations to various non-profit making organizations to aid the less privileged in the society such as the ill and the children. He is also actively involved in charitable events such as sitting in the innovation board which is a completion to solve humanities greatest problems.

Why Purina PetCare Is More Than Just A Dog Food Company

Based on the Purina news out there, this brand is well-known reputation as a manufacturer of quality animal foods for more than a hundred years, and rightfully so. But just as animal products and pets themselves have evolved over the last century, so has Purina.

It got its start in 1894 when its founder, William Danforth, started a company that manufactured food for both livestock and domestic pets. Inspired by a family he knew in his childhood that dressed only in checkerboard cloth, Danforth selected the same pattern as his company’s logo. He later developed a personal philosophy in which he claimed that the checkerboard pattern stood for four aspects of human development that should never be out of balance. “Purina” implied the pureness of the food he was selling, which was identified by the word “chow”. These animal foods, ranging from pig to monkey chow, quickly became popular. In 1902, Danforth teamed up with college professor, life-style guru, and breakfast cereal entrepreneur Webster Edgerly. Their joint products were produced under the brand name Ralston-Purina until the company was sold in 1986. The company retained its name as it was sold several more times over the next decade, finally being sold to Nestlé’s Friskies Petcare Company in 2001. Under it new name and owner, the company has flourished. Today, Purina Pet Care is the largest manufacturer of animal feed in the United States, and the second largest in the world. It continues to manufacture livestock feed in addition to both dry and wet food for small domestic animals.

Some of Purina’s most popular brands are dog food, such as Beneful and Purina One. But in addition to these dog foods, the company has also begun doing more public relations work, emphasizing the beneficial relationships between pets and owners, and how each can enhance the other’s life. To that end, the company has produced an app that answers pet questions, and produced a video that helps dog owners and their pets stay in shape together. In a related promotion, the company’s Beneful brand hosts an annual “Great Dog Parks” contest in which contestants submit designs and win money to construct them. Purina PetCare also manufactures the popular Friskies cat food, and recently appointed a videographer to travel the country, chronicling stories of cat owners and their pets for airing. The company’s most recent project is a series of videos showing the benefits of bringing pets to the workplace.

Current trends in business and finance

There is no doubt that the world of business and finance can be a volatile one. Headlines featuring the financial collapse in Greece, or fluctuating gas prices are a near daily occurrence. Retirement, interest rates, credit card companies, and big business are constantly on peoples’ minds given that these topics are permanent fixtures on major financial sites such as Yahoo! News.
One featured article on Yahoo! News last month showcased Highland Capital Management as one of the best places to work in Dallas, TX in 2015. James Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management and has gained an impressive resume in his 30-year career that focuses on credit and equity markets. Distressed investments and high-yield accounts are Mr. Dondero’s specialty, and his products are award-winning.
Dedication from a business such as Highland Capital Management is imperative for the stability of such an ever-changing environment.
Education is key when making large or long-term investments. Keeping up with trending financial news can keep you ahead of the game when it comes to making your business successful or planning for retirement. Credit, insurance, and investment companies are often preying on the uneducated investor or borrower in order to make the most of their profit. Credible research in business and finance is an invaluable tool in securing long term success.

Big Investors Look to Brazil

Big investors are looking to invest in Brazil. In fact, Brazil could be one of the best places to invest in 2015. Several factors contribute to Brazil as an emerging top country for investment. The World Cup was held in Brazil in 2014 and Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympic games in 2016. Forbes world’s billionaire list includes 54 Brazilians. Sao Paulo has one of the best subway systems in the world, affording Brazilians reliable mass public transportation, allowing easy access to jobs and earnings.

Worldwide, Brazil is the 7th largest economy and is the largest in Latin America. According to the World Bank, Brazilians benefited from a solid decade of economic progress from 2003 through 2013, which resulted in 26 million Brazilians being lifted from poverty. Unemployment in Brazil is low and real wage growth has put the power of dollar earnings in the hands of Brazilians.

Brazil boasts abundant natural resources, producing steel, cement, and petroleum. Brazil also produces agricultural products and has significant diversified manufacturing industries (from automobiles to computers).

China recently announced that it is investing $50 billion in Brazilian infrastructure. Improvements include transportation and energy sectors. The infrastructure improvements also will help the 2016 Olympic Games. A railway is planned from Brazil to Peru to help bring Brazilian exports more quickly to China. There is high Chinese demand for Brazilian exports. Infrastructure projects boost Brazil’s economy, making it even more attractive to investors. An international company, Conductix Wampfler is completing a project to expand the monorail system for Sao Paulo. The monorail will serve a crucial need. Driving the 20 miles from the airport to downtown in Sao Paulo can currently take up to five hours. The monorail will help reduce congestion for Brazilians and visitors, whose number is expected to swell during the 2016 Olympic Games.

Of course, all of those visitors will boost the economy with their spending and travel. All of this has led investors to turn their eyes toward Brazil. That’s where BRL Trust comes in to the equation. BRL Trust was founded in 2005 and began by providing private loans. But after only one year, BRL Trust experienced rapid growth and increasing demand. BRL Trust is presently the largest manager of investment funds in Brazil. BRL Trust offers fiduciary services, funds administration, control and custody of funds, asset management and asset underwriting.

BRL Trust is authorized by the Securities Commission to manage investments and has participated in structured and innovative transactions. BRL Trust presently has 120 funds for administration. Capital markets and investments are now global, just as the world economy is global. BRL Trust serves both institutional investors and individuals.