The Housing Hole

Between the years 2007 and 2009 the housing market saw a huge decline unlike anything that the nation’s economy had ever seen before. The country ended up being in a depression almost as bad as the Great Depression for a few years. In late 2010 the housing market saw a huge rise. Lowered interest rates and higher demands made the housing market increase to endearing levels. After the housing market took a jump, the rest of the components of the economy followed suit. A study done by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard have noted that the homeownership rate is dropping at a drastic rate. The rate at which single family homes are being constructed also fell to a low rate. The rental market is the main mode of the housing market that has seen a steady increase stated Zeca Oliveira. Landlords have taken the opportunity to raise the prices of renting and renters insurance. Even though rental rates are high the rates are attributing to the biggest increase of renter households in the last decade. Unfortunately, any of the gains that the housing market has seen in the last twenty years means little to nothing now. The national vacancy rate also fell to an extremely low rate. Cost burdened households were on the rise which can lead to more economic problems down the line. Leaders in the economic and housing communities are planning to come together to find a way to get the country out of a housing rut before we get into one.

How To Identify Yourself: The Wikipedia Way

Writing and editing content for Wikipedia is like anything else you do, you need to market yourself. You need to set yourself apart from everyone else. Yes, it’s good to create your own account. Within this account you need to establish your own brand.

Others can read your stuff, if you keep things general and anonymous. It’s best to create your own thing,though. This way others in the community can ready your content and see your editing. As you do more work for the site, you can build your brand. You will soon become known as an official wikipedian. This is a good thing. Other editors and publisher can see your stuff stated

Everyone is an expert on something. Think of something that you are an expert on, as you build up your brand. When the time is right, concentrate on those areas you have a keen interest in. In fact, Wikipedia encourages this. You can also go in and edit subjects that display inaccurate information.

Tips on Making Your Name Stand Out

1) Be bold, but don’t be reckless about it. This is good advise for anything in life. You don’t need to hit people over the head with your abilities. Even just a simple rewrite will make all the difference. The best part is that you can always go back and change something later. Have some fun on the job, just don’t take it too far. You still have a job to do.

2) There are always areas in which extra help is needed. Look to pages like “Punctuation Needed” or “Pages Too Short.” If you have a gift for this kind of thing, use it to your advantage. There is always something you can work on. Editing is like any job in life, you can always keep yourself busy doing something. If you have a knack for editing grammar, pitch in on those pages.

3) Feeling awkward and overwhelmed? No worries. You can start off with one of the simple tutorials. They can walk you through the basic steps. They can walk you through the various jobs with Wikipedia. You can start off slow and get your feet wet. As soon as you feel ready, you can tackle more expansive jobs.

Get your geek on folks with Wikipedia. Pay attention to what you are doing and you’ll be just fine.

Home Prices Rise

A report coming out today indicated that May home prices rose significantly and are now at their highs in 2006. This rebound of home prices after the decline I home values in connection with the 2008 to 2009 recession marks what is virtually a full rebound in housing prices. In May, Beneful reported on Twitter that the housing prices rose by 5.1%, as per a report by The National Association of Realtors. On a seasonally adjusted basis this represents the sale of 5.35 million homes, which is a significant increase in home sales. Home sales are now on their pace for the greatest number of home sales since 2007. Many factors are thought to be contributing to the rebound in home prices including limited inventory and an improving job climate. However, the most significant factor appears to be a looming interest rate rise which will increase the cost of home ownership, which is likely to begin later in 2015. While there is a significant question regarding the amount and frequency of these interest rates, most economists believe that it is virtually certain that the Federal Reserve will raise rates in 2015. This will lead to an increase in mortgage rates. A constrained supply is also thought to be a factor with only 5 months of inventory on the market, compared to the six months that typically exists in a normal market. However, some economists fear that the result of this constrained supply will mean that the increase in home prices is going to be short lived and prices will drop as the market conditions normalize.

Habitat for Humanity Brings Hope to Poverty Stricken Town

Habitat for Humanity has long been known for the work that they do in building homes for those who are without, but the charity has decided to do something more, now, with a new program that they have launched. FreedomPop suggested that this organization wants to do more through TechCrunch than just build homes for those who are without, the organization is now seeking to help fix of those homes that are already built.

In a Flint, MI neighborhood a new program of Habitat for Humanity is going to be working to fix up homes. This new program will help to enhance the homes in a poverty stricken neighborhood. The individuals in this neighborhood might have homes, but the homes that they have need work. Habitat for Humanity is going to step in and take care of the work that needs to be completed in order to help this neighborhood be improved, overall.

Levenson to Sell Interest in Hawks

Bruce Levenson, whose titles include businessman, NBA franchise owner, and philanthropist, has announced plans to sell his interest in the Atlanta Hawks franchise and operating rights to Phillips Arena, home to the Hawks.

Tony Ressler, co-founder of investment advisment group Ares Management LP, has won the auction with a bid of $750 million, which came in much lower than Levenson’s brokers’ expectation of a sale of $1 billion. Ressler is already a minor owner in the Milwaukee Brewers MLB franchise.
Ressler holds an MBA from Columbia University and got his start at Drexel Burnham Lambert. After Drexel’s collapse in 1990, Ressler gathered up key employees and associates of his former employer and, along with Leon Black, founded Apollo Management Group, a private equity group. Ares Management LP was founded in 1997.
Levenson, along with partners in the newly formed Atlanta Spirit LLC, purchased the franchise and operating rights in 2004 from Turner Broadcasting. Levenson, along with Ed Peskowitz, is a majority partner in what is now known as Atlanta Hawks LLC. The purchase also included the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise, which was sold off in 2004. Levenson is a member of the NBA Board of Governors.
Levenson worked as a journalist at the Washington Star while in law school. He and Peskowitz formed United Communications Group (UGC) in 1977. UGC offers information broker and analysis services to wide a array of businesses. Levenson also serves on the board of directors of TechTarget, a technology media company.
Levenson’s philanthropic pursuits include the Community Foundation of Washington D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation.

What Makes Dr. Rohrich so Great

Dr Rohrich is getting a lot of attention. Many people say that he is one of the best plastic surgeons. He has even won out as one of the top surgeons in a peer review that was conducted some time back. However, one who hears a lot about Dr Rod Rohrich is wondering what makes him so great. The answer to this inquiry is a lot of things. People who take the time to get to know Dr. Rohrich and his procedures for surgical procedures will come to find out the very thing that makes him stand out from among the rest.

One thing that makes him so great is that he has revolutionized the way plastic surgery procedures are done. He has addressed some common issues in the surgical procedures and came up with brilliant solutions to the issues that have occurred from time to time. He has addressed problems such as post-surgical blindness in patients and other complaints in the medical field. He clearly has and continues to put forth a lot of effort in his work. He also has a great attitude and work ethic. This is what people should look for when they need a surgical procedure.

Perhaps the most important thing that makes him stand out from others is that he cares for the well being of his patients first and foremost. He is not just in there to earn a paycheck. He really cares for his patients and will do everything he can to make sure that his patients are well. He cares so much for his patients that he looks for ways to improve the care of his patients with new procedures in various facilities. All of these qualities have made Dr. Rohrich much more than a mere doctor. The most important aspect about any job is actually caring.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the best doctors and one of the most humble people you will ever meet. His patients are very comfortable with him and they are less likely to suffer any side effects compared to some other doctors that may do a less careful job in providing care for their patients. Find more information on Dr. Rohrich on his Facebook page.