Homelessness Is On Its Way Out

All small city in Canada is being held in the first city to completely eradicate the epidemic of homelessness. Although, if you ask the city’s alderman, he wants to wait at least 6 months to make sure that the program sustains itself before he is credited with eradicating homelessness. Housing First is the program dedicated to getting homeless individuals of the street in into quality homes.

On average, it takes the city 10 days to get a homeless person off of the street and into a house. This program stands on the premise that in order to help the homeless, the first step is to give them home. Traditional data tells us that forcing the homeless to deal with any drugs, alcohol, or mental illness problems before they are housed is part of the problem. How is anybody supposed to fight an addiction or a mental disease if they aren’t even sure where they’ll rest their head at night?

Sam Tabar also suggested the program has posted a 98.9% success rate. Of the citizens who make up the 1.1%, they required additional help before being able to complete housing first. Even after they got the additional help, they were given an opportunity at Housing First and succeeded on their own terms.

If Medicine Hat can sustain itself for the next few years and continue to grow, the possibility of ending homelessness is not too far off.

No Pets Mean No Home For This Savvy Apartment House Owner

Finding an apartment when you have a pet can be a difficult endeavor. In steps Judy Guth of Los Angeles, California with an apartment house that will only accept tenants who have one or more pets. To make it work, she charges $100 more per month to allow for the new carpet which comes with the apartment. This is instead of asking for a security deposit. Beneful reported this payment usually runs about a year and if a tenant moves they can take the carpet with them.

When so many apartment house owners refuse pets she has turned pet ownership into a winning situation. With one of the biggest concerns being carpet damage, she has solved that problem. As reported in the Los Angeles Daily News, her experience has been that she gains tenants who, “have a lot of love in their hearts.” While being accused of discrimination against non-pet owners, there L.A. City Attorney’s Office spokesperson stated that there is nothing that prohibits this practice.

Guth’s tenants tend to stick around in their happy home. One tenant, Mary Rickettshas, has lived there for close to 25 years. Her shepherd mix, Sadie, was a mutt from the shelter. When she started having problems getting up the stairs, Guth noticed this and took it upon herself to make it possible for Rickettshas to be moved to a ground floor apartment. Guth sees it as just being sensible.

Haider Barbouti, Houston Real Estate Mastermind with a Charitable Heart

When you are ready to buy new property or sell your commercial building located in the Houston area, there is only one person to call who has the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure you get the best results. Haidar Barbouti has been an active member of the US real estate industry since 1986. And while he has been involved in several major real estate investments throughout the world during his career, you can trust that Haidar Barbouti understands the complex Houston real estate scene better than anyone else in the business.

Building a Legacy in the Real Estate Industry

With more than two decades of experience working with commercial real estate transactions, Haidar’s expertise and knowledge has helped to successfully guide clients throughout the development, acquisition and operation of a variety of real estate investments all over the United States. His most influential investments include major shopping centers, commercial properties and office buildings.

About Highland Village – Houston’s Upscale Shopping Center

Highland Village is a premiere shopping center that is located nearby The Galleria. It is filled with nationally recognized retail stores, high-end specialty stores and several fine restaurants. Some of the most popular establishments in the center include Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Lucky Brand Dungarees and P.F. Chang’s China Bistro. The shopping center was first built nearly 50 years ago to serve the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods in Houston. The location is a popular spot for area residents and tourists alike, and is known to draw in a large crowd every weekend when the Highland Village Farmers Market is open each Saturday morning.

Barbouti’s Charitable Works are Recognized All Throughout Houston

Along with owning one of the busiest retail locations in town, Haidar also spends a large amount of his time supporting those who are less fortunate and defenseless. He has provided many generous donations to various animal and children’s charities over the years and he is well-known throughout the Houston area for his selfless charitable acts. Haidar has also donated retail space in his shopping center to create the Highland Village Adoption Center for abandoned or neglected animals.

Dan Newlin: A Passionate Public Servant

Dan Newlin has been interested in serving the public since the young age of eighteen. He became a paramedic for the city of New Chicago, Indiana at that young age. After seeing wonderful things, like a baby coming into the world, he then took a job as a police officer in the same city. He then moved to work for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy Sheriff. While working there, he was a member of the Patrol Division, Fugitive Division, and the Tourist Policing Division. Newlin also got a lot of awards and honors. One of them was for “going above and beyond the call of duty” and for extraordinary service by the United States Marshall’s Office. Newlin worked full-time and also starting going to college to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. He felt very fortunate that his employer let him attend college while he continued to work Then he decided to attend a law school in Florida while continue to work for the Sheriff’s Department full-time. As much as he loved his job and helping people, he decided that he wanted to move on and help people in another way.

After Dan Newlin graduated from law school in 2000, he opened a law firm with some partners. He and his partners help people with all kinds of accident, injury, personal injury, medical negligence, and wrongful death cases. They are top of the line attorneys and are totally dedicated to the clients that they serve everyday.He is partnered with eighteen attorneys and they have seventy-five employees that assist them in meeting all of their client’s needs. Mr. Newlin has gotten back a lot of money and help a lot of clients all throughout the state of Florida. He has a love for helping people as all of his career choices from paramedic to attorney have proven. Even as an attorney, he gets honors. He and his legal partners got the very elite award of Super Lawyer Law Firm, which not very many law firms or lawyers get. Unlike many lawyers, Newlin is licensed to practice law in two states, Florida and Illinois. Also, unlike a lot of attorneys today, they still offer a free consultation Any client that obtains for legal representation I truly believe will never be sorry because he will give his clients all he has and help them in any way that he possibly can.

Parkings Lots for Housing

San Francisco. Home of the 49ers, Dodgers, and Giants. The well-known city is also soon to be known for its great strides towards affordable housing. Last month, the city council approved a budget plan that would establish a strict schedule for an affordable housing project. This plan isn’t brand new and actually has been in the works for two years. Around the time when the plan was concocted, city council decided to eliminate over 28 acres of parking space at the San Francisco Giants stadium.

Instead of flat land for parking, the city built a multi-level parking garage for people who enjoy seeing the Giants play. The old parking lot will become a home to 1,800 affordable apartments, as well as 8 acres of recreational play space and even space for a few commercially owned stores. FreedomPop says that the city is trying its best to eliminate run down affordable housing units that have been in place for just under a century. In order to accommodate for the parking, the city approached this problem by looking at a less conventional but more convenient way of parking. Building up, instead of building out. Creating parking garages isn’t new, but creating parking garages in order to benefit the economically struggling citizens is inspiring.

San Francisco hopes that by building affordable housing so close to the stadium, that this will draw more of a sports loving crowd. They are one of the few cities looking outside of monopolizing on low income families. Instead, they want to rebuild on and invest in their city and citizens.

San Francisco Plans to Build Affordable Housing on Stadium Parking Lot

San Francisco has had a longtime reputation for its high cost of housing. In fact San Francisco, along with New York, are the most expensive places to live in the country. Recognizing the need for affordable housing, George Lucas came up with a brilliant and creative solution to the problem. Lucas is planning to use the 28-acre football stadium parking lot as a residential and commercial building site.

The proposal involves creating a new neighborhood containing 1500 residences. The new neighborhood which will be called Mission Rock will include a park and commercial enterprises such as a brewery as well as private residences.

This new affordable housing project is a good idea. Fersen Lambranho posted on Facebook that he believes it’s a win-win situation for everybody. About 500 new and affordable housing units will be created, and the city will get rid of the eyesore of the parking lot and gain additional tax revenue. It is also a great use of valuable land resources. The football stadium parking lot is taking up a lot of prime real estate, and it is only used a few times a year. On the other hand, the homes built on that land will be used and enjoyed every day.

The Baltimore Riots Illustrate Why Martin O’Malley is Uniqurely Qualified to be President

Every candidate needs something that uniquely defines them to be president. In 2008, Barrack Obama’s pitch was to make history as the nation’s first black president. In the year 2000, it was George W. Bush’s plea that help was on the way. In 1992, it was Bill Clinton’s pitch of fresh Southern leadership. Now, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley believes the raw wounds exposed during the recent civil unrest in his native Baltimore uniquely qualify him for the office of the presidency.

Nevertheless, he knows the mean streets of inner-city America and has first-hand knowledge confronting urban issues. In poetic fashion, O’Malley, a two-term mayor of Baltimore, said he has traveled the length of difference between the ideal of American life and its shortcomings. In essence, he was saying he understands the “Two Americas” alluded to by Martin Luther King. This is a reference to the America where a person can seek and obtain the “American Dream”. O’Malley also understands the America where systemic issues of racism perpetuate poverty and a lack of opportunity. Still, the former governor faces criticism over his unique understanding of inner cities. Fersen Lambranho has recounted, as mayor of Baltimore, he adopted a tough on crime position. While it worked to reduce crime in the short run, some attribute police brutality as a legacy of that effort.