Keith Mann: Entreprenuer and Philanthropist

Keith Mann: Entreprenuer and Philanthropist

I went with my Dad to Poconos this past weekend to look at investment properties when I met  a guy who was there just for a quick weekend get-a-way. Not that this is anything out of the ordinary since I travel a lot and have a tendency to always come ho me with new friends. But this guy, Keith Mann,  really inspired me to start thinking seriously about investing, like maybe not in property but investing in my future.

Keith Mann is an experienced investment banker who specializes in alternative investments and hedge fund services. He is also Co- Founder and Managing Director for Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic Search Partners is a staffing service and recruiting firm that helps find opportunities for investment professionals and match qualified executives with top hedge funds.

Mann began his career in 1995, working as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division of Dynamic Associates. Over time he rose through the ranks, eventually becoming Managing Director, then Senior Vice President. In 2001, he co-founded Dynamic Search Partners, and has built relationships with several major equity firms and a reputation for finding quality talent.

Dynamic Search Partners is not only a leader in their field; the company is also investing in the future. Keith Mann has organized several charity events and fundraisers, including a mixer at which his company donated $8,000 to Hope for Heroes. Recently, PR News Wire announced Dynamic Search Partners partnership with Uncommon Schools, a nonprofit network of charter schools that help urban youth close the educational gap. The goal of the partnership is to create a consistent platform for Dynamic Search Partners to assist students in learning practical skills that could aid them in college and beyond. In 2013, a five member team from Dynamic Search Partners, including Keith Mann, visited the school. They toured the campus, sat in on classes, and met individually with every senior. They then held two resume building workshops with the senior class, individually advising, reviewing, and editing each students resume. The company also donated $10,000 to the school, and allows the seniors to send in their resumes for updates whenever they need to.


Jared Haftel Has Amazing Wisdom in Investment Banking Careers

Jared Haftel is an investment banker with a story to tell. He is one of the countries prominent speakers about getting and maintaining a job in the banking industry. Some say it was pure luck, but others say he is a brilliant mastermind who is ahead of his times. Haftel is a Duke University graduate. In 2009, he had his whole work ahead of him, and through some right decisions, he was able to find his career path.

Life came together very easily for Hafel, but for many that isn’t the case. He started out as a Banking Analyst at Bank of America, and continued to climb the corporate ladder from there. Some think his life has been a cake walk, but the reality is he worked very hard for everything he has, including his education. Now, he takes his wealth of knowledge and uses it to help those who are struggling in today’s job market. Whether it is a person who has the education and no experience, or someone who has the experience but lacks education, he encourages people on how to draft their resumes to perfection.

Sitting on committees that did the hiring and firing, he knows what these large investment firms are looking for. They want someone that is confident in their work and known what they are doing. Haftel makes it easy for the commoner to find a job. He has a serious of blogs and has taught seminars on the topic. Many are following him because his advice is sound and it is helping people get the jobs they want.

Haftel got his start by righting for the newspaper back at Duke University. He drew a crowd even at a young and inexperienced age. Some say that he is just another average Joe, but this man has been through allot in his short amount of time. That experience that he has is worth money. Many people have reported by making some changes to their resumes and finally finding the jobs they are looking for. It doesn’t happen overnight, but what Haftel can offer people is valuable.

For instance, some people leave gaps in their resumes. They often don’t put the truth because they think no one is going to be checking up on those things. When dealing with banks and mega corporations, they will be checking everything to make sure it is in order. No one wants to hire someone who lies to work in investment banking. The goal is to make sure that there are no errors. The resume is the first thing that a prospective employee will see. They must see through the paper and see the value a person has. Because they are going through so many applications, there must be something that makes it stand out from the others in the pile.

Being a forerunner in the industry, Haftel encourages with common sense tactics  on Twitter and provides experience that is vital for today’s society. There is never a reason to doubt someone who works in the depths of things every day. His wealth of wisdom has caused many to follow his blog and other writings. No wonder he has made a name for himself, he is fascinating investment banking professional.

Sam Tabar: An Investor’s Best Friend


When people are looking to invest their money, whether it be real estate, commercial projects, stocks, or savings,  they are always concerned with who will be overseeing the investment and getting the best returns. But maybe you’re thinking something a little different. Sure you’ve got a couple investment properties, maybe a commercial project, and your portfolio might include that mutual fund. But maybe you’re thinking you’d like to learn more about other ways to invest. Maybe you’re ready to talk hedge funds. If this is the case,  Sam Tabar will be your best friend because of his excellent advice and seemingly Midas touch when it comes to hedge funds, Sam has worked with numerous investors around the world offering both financial advice and legal counsel regarding a variety of issues related to getting the most out of hedge funds.

 A graduate of England’s Oxford University, Sam earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors. From there, he ventured on to law school and attended the Ivy League’s Columbia Law School. It was there that his interest in financial advising and management began, prompting him to be named Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. By earning a law degree, Sam determined having both a law degree and a background in finance would allow him to understand all aspects of hedge funds.

After graduation, Sam took his talents to one of the world’s best law firms that specialize in financial issues including hedge funds. Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP brought Sam in as an Associate and immediately recognized the talent they had in their midst. Working with a variety of clients on a daily basis, Sam provided legal counsel on many important aspects of hedge funds including formation and structure, different types of management agreements, compliance issues and financial regulations pertaining to hedge funds and similar investments. Working with Skadden until 2004, Sam decided that while he enjoyed the many aspects of being an attorney, his education and experience could best be used as a hedge fund manager. Thus, he decided to accept an offer from the Sparx Group, a highly-regarded investment firm around the world.

It only took a few months for Sam to show what he was capable of doing when put in the proper position to do so.  After meeting with countless investors, he presented the firm with almost 2,500 names of qualified investors and potential investors with which the firm should meet with to determine their interest. With this kind of passion for his career and an uncanny ability to make all the right decisions, Sam Tabar seems to be in a position to write his own success story, although it appears that he’s already covered on that note-check out the article just released on Sam Tabar’s guide to 2015 investments.

Mortgage Rates Drop Again

PR Newswire and Susan McGalla report, interest rates on thirty year fixed rate mortgages dropped again to an average rate of 3.66 percent which is the third straight week of rate drops. This is the lowest average rate since mid-2013 when interest rates began to recover based on speculation regarding what the Federal Reserve would do in terms of raising interest rates. The average rate for a fifteen year mortgage, which many homeowners choose who are looking to refinance their home choose is now below 3% which is an attractive rate for many new homeowners.

Bond yields have also hit record lows and mortgage rates tend to follow the treasury rate yields closely, with the ten year treasury rate now below 2%. Adjustable rate mortgages are also at record lows with the rates down below 3 percent for 30 year ARM mortgages.

These lower mortgage rates are currently attracting increased buying opportunities for home buyers and there has been a related surge in the number of applicants for mortgages as a result. Applications for mortgages were at their highest level last week in the past six years according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, which has further supported home prices on the market.

Subsidies on LA NFL Stadium

A new stadium is being proposed to built in Inglewood California and the developers of the property have indicated that no public dollars are being used to construct the building in any way. This is not necessarily true and it is expected that up to $100 million in public money may ultimately be sought after as part of the project.

The project is being built by a consortium of developers named the Hollywood Park Lane Co., which are at least partially owned by Stan Kroenke, the owner of the St. Louis Rams, who are expected to move into the stadium if and when the team relocates from St. Louis. St. Louis is proposing their own stadium to lure the team into staying.

The project proposes an 80,000 seat stadium as well as a 6,000 seat performance venue, along with the necessary parking. In accordance with the project there would also be streets, sewers, parks, and other public projects developed.

The developers are likely to seek $25 million each year as a reimbursement of some of these tax dollars with developers being reimbursed for certain eligible costs such as infrastructure developments such as streets and sidewalks that would be part of the project.

As such, while there are subsidiaries included in the project, they aren’t anywhere as significant as other stadium proposals in past years. Similar to some of the projects Ben Shaoul has been talking about on The Real Deal, it seems like this project may take some time to get off the ground.

Andrew Heiberger: A Look at TOWN Residential as a Luxury Brand

TOWN Residential is among the most notable and respected real estate firms serving Manhattan and other areas in New York City, but a few short years ago, this company was not even in existence. Founded in 2010, the company quickly grew in size and reputation. Within just two years of its founding, the real estate firm had grown to expand into nine office spaces in the Big Apple, and it had more than 520 of the best real estate agents in the area employed. It continues to be a top-ranked real estate firm today, and uniquely, it focuses on the luxury real estate market in New York City.

The Reason for Focusing on the Luxury Market
Before Andrew Heiberger founded TOWN Residential, he was the CEO for another top real estate firm in the area, Citi Habitats, and Andrew has spoken about the company many times. The focus of Citi Habitats was not centered on the luxury market. Certainly, Manhattan and most of the New York City area has some of the highest real estate values in the country and throughout the world, but luxury real estate in the area has an even higher price. When Heiberger founded his new real estate firm, he wanted to focus on the luxury market due to the potential for more lucrative rewards from the efforts of himself and his team.  After all, he founded the firm at a time when residential lending requirements were tight and the real estate market was recovering from turmoil.

Leading a Top Firm
When a young real estate firm undergoes such significant growth and development in a very short period of time, you may wonder if the growth is too much too fast. However, Heiberger and his team have hand-picked the agents, and he has spread his unique vision for the real estate firm to each agent. The firm has a solid reputation in the industry, and it actively works to satisfy the needs of its clients.

TOWN Residential is widely known as one of the top real estate firms specializing in this niche area of the market in Manhattan.

Check out their Facebook page, if you want to know more about TOWN Residential or Andrew Heiberger.

English King Found Under Parking Lot

Scientists from the University of Leicester have positively identified 500 year old remains as those as the despised Richard the III. The tomb and remains were found under a parking lot.So how did a King end up there?

In his era such deformities were thought to be a punishment from God. Despite this Richard managed to have himself named Lord Protector of his young nephew 12 year old Edward V.

He declared his nephew as illegitimate and took the throne for himself. Tom Rothman said it was then ordered that both young Edward and his 9 year old brother ,also named Richard, in the Tower of London Both of the young princes disappeared in the same year 1483 leading to what is now known as the mystery of the lost princes. Many believe Richard the III had them murdered.

Find out more. Due to his handling of the young prices the new King Henry IV had him buried without fanfare at the Grayfriers Church which was destroyed in 1536 along with Richards Tomb. Centuries later a parking lot was built on the site.

The Open Brazilian Market According To Igor Cornelsen

Throughout several years of negative political guidance, Brazil remains one of the most vibrant, diverse and attractive countries for investment. Veteran investor and analyst Igor Cornelsen, writing for, sees the economic conditions in Brazil absolutely perfect for foreign investment.

Despite failed radical economic policies by the majority Populist party, Brazil continues to grow. This country, with over 200 million hard-working people register a $2.6 trillion gross domestic product. The key to this economic vibrancy is the nature of Brazilian products. Simply put, the world needs food, and Brazil produces a lot of it. The abundance of vast natural resources in agriculture, lumber, minerals, and precious metals put Brazil at the top of attractive places for foreign investment.

Three important tips are outlined by Igor Cornelsen concerning investments by foreign entities in the Brazilian economy.

First, it is important to have native business connections. Investment partners with established ties in Brazil are the best human resources for solid communications in the South American marketplace. In short, don’t invest in Brazil alone!

Second, know that there is no such thing as “free money.” The choice to invest in the industry of a country like Brazil will be accompanied by a litany of red tape.

Third, be aware of foreign currency restrictions in Brazil before investing. The economic climate in Brazil is absolutely perfect for non-indigenous company start-ups and expansion.  These three precautions are best managed with solid in-country connections aiding any new Brazilian business investment. It is absolutely possible to take advantage of Brazil’s emerging strong market. The trick is to connect, measure, and extend in the proper way.