Major Storm Spreads Across Eight States, Impacting Real Estate Sales

The current scare right now is Ebola, but maybe we should be more worried about natural disasters that are happening in our backyards. A severe storm that brought tornadoes and wind damage across the south and Midwest has left two dead, several injured and many residents homeless and without power. The effect on real estate sales has been noticeable in these markets too, as houses can’t be shown and viewed under such threatening weather conditions.

A 33-year-old and father of three was killed when the tornado destroyed his Arkansas home. His wife and children remain in the hospital for severe injuries. In Alabama, a tree fell on a mobile home, killing a 75-year-old woman who lived there.

One tornado was actually caught on film in Mississippi. You can view it here. So while preventing the spread of Ebola seems to be a common theme right now, we need to also remember to take necessary precautions for ourselves and our families when storms hit. If a tornado is in your area, Jared Haftel advises that you make sure you find a basement to hide out in until the storm is past. Some cities have storm shelters for residents who don’t have their own.

Comcast Sued Over Near Fatal Wash. Home Invasion

Have you ever had the dream that someone is trying to kill you, so you go to call 911 but the phone isn’t working? It’s terrifying. But then you wake up and the worst possible scenario that you have on your hands is that you wet the bed.

Shortly after moving into their new home in Kirkland, WA in September of 2013, Leena Rawat and her family became the victims of a near fatal home invasion due to a Comcast security system that didn’t work the way they were told it would. You might be saying “well no one died, so what’s the big deal?”.

The big deal is that the two men who broke into their home tortured their 18 month old son and tried to cut his arms and legs off with a knife, leaving the little guy in a pool of blood.

Comcast is saying that their disclaimer releases them from any liability and that they are confident their security system functioned properly. I spoke to Igor Cornelsen about this and he says there’s no way this disclaimer will hold up. The outcome to the lawsuit is pending.

Realtors Rejoice! Netflix Now Offers HGTV Design & Real Estate Shows

So if you’re a realtor like me, you love to watch reality TV about the profession. Whether for good ideas that you can take home and employ with your business. Or just to see the hilarious drama that’s blown way out of proportion.

Well there was cool news today, as Netflix announced they are bringing some of HGTV’s more high profile shows to the streaming service.

Including some of my and Sam Tabar’s absolute favorites to watch like: Buying and Selling, Cousins on Call, Flea Market Flip, Property Brothers and Selling New York.

But I’m just excited to have a chance to catch up on my real estate realty shows. Can’t live without them!

Some Things You Should Ask A Remodeling Team Before Writing Them A Check

When I remodeled my house last year, I was sort of shocked when I started meeting with designers. Shocked by the total disregard for my concerns, in favor of their own ideas.

I couldn’t believe that people I was paying to set up my home the way that I wanted, were denying my ideas in favor of their own design standards. That’s when I realized, some designers are much better to work with than others. I also figured out some questions that I really wish I’d asked beforehand, to avoid the headache down the line.

First off being, do they have a signature style. This can be good or bad. Some designers are known for a particular thing, and they’re going to want to include that in your home. Know this going in, otherwise you can end up butting heads over how your home needs to be remodeled.

How do they charge? Another major question, because some designers charge for materials, and the cost of labor. While others only charge labor, and include materials in those costs.

Which project management services do they provide? Another great question, because this makes life so much easier when they provide a lot of services. The right project management means they will work out any licensing issues, and provide contractors for the work involved.

Texas Real Estate Market In Total Boom

Everybody is moving to Texas these days. More Americans have been moving to Texas than any other state over the past few years. Including a remarkable 387,000 in the 2013 census.

Jobs and affordable housing are the main reasons for actually making a move. What you’ll find is that Texas right now has both in abundance. They’ve got plenty of jobs throughout the community. But what Texas really has in abundance is property.

Moving to Texas is much cheaper than most other places in the United States. As long as you stay clear of the major cities, you can buy a home, or find apartments for much lower than the major cities around other states.

Not to mention, as far as cities go, Texas is also one of the fastest growing.