Real Estate Investor- Jim Toner

Jim Toner can carry many different titles, he is an entrepreneur, a real estate developer, a philanthropist, a published Arthur and a famous wealth creator. Ever since he began his career Jim has served in the media industry as a radio presenter and has also been a speaker in real estate forums. Jim Toner can teach people on how to improve their lives by investing. AS real estate developer Mr. Toner has had an opportunity to work with other top investors in the industry among them Sharon Letcher of Napoleon Hill Foundation., Frank McKinney, as well as Bill Bartmann among others.

Jim Toner is a different real estate investor he has made the sector user-friendly and it is because of his unique character and way of delivering services that he has a lot of demand. People all over the world travel to attend his real estate programs as others pay up to $2000- $1500 for the same programs. For over 25 years Toner has been in the industry teaching people about 12 little house plan which is his custom. Jim Toner is the greatest wealth builder, he has written on the consumer guide on real estate investment. Although not everyone is siding with what he writes in his book people’s lives has been changed. Jim shows his followers how to earn hard money, make in the business world, and change their lives. Those who have learned from Toner knows that no matter how new they are in the real estate business they can never fall or fail. Jim Toner prides himself in his blueprints which he says is more than a book. The system he uses to help his followers have real-life experience.

Jim Toner is not just a real estate investor, a speaker, and a publisher, but he is also involved in community activities. In his home country, he is recognized for his efforts of giving homes to the homeless. To be able to serve people better Jim has joined the Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation. Jim also serves at Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Salvation Army as the Chairman of the Advisory Board. Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) has a vast experience in the business world and his skills, as well as leadership, has enabled him to work with a coaching group and limited private client group. Being a guru in the development and real estate industry Jim has also been privately coaching clients on real estate, business, as well as entrepreneurship. The consumer guide is not the only book Jim has written, others in his list of published books include send in the wolves, 20 insiders secrets, and is dead manifesto among others. Jim Toner can be described as an accomplished investor.

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The Top Business Man in Hospitality Industry-Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a successful businessman who purchased the Nihiwatu resort in 2012. The Nihiwatu is a luxurious hotel which is also referred to as the “Edge of Wilderness” as it is located on a secluded Indonesian island. Chris Burch is also a founder and co-founder of several well-known international brands including Tory Burch and C. Wonder. His venture into the hospitality sector all began when Burch together with his friend who is also a business partner known as James McBride decided to buy a beach hostel located at the Indonesian Island in Sumba/

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Further, Chris Burch and his friend used $30 million to refurbish the beach hostel and moved it to the level of a five-star hotel where they rebranded it as Nihiwatu. What’s more, the hotel which was opened in 2015 was ranked by the Travel + Leisure as the best hotel in the whole world in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The features of Nihiwatu hotel are unique and only found in the hotel where one of its exclusive trademarks is the spa built under a waterfall. Nihiwatu was designed to incorporate private villas combined with plunge pools that are 27 in total, and it also contains Chris Burch’s private home that is known as Raja Mendaka that has four additional villas.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a business-oriented individual and has been involved in many companies where his latest venture was when he joined the hospitality industry. He started showing interest in entrepreneurship when he was still studying for his bachelor’s degree at the Ithaca College. He further began his first business together with his brother with $2000, and since then he has made incredible progress in the sector. Besides, Chris Burch has been in business for over 40 years and served as the CEO and founder of the Burch Creative Capital.

About the Nihi Sumba Island and the Nihiwatu Hotel

The Nihi Sumba Island was first occupied by the Marapu people who are the Sumba ancestors many centuries before. The beach was then discovered as a potential adventurous island by a couple who were known as the Graves in 1988. The couple was looking for a perfect wave when they landed on the magnificent island with the spectacular beaches which made them establish a resort. The couple named the resort as the Nihiwatu as it was an ideal name given by the earlier settlers of the islands. Nevertheless, the resort was later sold in 2012 when Chris Burch and his partner bought the premises before giving it an overhaul that made it a five-star hotel (


Jim Toner: Writing a Real Estate Investment Guide

Jim Toner is an American real estate entrepreneur, businessman, and entrepreneur. He is known for holding seminars and conferences which talks about how someone could become successful in the real estate industry. For many people, they look at the real estate industry as a profitable business, however, most are being held back by the fact that investing in the real estate market is costly. Jim Toner wanted to change that mindset, and he thought about writing a book to introduce the public to a different approach when it comes to investing in the real estate industry. The book was released initially an a web-exclusive publication, but physical copies soon became available. The book written by Jim Toner can be ordered from, and those who have read the book stated that it is made for beginners and there is a lot of information to learn.

Jim Toner promoted his book by persuading the public to buy it. He pointed out that those who will buy the book could finally develop their understanding about how the real estate market works, and they could earn so much from focusing on the market. He also pointed out that in the 21st century, many people are investing in the real estate market because the demand for homes and other properties continue to rise. Due to the continuous promotion of his book, many people started to feel intrigued about the benefits of reading the book, and they decided to order it through In just a short period of time, the book written by Jim Toner became a bestseller, and people keep on buying the book because of the positive reviews that they are seeing online.

Jim Toner thanked everyone who supported his book, and he promised that there will be follow up publications about the secrets to become successful in investing at the real estate market. The book written by Jim Toner continues to become one of the fastest selling book from, and he attributed the success of his book to his readers’ word of mouth advertisement that encouraged other people to buy his book. Experts are stating that the real estate market is not that difficult for beginners. All they have to do is to focus on what they are doing, and they should also seek assistance from those who have been in the market for years. The experience being built up through many years of investing in the real estate market would result to a better market that is being enjoyed by those who have tried their best to succeed in the industry.

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Glen Wakeman inspires new investors every day through his platform

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC which he is also a co-founder (Instagram). The renowned businessman is also a mentor to many especially new investors whom he shares with his experience and vast knowledge in business management which he has acquired for over two decades. He joined the University of Chicago where he received his MBA and later on went to the University of Scranton where he obtained BS in economics and finance.

Launchpad Holding is a tool that gives guidance to investors seeking to form new organizations. The toolkit also provides information on where to find capital providers and business advisory. Glen uses Launchpad to share ideas and give solutions which he believes will reduce the rate at which startups are failing. The platform enables him to share business insights, new markets as well as international business matters.

Glen believes in change, and he is known for repositioning businesses to achieve maximum growth and returns. He uses five proven strategies to bring change and improvement in any organization. Some of these techniques include risk management, human capital, leadership, governance and plan execution.

The successful mentor recently dropped a video in which he coaches new investors on ingredients to be successful. Daily investors learn essential business practices from the career of Glen. In the lessons, he gave out a software service which is meant to assist the new investors on how to implement their ideas into action. He supports individuals to realize their goals and unlock their potential.

Glen has passion for helping others. He believes that in the business world connections has a significant impact in obtaining financial support from capital providers. Glen serves the common desire of investors which is to find a mentor who will help them realize their dreams and achieve their goals in entrepreneurship.

Glen Wakeman has served and founded various organizations including Nova Four where he served as the president. He also served at GE Capital. During his tenure in GE Capital, he helped the company grow and thrive by producing asset of over $12 billion and the company operated in nine countries.


Real Estate Investor Jim Toner Shares His Strategies In New Book

Successful real estate investor Jim ‘The Anti Guru’ Toner has been helping people make money by teaching them simple, effective strategies for investing in real estate for decades. It started soon after he began making his fortune buying and selling business and residential properties. Inspired by an infomercial, Toner became involved with real estate over 27 years ago. Within a few months of registering with a training program and beginning to work with a mentor, Jim Toner had made over $10,000. His life changed dramatically after that as he tried to learn all he could about the real estate industry.

As Jim Toner’s real estate holdings and his fortune grew, people from his community began asking him for advice, guidance and help making money with real estate. Always willing to help, Toner gathered the information they requested and gave it to them. Eventually he assembled a team of real estate investment advisors and in 2008 he created Jim Toner’s Wealth Builders. Today, Wealth Builders Workshops are held in Pittsburg and throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. The program offers one-on-one mentoring, a jump start program that lasts three days, 90 days of mentoring and help from experienced trainers who guide people through finding properties, getting financing and closing the deal.

Thousands of people have participated in and benefited from the Wealth Builders programs and workshops. They work closely with experienced real estate investors with millions worth of commercial and residential real estate. The unique, intensive training program gives people a clear understanding of the entire process. It’s of great benefit for beginning investors. They learn important principles and get assistance applying them successfully. Countless people have participated in the Wealth Builders program and are now homeowners and thriving real estate investors.

Jim Toner has also used his radio show and articles in newspapers and magazines all across the country to teach the average person how to use his common-sense strategies to find, finance, buy and sell real estate and make a handsome profit. Toner has worked with famed motivational speakers like Bill Bartmann, Frank McKinney and the Napoleon Hill Foundation to inspire people to use his Wealth Builders program to improve their financial situation through the easy to apply strategies he has learned and developed.

In his desire to help as many people as possible, Jim Toner has put down his effective, easy-to-use strategies in his new book ”The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder’. Available on Amazon, the book is a step-by-step guide for investing in commercial and residential real estate. It contains anecdotes showing exactly how Jim Toner and his team used the strategies.

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What Can Chris Burch Do with an Island?

If you follow the career of Chris Burch than you know that he is serious about business. He is also serious about his resort, Nihiwatu. Chris Burch is now known for his best purchase yet, a destination for surf turned into a beautiful resort beyond comprehension. The Island of Sumba won’t be the same now that Burch has invested in it. At least that is what world travelers are saying about one of the most remote islands in Indonesia.

The interest in purchasing a hotel led to Burch’s conversation with a famous hotelier in an attempt to pique his interest in the island. Although the island is remote, Burch and his partners have done everything that they can to help it thrive. This remote spot on the island of Sumba was only one known as a spot for surf. Today, this has all changed with the innovation and care of Chris Burch and his partners as they focus on expanding the resort and turning it into a revenue generating machine. This resort has now been regarded as one of the top spots to travel by the wealthy and elite looking for sun, fun and relaxation since 2016 and 2017 (

Why the fuss about the island? It isn’t just because it’s Chris Burch, but the island was also formerly known by a different name. This island is just more than the size of Bali, sitting at just over 4,000 square miles. Discovered early by Portuguese explorers the island has continued to attract attention for its raw beauty. Now with a full service resort it is attracting those seeking high-dollar rooms and a relaxing environment. What once had very little contact outside of the island is now buzzing with activity.

This unspoiled land is home to a 20 foot wave where surfers come from all around the world to experience, but not it is the place to stay. Additionally, this island is covered in luxurious white sand and the story behind the island still resonates with natives. As Chris Burch continues to find ways to draw attention to the resort and make it the center of relaxation for those who want luxury at its best, Nihiwatu is making news all around the world.

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Real Estate Mogul, Samuel Strauch

     Samuel Strauch is a successful real estate agent in Miami. He is the founder and owner of Metrik Holdings Real Estate Company, a leading firm with headquarters in Miami. Strauch is highly successful in this business. He is the face of real estate business in Miami. Recently while discussing the vision of the company with CEOCFO magazine, he described Miami as the best place for anyone looking for a vacation home.

His success in the real estate business can be attributed to creativity and the business skills he has demonstrated in handling the business. Samuel Strauch is highly earned. He has a degree in business administration from the Hofstra University. He has also studied at the Erasmus University and the Havard University. He is also learned in international marketing and finance.

Samuel Strauch worked in the banking industry before joining the real estate business. In 2002, he launched his company. This was in realization of his childhood dreams of taking part in the real estate business. Over the years, the company has expanded consistently. Samuel Strauch is now the principal of the company. Metrik Holdings not only operate in Miami but also in Latin America and Fort Lauderdale.

Samuel Strauch has always been an innovative thinker, looking for opportunities in the business industry. Samuel Strauch has brought up a unique business model composed of formidable investor and clients formal over the world. Samuel Strauch and Metrik Holdings are still conquering the real estate industry giving effective solutions to home buyers and home sellers.

Jim Toner and Real Estate Investing Guidance

Jim Toner is an eminent businessman who has a solid background in the world of real estate investing. He’s a seasoned business coach, too. He’s assisted countless business owners who wanted to reach for the stars in the entrepreneurship universe. Toner is an individual who has enjoyed a well-rounded career background so far. Many people associate him with his unrivaled real estate investment skills. Other people connect him to his radio program hosting gigs. He even calls himself a consultant and speaker. Speaking has been a big part of Toner’s life. He has taken part in speaking engagements in all different sections of the United States. His discussion topics tend to revolve around smart real estate investment strategies and how they can help people. Toner has discussed these subjects right next to prominent individuals such as Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann and even Frank McKinney. He’d discussed them alongside the members of the illustrious Napoleon Hill Foundation, too.

Toner has a talent that enables him to simplify real estate investment matters for ordinary human beings. He knows how to minimize confusion for people who are interested in the expansive topic. His proficiency is the reason he has so many followers out there. Individuals regularly fork over considerable sums of money to be able to witness him in action. They regularly travel extremely lengthy distances as well. Jim Toner has established sophisticated programs that go into all parts of strong real estate investing techniques.

This entrepreneur has done so much with this precious time on this planet. He’s been involved in real estate investing for more than a quarter of a century. He’s given so many individuals access to important real estate investment knowledge. He’s given many people the chance to work toward financial clarity and ease. His approach is known as “12 Little Houses.”

Philanthropy is a major subject for Toner these days. He’s given a significant amount of time and effort to people who have nowhere to live. He’s given time to veterans who have served the United States as well. He donates his time to the Caring House Project. This was set up by the team of Nilsa and Frank McKinney. He does a lot for a division of the Salvation Army located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as well. He’s its proud Advisory Board Chair.

Toner at the moment collaborates with an array of coaching entities that are totally private. There are so many individuals who wish to get coaching assistance from these organizations. Toner sometimes can welcome brand new clients for coaching purposes. He teaches these people all about concepts that pertain to business and entrepreneurship. He gives them details about real estate investing and all of its latest adjustments.

Chris Burch’s Dedication Pays Off

Chris Burch is always working toward helping people with new options. His dedication is a testament to the passion he has for business. Since he knows how much people enjoy the things he can do, he feels good about the opportunities available to others through the business he created. As long as Chris Burch knows how to help people, they can get more opportunities from the companies he created. From fashion companies to resort industries, Chris Burch knows what people need. Through these ventures, Chris Burch made the right choices in business. He also made sure people knew they were getting a positive experience.

As long as Burch could help people through different opportunities, he felt he needed to give back to the communities he was helping. There were times when he had to make sure the Tory Burch company was still thriving because people relied on it for affordable luxury. They also relied on the company to always be consistent. Despite problems other companies had, Tory Burch could stand strong. The company was successful and continued being successful while Chris Burch considered how he could help even more people with the problems they had with luxury options.

The next great venture he took on was Nihiwatu. The resort is a luxury resort. He wanted to provide people with luxury so they didn’t have to worry about how they were going to have a great time. He also wanted the luxury resort to be affordable so they didn’t have to worry about how they could afford that great time. Chris Burch likes to make sure people enjoy things and affording them is part of enjoying them ( No matter what Chris Burch does to help those in need, he prepares to offer them luxury. All of his businesses have a luxurious element to them.

While Chris Burch is helping Nihiwatu grow, he is preparing it for the future. People who see how well he works in different instances enjoy the opportunities he creates for them. Chris Burch grows the businesses, makes them easier for people to understand and allows them the chance to try things on their own. He also spends a lot of time working toward a positive future for everyone in the business. No matter how hard the industry is to break into, Chris Burch is successful, check He knows the right steps to get there and that helps him see more success.

Milan Farms – Produce The Old Fashion Way

The Story Behind Milan Farms

CEO and Founder, Milan Kordestani, of Milan Farms believes that the old-fashioned ways of growing and producing foods and spices is the best organic way to go. Milan Farms produces herbs and poultry, using the traditional route; nothing added just the basic organic and simple ways of cultivating and growing livestock. The company prides itself on giving choices to consumers, when it comes to eating healthy and holistically. By offering their products, Milan Farms, hopes to create an honest, open, and long-lasting relationship with their consumers.

Using an agricultural system that does not include anything harmful to plants are livestock, the company has tapped into the rising organic and chemical free lifestyle of consumers. In addition, the company boasts that their livestock and plants are raised and grown with organic materials only. The company gives their consumers information regarding how things are done prior to presenting goods to consumers. This approach, again is their honesty platform. This open and honesty concept is a central part of the culture at the company’s locations. The company treats its community like a part of the family and expresses upon the community and consumers that all animals are raised organically and humanely.

About the Founder and CEO

Besides being the CEO and Founder of Milan Farms, Milan Kordestani, this amazing entrepreneur has intrigued the world with his company. Under the age of twenty, he has established a name for himself not only for Milan Farms; but also for his written submissions to Huffington Post and his equestrian notoriety. Kordestani’s philosophy is based on honesty and openness, and giving consumers a healthier choices when selecting foods. Currently living and attending school in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kordestani began his entrepreneurial campaign by opening Milan Farms in 2015. By the next year the company and its brand was trademarked and

Consumers on the west coast have the pleasure of buying his produce and poultry. Milan Farms’ top producer is “saffron.’ The company ships its organically grown saffron across the west coast, Colorado, and globally. Although, Kordestani believes in the old-fashion way of growing, but he is still a young innovator. Kordestani is currently funding research to find better agricultural technology to assist with the growing process and not hinder the organic system that is currently in place.